What is 9 star ki?

What is 9 star ki?

The Best Kept Secret

by Jen LeCompte

I first encountered 9 Star Ki at my local yoga studio.  A dozen or so of us sat in a semicircle, looking at a whiteboard filled with numbers and elements – water, earth, fire, tree, and metal.  We got our 3 numbers, the main descriptor in 9 Star, and we were off to the races.  By the end of the workshop, I had a fascinating lens into my strengths, shadows, and how to better understand my close relationships.

On the technical side, 9 Star Ki is a blend of Feng Shui, the I Ching, and Taoist cosmology.  On the not-so-technical side, 9 Star is noticing how elemental energies affect us each month and year.  What traditional astrology is for the movements of the heavenly bodies, 9 Star is to the movement of the earth’s elements.  We all have an inkling of the effects of our sun signs and retrogrades (may yours be more Freddie and less Mercury). 

Along with our astrological profile, we are also constantly surrounded and influenced by elemental shifts on our own home planet.  For example, a water month for us may be an inward or self-reflecting month.  Much like the motif in the cups suit of the tarot, and Jungian dream symbols, we may feel an increased emotional awareness of a water month.  A metal month, on the other hand, may be full of hard work and focused intentions.  Fire months may be, well, fiery, burning away what doesn’t belong in the next cycle.  Sometimes we notice these shifts in ourselves and attribute them to an event or relationship.  While our experiences inform us, understanding the energies around us helps us to move with the energy and use it to its best advantage as opposed to unknowingly fighting the energetic currents.


Finding Your Numbers

Your 9 Star adventure begins with finding your first number.  Using your birth year, write down the number at the top of the column.  This will be your primary number.   For example, if you were born in 1980, your first number is a 2.

Once you have your first number, use that number along with your birth month and birth day to find your full 9 Star numbers. Carrying the example, if you were born February 4, 1980, your three numbers are 225. 

What Do These Numbers Mean?

Congratulations!  You now have three handy dandy powerful numbers at your fingertips.  Each number corresponds to one of the five elements used in the Feng Shui Bagua.  Feng Shui is a form of geomancy, or utilizing location and geographical energies to bring balance and harmony.  In Feng Shui, each element corresponds with certain characteristics of that element.  

How the Numbers Work Together

The last piece of understanding 9 Star is what each position means.  The three numbers, also known as houses, all serve a different purpose in how we move through the world. 

The first number is the vehicle that our soul chose for this lifetime.  If your first number is an 8, you tend to be a space holder for others.  You might have the characteristics of a revolutionary, or someone who supports a great deal of change.  This first number is the most noticeable as an adult. 

Your second number is the number of your childhood and your heart space.  This is a crucial number to understand, as you spent the first couple of decades of your life in this number.  If you think back to when you were a child, you might recognize some of the characteristics of that middle number in your youth.  The second house is also reflective of where we go when we are hurting.

The third number is your soul’s trajectory, your highest calling, and where you are trending towards over the course of your life.  The caveat to this number is that in order for your soul to fully grow into that third number, you have to embrace and work with the qualities of your first two numbers.  So, sorry.  No line-jumping on this one.  Part of our growth as humans is in having full awareness and compassion for who we are, then doing the necessary work that leads through our personal evolution.


Where to go from Here…

Once you have your numbers, you have the basic recipe for understanding yourself and others around you.  To really utilize the numbers to their greatest advantage, the next steps are to look at how energies move month to month, year to year.  This is where the juicy and rich aspects of 9 Star can help with knowing what is coming up for you, as well as how to use that energy with awareness.  

Ready for a deeper dive?  Scheduling a one to one session with Jen will help gain a fuller picture of how your numbers work together for your greater good.  You can learn more about using this information to help relationships, timing, and how to ride these elemental energies.  If group collaboration and learning sounds intriguing, take our live class this October on 9 Star Ki.  Bring your questions and explorations as we all learn together.  Can’t make it to a live class, catch a recorded class to gain more insight on your numbers.  Whichever you choose, we look forward to learning more about you and with you!

Foundations of Nine Star Ki Workshop
October 13th, 6p CST

9 Star Ki tells us how we are being influenced by the elemental energies around us. In this 60 minute class, we will look at how our numbers influence our personalities, our highest callings, and our relationships. 

content + 9 star sessions by Jen LeCompte

Jen is a guide and emotional support human.  Using her skills in dream interpretation, 9 Star Ki, tarot, and intuition, Jen supports her fellow humans on their journeys through life.

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