Intuition Protocol

My Health Story

How I got out of chronic pain, balanced my hormones and nervous system, and started sleeping again.

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Simple Start: Happy Hormones Protocol

This simpler plan contains my core favorite products: Ignite, GBX Fit, Mood, and Reboot.

All-In Intuition Protocol


Brings hormones back into their natural balance


Reduces body’s stress/cortisol response by 70% within 20 minutes


Recalibrates appetite signaling and metabolic response



Resyncs brainwaves to heart rhythm increasing energy and output



Optimizes feel good neurotransmitter (norepinephrine, serotonin, dopamine, GABA) signaling between the gut and brain



Improves the digestion and assimilation of nutrients from food




Improves the digestion and assimilation of nutrients from food

Did you know that gut imbalances can be neutralized in just 3 short days?

 Why is this important? Because how you feel is not just in your head, its also in your gut. Your gut communicates with your brain to regulate mood, stress response, immune function, digestive function, weight, and more. Your gut is comprised of over 100 trillion living organisms or bacteria. And what you eat directly affects whether or not those bacteria grow into bad or beneficial bacteria, which in turn affects your mind and other crucial bodily systems. 


When you feed the bacteria not so good food (sugar, alcohol, junk), it grows a colony of “bad” bacteria that relies on it (sugar, alcohol, junk) as its food source. That bad gut bacteria then signals to your brain to feed it its preferred food source (sugar, alcohol, junk) so it doesn’t die. Its literally life or death for it. And that life or death signaling is stronger than any will power. So if you ever wondered why you (or your kids) only eat foods that you know are not good for you despite your best effort not to … that’s why. 


Doing a 3 day gut reboot neutralizes that bad gut bacteria so we can start replenishing with beneficial bacteria that changes the signaling from your gut to your brain to feed it nutrient and fiber rich foods that support better mood, increased stress resilience and improved immune and digestive function. It’s literally one of the most important things you can do for your health.  Let me know if you want in our next 3-day gut reboot: [email protected]


My Health Story

Hi! My name is Tiffany, and It’s so great to meet you! If you are taking the time to read my health story, it’s probably because you have a similar experience and want to know exactly how I healed and got my life back. I am glad you’re here, and very much hope my story helps you or someone you love. 


The symptoms that changed everything began in 2019. I was four years sober, in yoga training daily, eating well – and feeling awful. I was grasping at everything I could do – just to ‘feel better’. The impact of grief from my mom dying had created such high levels of stress that I was unable to sleep or eat due to acid reflux. I couldn’t even drink water without cringing in pain. I ended up in the hospital with ulcers and was sent home with no solutions.


I continued to look for answers. I worked hard to alkalize my diet, and continued working out. I was eating really well – a vegetarian diet. I tried parasite cleanses, juice fasts, cold plunging, massage, counseling, chiropractic, lymph drainage, acupuncture – you name it. But nothing was working. I was gaining weight, and feeling miserable physically and mentally.  


The next symptom was a massive hormone imbalance. Although it’s natural for hormones to change as we age, this was different. I tried herbal remedies, as well as prescription medication to balance things out. The changes were monitored by a hormone specialist and functional medicine doctor – through bloodwork. We made adjustments over the next several years as needed. Even though the bloodwork looked right, I was still: not sleeping, feeling bloated, and easily agitated. Eating meat made me puke – but no one suggested I might not be digesting fats. 


In 2021 the spasms started. My pain tolerance is pretty high. I’ve had natural childbirth, endured kidney stones, and survived a near death experience from a car wreck. So believe me when I say the pain from these spasms was the most intense pain I have ever experienced. The spasms were felt in the front part of my upper abdomen and were diagnosed as esophageal spasms. They lasted about ten minutes and had no rhyme or rhythm to when they would occur. The spasms would bring me to my knees in pain, and my entire body would sweat profusely. The spasms would end with a massive amount of saliva (sorry), and the grand finale was me heaving over the toilet (hope you’re not eating). 


I took medication to reduce acid, and muscle relaxing medication to stop the spasms. I tried homeopathy, diaphragm adjustments, and xanax (to relax the muscles) – but nothing was working. It became scary to leave the house because I didn’t want to have an episode while driving or in public. No one knew what was wrong with me. I wasn’t believed that this ‘wasn’t just acid’, and it was more than ‘just stress’. I had no food allergies, and there were no extenuating circumstances such as mold/allergies/toxins. I began to lose my faith and question myself. 


Eventually in a CT scan we found an enlarged gallbladder full of gallstones. After researching and getting other opinions, I felt confident in removing the gallbladder. The surgery was scheduled in the Summer of 2022 and I was excited about the possibility of feeling better. But the day I got home from surgery, another spasm attack occurred. The surgeon said I was having panic attacks. I was devastated.


Months went by and the attacks continued—each one more painful than the last. It was so bad that I put my affairs in order and was mentally prepared for the next episode to be my last. I realize how dramatic that sounds – it’s truly how I felt. That is how painful it was, and with no solution – it was quite hopeless. 


I went in for an endoscopy. Nothing. The surgeon still felt the best diagnosis was panic. I went home defeated, and the attacks continued. I began experimenting with microdosing ayahuasca. Surprisingly, it worked for several months. When I felt an episode coming on, I would take a small microdose and the spasms would stop, the pain would stop. This worked – until it didn’t. 


On summer vacation in 2023, I had an insane level of shoulder pain. I went to the chiropractor every day, bought a massage gun, and went to a functional medicine/chinese medicine doctor there at the beach. She said shoulder pain was related to hormones. It was then that I started researching how the gut/brain axis being unbalanced is a major part of hormonal imbalance – and I started taking probiotics to cure this gut health issue – in order to have hormonal issues relieved. Only I didn’t know there were different strains of probiotics – and that I was taking the wrong one.


Fast forward to February of 2024. I was hosting an astrology retreat in Tulum, Mexico. At night, the episodes increased from ten minutes to three hours. I was suffering. I was in so much pain by the end of the retreat that I had to decline joining them for one of our planned excursions. The day we were scheduled to leave, I didn’t sleep at all from an all-night attack. I ran into a friend who had stage four cancer (in the lobby of all places!). She happened to have some pain medicine which I reluctantly took one from her. It was that bad. When our flight was delayed, I really questioned if I was going to make it home or if I would need to seek medical support from the airport. 


I threw up the whole plane ride home. The stewardess thought I was a drunk from Cancun and avoided me. My best friend picked me up from the airport and we tried to calm the attack down. But the pain had increased to an intolerable level and she took me to the ER. None of the best medications were even beginning to touch the level of pain I was enduring. 


Everything made sense once the MRI was complete. Three stones from the gallbladder surgery had fallen loose and became stuck in my bile ducts. So on a daily basis, for years, my body was creating spasms to try and move the stones which had adhered to the tubes. I was equally relieved and mad. How could we have not caught this? It made so much sense! 



Friends, the body is not supposed to endure long term, chronic output of cortisol (stress hormone). When cortisol floods the system for years, it wreaks havoc on the nervous system. When we live in a constant state of fight/flight/freeze – nothing else works. From that state, the nervous system is on all the time, and we become very sensitive. 


When we are not biochemically regulated, it creates a domino effect of symptoms: lack of sleep, hormone dysfunction, acid reflux, mood swings, blood sugar issues, autoimmune issues, mental/emotional wellness, inflammation/bloating, anxiety/depression, and chronic fatigue. This creates problems with love and money. We can’t think straight to work/perform/be good partners/parents. These symptoms are the body’s warning signals – and instead of treating the core cause, we treat the symptoms like a game of whack-a-mole. A symptom pops up – we smash it back down. The cycle repeats, and the core issue remains unaddressed. We stay sick. We stay dysregulated. We stay in a state of chronic biochemical stress. Our relationships, jobs, and finances get out of balance. 


Several synchronicities started to appear the day of the surgery. It felt very mystical. I’ll save that story for another blog post. After surgery I reconnected with a dear friend who shared the frustrations of having high levels of cortisol wreak havoc on the nervous system, gut, and hormone health. 


There are no diagnostic tests for assessing overall nervous system health, and there aren’t any medications for getting out of fight/flight/freeze. There is nothing in the bloodwork nor xrays that will show if you are in a damaging fight/flight/freeze mode. This means we have to learn how we feel when we are experiencing each of those modes. The ‘system’ has no real answers for you, if chronic stress is your issue.


After a long conversation with my friend about her protocol, I decided to experiment with rebooting my nervous system and create happy hormones. The first thing I noticed was my sleep quality. I started going to sleep at a normal time, sleeping all night, and waking up rested. I had never been able to sleep like that in my entire life up until that point. 


I don’t advise this – but I also stopped taking all hormone medication at this time. Oddly enough, mood and skin tone improved, while belly fat started to melt off within two weeks of taking the protocol. I realized I was not anxious or depressed anymore. Life was continuing to throw me curve balls and expenses, but I was able to remain neutral. 


Because of the biochemical improvements I was experiencing, my life shifted from a place of living in constant stress, to being more in flow. My intuition increased without the negative effects of feeling overly sensitive. I reached out to my friend to add a few different products and together we created the Intuition Protocol. 


This fueled my fire to want to share this with as many people as I could. The protocol is based on what has helped me regain my vitality and strengthened my intuition. This says a lot since I hold a Masters in health psychology and am a classically trained psychic medium. I was already intuitive. But once my nervous system pathways were rebalanced – it opened new doors that I didn’t even know were closed. 


The intuition protocol rebalances hormones and gut/mind/heart health. We hosted a free workshop called the Anatomy of Intuition, and over 100 people signed up. The momentum of people wanting true wellness and to fine tune their intuition is what inspired me to share my health story. 


So when I’m not beekeeping and making astrological predictions, I get to help people get their lives back by sharing these supplements. 


One major lesson I’ve learned from the last several years’ health ordeal: it’s imperative to advocate for yourself and your health. Listen to your body, look at your symptoms, and stop playing whack-a-mole. Pay attention to your nervous system health. 


Do you have any of these classic impaired nervous system symptoms? Waking up at 3am, gaining weight in the belly, panic attacks, anxiousness, irritability, fatigue, over-stimulation, acid reflux, brain fog, moodiness, and feeling scared or lightheaded are the most common. Welcome. You’re in the right place. Let’s get you feeling better.

Exact Useage

Intuition Protocol Useage

Hey friend! This is exactly what I take:
Morning – empty stomach:

1 GBX Fit


With Breakfast  

2 MentaSync

2 MentaHeart

2 Mood


Before Dinner 

2 Digestive



Before Bed

2 Ignite
(sometimes I add 2 MentaSync, Sleep, or Mood here)