Tiffany Harelik, MA

Tiffany is professional astrologer, bestselling author/publisher, and backyard beekeeper.  She holds a Master’s in Psychology and has been trained by some of the world’s best psychic mediums including Lisa Williams, Tony Stockwell, Janet Nohavec, and more. Her corporate background includes music event management and publishing. She continues to receive ongoing education through law enforcement classes. 

Testimonials for Tiffany's
Astrology Readings

Your Gift of Illumination Has Blessed Me

“My whole life is growing up, and gifts like yours are helping restore me, and allowing me to recall energies I have lost, given away, or forsaken along the way to restore TRUE confidence in myself. I just wanted to let you know that your reading helped shore up my confidence and has given me a boost of energy and clarity AND JOY today. May God continue to bless you on your journey and in your path work! Your gift of illumination has blessed me, and I also happen to know that you sincerely blessed my father.” With deep love and much appreciation and honor, Kelly

Psychic Development

“I took part in a psychic development class with Tiffany, and found it full of useful information, as well as really great exercises to do. At first I was nervous to share in the class, worrying that if I am wrong, everyone will wonder why is this guy here?, but Tiffany, has such a gentle, nurturing and encouraging way, that I very quickly felt really safe, at ease, and got more out of the class than I may have otherwise.  I highly recommend her and her services.’ Matthew, Australia.

Damn, girl.

“I just had to say that a couple of entries recently – especially today – made me almost fall off my chair with the timing and insight. Thank you again for the workbook!” Shamanic practitioner at saritawisdom.com

Your readings are packed with wisdom and insight.

“Sometimes it takes someone else saying the same message for it to be heard.  I welcome your insight as the message may be coming from the divine, but the language of how the message is spoken is yours. You are spot on.” 

Wonder Woman with a Lasso of Truth

“Even though I hadn’t spoken to her in 20 years, when we talked on the phone, I instantly felt an openness with her. She just has the aura… this loving, positive energy that allows you to uncover and share things you’d normally want to keep tucked away or that you weren’t even aware of. She reminds me of Wonder Woman with her lasso of truth. It felt impossible to be anything other than open and honest with sweet Tiffany. My repatterning session with Tiffany felt like a rebirth. It was 100% therapeutic. It really felt like a much needed, full-on therapy session. Her heart is open and ready to see your soul with it’s aches and desires. My heart and mind felt cleansed and refreshened after our session. I’m so glad I took this step towards self-care with such a beautiful person who I trust. Thank you, sister, for seeing and hearing my soul.” Hugs, Kay

Marvelous Classs

You have a marvelous, intuitive way of teaching psychic development. I’m so glad to be amongst your psychic development students.” – V. Belue


Relatable Astrology in Plain Talk

“… so many times the astrologybabble that you get with most podcasts is mind numbing. Not with Tiffany. She’s clear. She’s funny. She’s engaging as she tells you what the planets are up to and what you can expect for the month. She spells it out for in in plain talk about what each day holds – and THEN she offers great ideas for morning, noon and night to navigate a perfect day. She’s your secret weapon for creating a magical month – ready for anything and at the top of your game. Seriously. Get out your calendar and take notes.” -T. Heller

Thoughtful and Wide-Ranging Analysis

“Thank you for your thoughtful and wide-ranging analysis.  There are many layers of information here, and I’m excited to start unpacking it all.” J.F.

Game Changer

“Wow – your digital astrology calendar is AMAZING. Thank you so much for all the work you do.” Digital Astrology Calendar User

The Forecast Helps Focus My Energy

“The forecast, and Venus Retrograde survival guide in particular, has absolutely changed the way I’m focusing my energy and healing.” R.Meyer

Informative and Entertaining

“Do you need some guidance among the stars? THIS IS FOR YOU! Tiffany’s astrology forecast and podcast is informative and entertaining.” M. Messick

Thank you for helping me feel seen. 

“I always tell others that we all want to be truly seen and heard, but that can be so difficult in a world that moves quickly and often impersonally.  To feel understood is a gift.” Astrology client

I will cherish the recording for years to come!

“I have known Tiffany for several years and have worked with her on multiple occasions. She has an incredible talent for reading energy, mediumship, astrology and more! I typically turn to her when I need insight and guidance in my life, and I recently scheduled a Natal Chart reading with my daughter. It was a very special experience. She brought everything down to my daughter’s level and provided key insight and wisdom in an accessible and tender way. I will cherish the recording for years to come! I cannot recommend her highly enough!” April

This is one of the best windows into my soul’s journey that I could have received. 

“I’m incredibly grateful for your kindness and talents. Thank you again.” J.C.

In Depth Astrological Insight

“As a seeker, I’m always looking for more in depth information on all topics – especially of the spirit. Tiffany is clear, concise and clearly knows not only about her subject but how to share it with others. Bravo!” –K. Ramey

Wish I’d Found Wise Skies Sooner

“A short message to say your YouTube videos are great, also your website! Good Stuff!

I have taught myself astrology, numerology and tarot and wish I had found your information sooner. Everything you present feels honest and grounded. Thinking of taking your next astrology class. Appreciate your time and information.” Sue N.

Spot On

“Wow, you were sooooo spot on this month of June 2022. Much changing, transitioning, accepting, and ongoing learning — not getting in my own way, self sabotaging— and allowing myself to fall silent & passive and get sucked back into the chaos. Done with muck. Lots happening and yet no complete decisions or changes on the physical plane, going along with the flow. Anyway, just wanted to share that you were spot on once again. Heehee. Thank you.” – membership client

Thoughtful Content

“…I’m only a few paragraphs into this but have to write you immediately to tell you how beautifully this is written and how thoughtfully you’ve chosen your words. Damn, you’re a really really good writer.” -TLHH

Testimonials for Tiffany's
Evidential Mediumship Readings

Evidence of Life After Death

“I wanted to let you know again how much our session last week has brought me peace and confirmation of life after death. Since the passing of my husband last October I have sent him love and peace and just wanted to know he was okey. He was and is such a caring man for his family and me. That so came through and more. He gave me such comforting words. There were some things that came through that didn’t make sense to me but yesterday and ‘refund’ came in the mail with the wrong address for his daughter. There it is Tiffany, you heard the word refund and wrong address. I will be sure to forward this to her. Thank you again for our time and you are so generous and kind to share this gift with us.” Much love and appreciation, M

Spot on Mediumship

“Thank you for conveying messages from my mother and brother. I’ve done a lot of work around my mother and “talk” to her a lot….so I really wanted to hear her tonight. Thank you again.  I could go on, but basically wanted to thank you again. You were spot on with so much….like I’ve known for a long time that one of my purposes in this life is to stop the cycle. I’m enjoying your classes so much!” M. Miks

Peace and Confirmation

“Tiffany, I write this not as simple testimonial for your medium readings but a heartfelt thank you for your understanding of the path I’m on. I am a very spiritual person and have studied many paths as I feel there are many paths to One God, but I have not found the peace that your readings have given me. Your readings have given me tremendous peace and confirmation that our spirits do live on and of a higher consciousness.  I have struggled with my mind vs heart decisions, to do the honorable thing to honor my late husband, but you have reminded me to honor myself also. Tiffany, thank you from my heart. Many blessings to you, dear girl. You have given me a reminder to honor my healing and trust in what my husband and I had.”

Heartfelt Forensic Mediumship

“Last night’s class was so interesting! I’m truly amazed at your talent but most of all appreciate your heartfelt caring for both the clients and the spirits that are wanting to connect with their loved ones. I’m trusting that your heart desire to help find missing persons for closure for the family will happen. You know that my 16 year old committed suicide and the only way I could cope is that I knew she was on the other side. The one thing I knew that I couldn’t handle was her missing and not knowing where she was and if she was okay and not in some torturous situation.  So for you to bring some closure for the families of missing kids would truly be a tremendous gift. So I’ll be putting that out there for you in my meditations as well as England :)”

Validation of Everlasting Life

“Hey Tiffany, Just wanted to thank you again for a great class. I really feel like I learned a lot and now have even more resources to investigate!! I also wanted to thank you for being the vehicle for my father’s messages. Afterwards, I was so excited I immediately called my sister to talk to her about it and as we talked I found another validation for you. The “wedding/celebration” would be my family’s yearly family shore trip every August. It was something that he looked forward to every year and I can see him portraying it as a big celebration. Thank you again!!!” –L. Everitt

Blown Away with wave after wave of much needed healing.

“I am so glad my family showed up with so much depth and heart. I so needed this! It was exactly the right time for these conversations. I have listened to this recording now a couple of times and am letting all this sink into my bones.” Mediumship client 

Your ability to channel the “correct” or “appropriate” message was dead-on accurate.

“I cannot thank you enough for the reading today. What I loved most was that you were able to truly find the core, or the nexus, of the “why” for me. In particular, the parts you uncovered about my almost-too-close connection with my mom and how it has affected me (and her) throughout our lives. That has been my ultimate battle – to uncover who I am and why I am here… without her! You even used some of the phrasing I have used to describe this to others (that was crazy!)  It is obvious to me after this reading that she is seeing my struggles and my questions, and now it is time for me to really get to the heart of what my purpose is. I am so thankful that you were able to connect to her so strongly to convey that to me in such a clear way. It is also clear to me that I have some amazingly strong spirits in my corner.” Mediumship client

Deadly Accurate

You did a phone reading for me.  It turned out to be very accurate in terms of advice my dead Mother channeled about family matters.  My brother almost died recently from a massive stroke.  It was sad, but allowed a lot of forgiveness to happen between me and his family.  Thanks for your guidance about that.” -VF

My epiphany like you said would happen!

Turns out my grandfather’s name was John but they called him Jack. I was so focused on my dad and grandma that I wanted a narrative to fit. I’m now almost 100% sure Grandpa Jack just wanted me to know he was tickled!” -MJ

Testimonials for Tiffany's
Psychic Readings

I had chills throughout the entire reading.

“I cannot thank you enough for your magical reading!! It was SO spot on and resonated with me VERY deeply!!  I feel extremely blessed to receive these messages from someone I admire so much.”  Thank you!!” – Happy client

Profoundly Accurate

I always relisten to your monthly tarot reading for me and I just have to let you know how profoundly accurate, encouraging and helpful it (they) are, this month just blew me away! This month you were especially generous in your reading, and everything that came up is so right on and so encouraging while I step into the next phase of my journey.” –M. DeWilde

Your Work Makes a Huge Difference

“I just got today’s email and wanted to let you all know how thankful I am to have found you. Your work has helped me in all aspects of my life and has made a huge difference in my perspective and happiness! I am so grateful for you all.” – C. Brown

I finally understand me

“Oh. my. goodness. I just listened to the reading you graciously gave me, and I have to say, I am a bit choked up right now. I feel as if I finally have a little insight into the WHY of me. Why I do the things I do, why I react the way I do, and why some things aren’t gelling (because of those aspects of me that need work). This truly gave me a glimpse in a window of my true self. I am deeply grateful for this experience, and I want to learn more (open the door instead of just a window). You mentioned the natal chart reading, and I will be scheduling that with you soon as well.”  Happy Client

Transformative Session

“Thank you so much, Tiffany. It was an honor to have you read for me, and more transformative than I could have anticipated!”  -S. Rothermel-Dulany

More Confidence, Energy, and Clarity

“Will you be my friend? Sorry, just sort of kidding but not kidding. I enjoyed your energy, and am so thankful to receive this gift from you and my dad. :). I just wanted to write to you after listening, you may get feedback all the time, I don’t know. It’s important to me to let you know that you 100% nailed me today. I have only listened to the mp3 once, but everything I heard not only has been the conversation of my last few years, but even more intensely this year, this summer, and not only that, but some of what you spoke about was in a conversation I had with my brother and later with my best friend THIS MORNING.