Astrology Certification

Demystify astrology through a foundational course with Tiffany Harelik.

Are you astro-curious? I am passionate about helping astrology come alive for you. 

Astrology is the map of your strengths, skills, and destiny. It illuminates information about relationships, finances, and purpose.  Your free will is how the astrology unfolds.  

When you learn how to understand yourself and others through the art of chart analysis, and predictive techniques – you will be able to:

– identify curve balls and optimize seasons of life

– identify one’s calling, destiny promise, and mission

-understand unique mental blueprints, lessons in past circumstances, & keys into subconscious drivers
– ideal options for the path forward

Classes are held from February 28 – May 15 – on Wednesdays 5p-6:30p CST  and two 4-hour Saturday workshops 10a-2p CST. 

Spring 2024 Syllabus

Feb 28, 5p-6p CST – first day of class 

– Orientation / goals / intentions
– History of Astrology 
– Introduction to Western/Evolutionary Astrology
– Basic concepts & Vocab
– Chart Styles: Natal, Solar Returns, Progressions
– Software, Supplies, Resources and Websites

March 6, 5p-6:30p CST – Planets as Teachers

– Opening Ceremony
– Planets: archetypal symbolism, rulers, and orbits
– Fast moving planets [personal]:
         Mercury mindset, the lovers Mars and Venus
– Slow moving planets [generational]:
         Jupiter and Chiron: your medicine bag
         Saturn: cycles of responsibility 
         Uranus: cycles of change
         Neptune: your muse
         Pluto: the path of the Soul 
– Life Cycles of the Soul

March 13, 5p-6:30p CST – Zodiac Signs as Costumes

(note: Spring Break is March 11-17)


– In-depth exploration of the twelve zodiac signs
– Four elements: fire, earth, air, water 
– Three modalities: cardinal, mutable, fixed
– Polarity axis: tease medicine wheel 
– Four essential dignities: exalted, detriment, domicile, fall
– Sabian Symbols 
– Starting your astrological materia medica

March 20, 5p-6:30p CST – Twelve Houses as the Setting

– The twelve houses, their rulers 
– Derivatives
– Interpreting planets in houses 
– Case Studies

Sat-March 23, 10a-2p CST – Destiny in the Moon, Stars, and Asteroids 

(we will take a 30 minute lunch/bio break)


– The Nodes of the Moon 
– Eclipses
– Moon phases – to time important events
– Bernadette Brady 
– Lunar Birth Phase
– Fixed Stars
– Asteroids
– Case Studies
– Tease Progressions + Lunar Elective Surgery
(skip March 27)


April 3, 5p-6:30p CST – Aspects and Patterns

– Major aspects (conjunctions, squares, trines, sextiles, quincunxes, and oppositions)
– Identifying and interpreting chart patterns (stelliums, yods, grand trines, T-squares, etc.)
– Case Studies
– Tease forecasting 


April 10, 5p-6:30p CST – Natal Chart Analysis – Part One

– Integration, Giving Readings
– Ethical considerations in astrological consultations and client relationships
– Developing communication and counseling skills as an astrologer
– Practice reading charts 

April 17, 5p-6:30p CST -Natal Chart Analysis – Part Two

– Answering the main questions: love, money, career
– Medicine Wheel Technique
– Practice Reading Charts


April 24, 5p-6:30p CST – Transits – Predictive Techniques

– Transits and their influence on your life
– Different planets, different timing
– Creating a Transit List
– Using the digital astrology calendar on your chart
– Review Life Cycles of the Soul 

Sat-April 27, 10a-2p CST – Progressions & Time Lords- Personal Growth

(we will take a 30 minute lunch/bio break)
– Profections and Time Lords
– Symbolic advancement of the natal chart 
– Progressed Sun and Moon + Moon Phases
– Progressed Mercury, Venus, Mars
(skip May 1) 

May 8, 5p-6:30p CST- Writing Horoscopes & Forecasts

– How to write Sun sign horoscopes 
– How to write an astrology forecast

– Choose your advanced topic area of study


May 15, 5p-6:30p CST  –  ADVANCED TOPICS – last day

– Horary astrology 
– Solar returns and their significance in annual forecasting
– Forensic astrology 
– Medical Astrology 
– Elective Astrology
– Decide on Summer Project vs continued mentorship
– Decide on  final exam date
Tiffany Harelik