Welcome to the Hacienda!

In the beautiful landscape of West Texas, where starry nights and wildflowers inspire, there’s a unique spot – a honey bee rescue apiary managed by a professional astrologer. Meet Tiffany Harelik, and welcome to her family farm: Hacienda Harelik.

 Meet Tiffany

It’s no coincidence the path brought you here. Welcome! Tiffany is a professional astrologer, best selling author, and beekeeper. She holds a Master’s in Psychology and has been trained by some of the world’s best mediums to fine tune techniques for connecting with the Holy Spirit. She offers classes, a spiritual membership, and an adopt-a-hive program for those wanting to support her rescue apiary. 
Tiffany loves serving people with God-shaped holes in their hearts who are seeking answers and truth. She is available for public speaking, teaching, and retreats. Her favorite things are sunrise coffees, growing veggies in her greenhouse, yoga, sobriety, and traveling. 


Tiffany’s Medicine Wheel sessions in evolutionary astrology, retreats, and classes support your cosmic advantage.  What are the Skies are reflecting to you?


Bees are solar powered beings that navigate their world by the Sun, flowers, and dance. From the sound of the hive, to honey, wax, and propolis – every aspect of the apiary is therapeutic. 


You were born wise. Your physical senses extend to the spiritual world. If you’ve lost touch with your intuition, or want to enhance it by learning strategies to hear Spirit – check out these resources.

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Work with Tiff

Scrapping Therapy: Fully Switching to Tiffany’s Membership

“Today’s session made me feel lighter and more grounded than months of regular therapy. I’m fully invested in the membership. Your work is truly and honestly soul food for me.”

Your Work Makes a Huge Difference

“I wanted to let you all know how thankful I am to have found you. Your work has helped me in all aspects of my life and has made a huge difference in my perspective and happiness! I am so grateful for you all.”