Weekly Forecast May 8-15, 2017

Weekly Forecast May 8-15, 2017

The best days to schedule important plans this week are Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. Lay low on Wednesday and Thursday.

There’s not much in the Skies Monday, friends. But on Tuesday, May 9th: the Sun kisses mysterious Pluto in a trine. Ride the wave as your life force energy gets a boost. You find vitality through examining the undercurrents of life, you are made aware of someone’s biological clock that is ticking, and things that have been hidden are ready to surface.

Wednesday, May 10th: The Full Moon in Scorpio is usually an intense one. Full Moon’s are known as a good time to end things, but the Scorpio energy behind the Moon gives us two ways of handling these endings: you can go through the fire and rise like the phoenix, or sting yourself to death. Which will it be? Are you the ticking time bomb, or the Zen master? Scorpio themes include passion, death/rebirth, sexuality, secrets, and the elimination organs.You might also take note that Scorpio’s rulers (Mars and Pluto) are both retrograde during this time. If you need to change something, consider redoing it altogether. If you’re on the prowl, be sure to practice safe(r) sex: this is a night when sudden passions can lead to unwanted pregnancies and/or STD’s. Focus your energy on what needs to end so that it can be transformed.Be sure to read the complete Full Moon report on our lunations blog.

Thursday morning feels like a bit of a hangover. The energy is wonky after the Full Moon in Scorpio and the moon going void of course. Then after lunch when we start to get our energy for the day, Mars squares Neptune and someone is waging war with our hopes and dreams. The curse is lifted a few hours later when Mercury trines Saturn and it’s back to business as usual. *Do not* schedule important calls and meetings in the morning. *Do* schedule important calls and meetings after 3p CST.

Friday the Mars/Jupiter trine energizes us to take action towards growth. Be ready for things to take off!

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