Weekly Forecast May 1-7, 2017

Weekly Forecast May 1-7, 2017

It looks like a fairly uneventful week in the skies, astrology friends. This means you can go ahead and plan your week without much consideration to the external cosmic influences. The most significant activity falls on Wednesday, May 3rd, when Mercury goes direct in Aries.

We have a little bit of a curve ball for you though. Mercury is going direct yes, but it will be in it’s shadow until May 21. What’s this business about the “shadow” period? Check out this article from Astrostyle¬†if you’d like to learn how to calculate the shadow period and learn more about what it means for us. Here’s an excerpt I found useful:

“The second Mercury retrograde shadow is all about integration and processing. Sure, Mercury retrograde might have thrown our lives into a total tailspin, but what are the golden lessons to be gleaned? What necessary losses and changes did Mercury retrograde prompt? Utilize the time Mercury turns direct to the end of its shadow to make those big bold changes. For example, maybe you realized that your jerk of a boyfriend was actually just responding to YOU being subtly critical of his every move. Eek! But, the second half of the shadow is when you can dive into practicing a new, empowering way of speaking to him and address conflicts. This could be the relationship rescue remedy you needed.”

The Sun sextiles¬†Neptune on Wednesday as well. If you are naturally inclined to the arts, it’s a great day to engage in your craft: write a song, practice an instrument, start a painting, take a ceramics class, go to see a play, get lost in a record, etc. Intuition is high, and you’re energized to pursue your dreams.

So here is what we are going to do this week:

  • It’s time to move forward with whatever you have been editing, revisiting, or revising. Just be aware it’s still a time of reflection and integration – put off implementation until May 21.
  • Take notice of coincidences, and remember: there are no coincidences.
  • It’s a good week to take small action steps towards those long term plans that seem so far away.
  • Schedule some time to enjoy the arts.


Tiffany Harelik