Weekly Forecast March 6-12, 2017

Weekly Forecast March 6-12, 2017

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Monday, March 6: As the Moon moves into Cancer this morning, you may feel more in touch with your emotions. The Moon is ruled by Cancer and is in her happy spot in the sky today. Cancer is a water sign that rules intuition, maternal instincts, sympathy as well as the breasts and womb. You might also have the urge to nurture yourself/others and any ‘mama bear’ tendencies may arise. Take a bath, drink plenty of water and work with liquids (such as making kombucha or juicing).

The Sun will kiss Mercury this evening making it a good time to write, organize the office, and communicate. You may receive some good news. Don’t over-caffeinate as you’ll have all the mental energy, stamina and excitement you need to work on projects, talk about plans or finesse your budget spreadsheet to suit your financial goals.

Wednesday, March 8: Mercury sextiles Pluto at midnight Tuesday night. Pay attention to your dreams as you wake up Wednesday morning; your psyche has likely been doing some work to bring subconscious issues to the conscious mind. You may find you have a new way of thinking about old patterns. For another perspective, Pluto rules power, persuasion, and politics. Combined positively with clear-thinking-Mercury it would be an ideal time for those in power to launch a campaign that has the ability to change the way we think as a group. With the Moon entering Leo today as well, leadership roles become important as does passion and play.

Thursday, March 9: Mars enters Taurus today bringing us strength, stubbornness, and stamina to apply wherever Taurus is in our charts. You have the fire needed to fuel your long-term projects; goals can be met with regular, consistent, disciplined work. Mars in Taurus is also a sensual combo, making it a period where you could find yourself interested in exploring your sexual self. On the shadow side of Mars in Taurus, be aware of hot tempers rising. On the emotional level, don’t let things build up so much that they explode volcano-style,

Friday, March 10: Luna enters Virgo today and will become Full by Sunday giving you three days to articulate, organize, and plan. Friday evening Mercury conjuncts Chiron bringing up trust issues and recovery from painful words. Why not use the energy to heal by communicating, get in touch with your story, and mend fences with siblings.

Sunday, March 12: Full Moon in Virgo, Mercury Square Saturn, and don’t forget Daylight Savings. We can take advantage of the Virgo Full Moon energy by organizing the details of life and getting things in order that we have been putting off for months. But the simple desire to organize the files today can turn into a massive frenzy to clear out the storage unit when Mercury squares Saturn and exacerbates OCD tendencies. Keep it simple and stay out of the line of fire if you can. Accidents with harsh words are likely today, so be wise and revise before hitting send. Read more about the lunar lore, get a free meditation download for grounding, and recipe ideas on our Full Moon in Virgo post.

Are you feeling Venus Retrograde? I’ll be honest, it hit me harder than I thought it would. Knowing the astrological playing field does not make us (me) immune to serious life events. I have heard from several people undergoing relationship and/or financial upheaval, freak accidents, and strange weather patterns. Read more about how Venus Retrograde affects your health here. If you would like a personalized 3-page report ($67) on how this Venus Retrograde is affecting your chart, email [email protected].

What are you up to this week? Leave us a comment! We would love to hear who you are and how our forecast has helped you!