Weekly Forecast June 12-18

Weekly Forecast June 12-18

Hey astrology lovers! The best days of the week to get things done are Monday and Tuesday when Mercury trines Jupiter (good news),  and Uranus trines the North Node (an electric future). Mercury squares Neptune late Tuesday night putting a kink in your dreams that has a hangover effect on Wednesday. If you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, just shake it off – the energy will change. Lay low while the energy slows Friday as Neptune goes retrograde.

On Thursday the Sun will oppose Saturn, which means issues between what you want to do and what the big boss wants you to do. Stick to the authority’s plan if you want to have a job, or realize that employing your own opinion could result in getting fired. (This is not always a bad thing). Lay low while the energy changes pace Friday as *Neptune goes retrograde.

Over the weekend, the Sun will sextile both the North Node and Uranus bringing good juju to exploring your true North in non-traditional ways. Mercury will also oppose Saturn and you won’t feel like dealing with the chores, details, or action plans to make those dreams come true.

*Let’s talk some more about Neptune retrograde. Neptune rules dreams, psychic senses, and the unseen. So when there is a lot of Neptune energy around things can feel like an illusion, you can become disillusioned, the truth is hard to find.  But when Neptune goes retrograde, the veil is lifted and you know what action to take. The truth is more apparent. If you’ve been feeling confused or unsure of yourself or your path, this is the perfect season to ask for a download from your guides.

In money:

  • If you are employed – this week it feels like You against the Man. Are your getting fired up to quit?
  • If you are the authority figure at work – stick to the routine, use kindness if you have to discipline someone, or give someone a clean break if they are not able to be a good team player.
  • Watch out for unexpected expenses – you may have to pull something out of savings this week.

In love:

  • If things haven’t been adding up for you and your beloved, wait and see what happens when the Neptune energy shifts this week.
  • More information is revealed, and you can move confidently forward – for better, or worse.


Tiffany Harelik