Weekly Forecast July 3-9, 2017

Weekly Forecast July 3-9, 2017

Happy Independence Day for Canada (July 1) and the USA (July 4)! We hope you’ve had safe and fun celebrations with your loved ones over a long weekend. Even though you may be in holiday mode, Tuesday and Friday are the best days to get things done this week. Lay low Wednesday night, and prepare for the Full Moon in Capricorn Saturday night.

On Monday – July 3rd – sweet Venus will sextile a now-retrograde Chiron. Is an old lover texting you? Does something from a past romance bubble up for healing? You might proactively enjoy this transit by playing an old song that brings back lovely memories, drawing on top of an old art project to give it new life and meaning, or on a more practical level discuss refinancing/reorganizing your budget.

On Tuesday – July 4th – Venus enters Gemini, putting you of two minds when it comes to love and money. How can you divide and conquer?¬†Mercury squares Uranus today as well, possibly putting a grumpy tone to communications. Think before you speak, conversations may not go your way if you’re in rebellion mode, and put your bets on the underdog today.

On Wednesday – July 5th – Mercury trines Chiron and it’s back to work both in real life and on the Spiritual plane. What healing thoughts can you put into the cosmos to help raise the vibration here on planet Earth? ¬†Wednesday evening the Sun will trine Neptune and also square Jupiter calling you to dream big, but be aware that your dreams tonight may spiral out of what is realistic. Be careful if you have tendencies to overindulge, over-imbibe, or overspend.

There’s not much going on in the Skies on Thursday, but Mercury sextiles Venus Friday, making it a good day to communicate with your loved ones, financial planners, and dietary consultants. Mercury loves to think, talk, and plan. Venus enjoys luxury, food, and sensuality. It might be the perfect date night to plan a luxury honeymoon-like getaway.

Saturday night, there’s a Full Moon in Capricorn! Be sure to check out the Full Moon post to get more ideas on what you can do with this special magic, but in the meantime – consider what you need to feel secure and what you need to rise to the top. Full Moons are times to let things go, but they are also a time of release. What has been building up for you in the areas of goals, structures, and ambitions?

The struggle is real Sunday night when the Sun will oppose Pluto. This can result in things like personal power struggles, a rebirth of the ego, and breakthroughs in unconscious aspects of yourself. If you’re feeling restless, irritable and discontent, hang in there and let a little time pass before making large claims and decisions.

Tiffany Harelik