Weekly Forecast January 30 – February 5, 2017

Weekly Forecast January 30 – February 5, 2017

You might find you have the urge to do your own thing Monday and Tuesday.
Wednesday is the best day of the week to schedule activities.

Monday and Tuesday: Powerful shock

Starting Sunday, Mercury transits Uranus and Pluto with the potential to create some shocking news. This could result in a collective wake up call, some powerful words spoken or an uneasy revelation. The political climate is reminiscent of civil rights movements and the changing of awareness that occurred 2012-2015.

Wednesday: Tell me where it hurts

The energy lifts slightly. Mercury sextiles Chiron and talking about the pain can help.

Thursday: I want a new drug

Venus moving through the end of Pisces has us looking for ways to feel better. Maybe your inner child needs to be spoiled by going to the movies, hearing a new band play, or finger painting.

Friday: A fight not worth having

Alpha mentalities are prominent when Venus enters hot headed Aries Friday morning and joins aggressive Mars who is already there. Think of positive outlets to express frustrations. Tension can be relieved through healthy competition and physical exercise – and vain Venus appreciates the side effects you’ll get from the extra workout. Keep reading the weekly forecasts as we have a dynamic few weeks ahead. See our post on Venus entering Aries and a heads up on the upcoming Venus Retrograde here.

This Week in Work:

  • The rules are changing through policy transform.
  • You might have to tear something down and rebuild it on more firm foundation.
  • People may seem/feel overly sensitive Wednesday and Thursday.

This Week in Love:

  • You may not be feeling the love connection this week: it’s ok to have some solo time.

This Week in Health:

  • Nervous systems are on edge.
  • Boost adrenal support and get plenty of sleep.
  • Stay hydrated.

Tiffany Harelik