Weekly Forecast January 23-29

Weekly Forecast January 23-29

Mars in Pisces has offered energy for spiritual growth as well as creativity in the arts. However as a planet transits the end of a sign, this is where we struggle to let go of the deepest hangups of that particular sign. With Mars rolling through the last degrees of Pisces early in the week, you may feel or witness themes around dissociation/avoidance patterns, addictions, and fears as the energy comes to a close. Mars energy encourages us to let go of anger and resentment, ridding ourselves of toxicity on levels so that we can move on to something new when Mars enters Aries on January 28. Be aware of getting distracted, being moody, or getting triggered to old emotional patterns. It becomes important to go with the flow this week. Do you want to learn more about Mars in Pisces? Molly wrote about it here. 

Monday, January 23: Dream On

Mercury sextile Neptune puts us in a dreamy mood on Monday making it a great day to learn more about meditation, take a music lesson or spend your lunch hour day dreaming. A stroke of brilliance comes over you when you spend time in the arts: painting, attending an opening for a gallery, organizing a new playlist, etc.

Tuesday, January 24: Love Heals

Venus conjunct Chiron brings the planet of love, beauty, and money in alignment with the planet that shows you where you need healing. When you need to make decisions throughout the day, keep asking yourself: what is most loving for me?

Friday, January 27: New Moon in Aquarius

Take a breath of fresh air as Mercury exits the shadow and breaks new ground for the first time since December 19. Although logic, transportation and communication issues clear up you may be feeling a little downbeat as Venus squares Saturn. Read the complete Aquarian New Moon forecast here, complete with recipes from the Wise Skies Kitchen. The lunar story culminates with really dynamic Full Moon on February 12th.


Saturday, January 28 – Sunday, January 29: Light a (Good) Fire

On Saturday Mars enters Aries, his favorite sign in the zodiac, and thrives there until March 9th. Utilize this time of higher energy to start projects, energize your workflow, and put passion in your relationships.

Mercury joins Pluto in the skies this weekend. This pairing is significant because the aspect also came really close on December 19th when something was left hanging. Perhaps there was an open loop or unfinished business that finally gets sorted out this weekend.

This Week in Work:

  • Go bargain shopping for electronics.
  • Be first to the table with a new idea.

This Week in Love:

  • Love heals.
  • Take your date to a gallery, concert, or ballet.

This Week in Health:

  • Cut down on sugars and processed foods to balance and stabilize your blood sugar.
  • Take extra care of your gallbladder with some awesome beet recipes.
  • See your acupuncturist for a tune-up.

Tiffany Harelik