Weekly Forecast January 16-22

Weekly Forecast January 16-22

Mars squares Saturn in the middle of inauguration week, with both planets in neurotic, changeable, mutable signs. This leads to stress, difficulties, extreme frustration, and disturbing news. The hangover starts to clear Thursday and by Friday morning sweet Venus sextile Pluto brings powerful healing rays to the landscape.

Best days to schedule plans: Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Days to play it safe: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday


Monday, January 16: Anger Management

Mars Conjunct Chiron gives us an opportunity to heal or deal with unresolved anger via healthy outlets: take a self-defense course, express extra physical energy with a long workout, heal relationships with men and/or aggressors. Send prayers out or volunteer to help those affected by violence.

Wednesday, January 18th: Play it safe

When powerhouse Mars is at odds (inconjunct) with expansive Jupiter, lady luck is not on your side. Do not roll the dice today no matter how good you might be feeling. Do not overspend, avoid debates and delay legal matters.

Thursday, January 19th: Danger Will Robinson

Accidents are likely and tempers are on short fuses while Mars squares Saturn. Do not schedule health and/or dental care today. Knee-jerk reactions turn conversations south, leaving a sour taste behind. Do not challenge the law, employers, or those in authority over you today as it will not work in your favor.

This Week in Work:

  • Chop wood, carry water. Stick to routine.
  • Surprise meetings or calls with high intensity are likely. Be prepared.
  • People may be late due to traffic accidents. Exercise patience.  

This Week in Love:

  • Volatile energies are in the skies, lay low and avoid combative conversations.
  • Nourish and activate your spiritual connection.
  • Be aware anger patterns could flare up.

This Week in Health:

  • Infection, blockages, and flare-ups of chronic inflammation and pain are more likely this week. Load up on antioxidant-rich foods like citrus, bell pepper, and cruciferous veggies.
  • Balance the mind-body connection using stress management techniques like meditation, positive visualization, yoga.
  • With Mars activating the sign of toxicity, you may experience brain fog, pain, poor mood and lower energy, headaches, allergy-like symptoms, muscle aches and heart/blood pressure irregularities. Stay hydrated and keep your system moving to release toxins and detox naturally.
  • Binders are negatively charged materials like activated charcoal and Bentonite clay. These indigestible materials are not absorbed into the bloodstream like food, but they move through the digestive tract and draw positively charged toxins to them. Drink plenty of water if you use a binder. (Binders are not recommended if you are constipated or have frequent diarrhea.)
  • Saturn rules the gallbladder. If you have gallbladder issues take extra care: get out the hot water bottle just in case. Load up on beets, tart apples, and cucumbers which help thin bile to help it flow more easily.



Tiffany Harelik