Weekly Forecast February 20-26, 2017

Weekly Forecast February 20-26, 2017

Be aware that one bad egg on Wednesday could cloud up the early part of the week even though Monday and Tuesday have great business astrology. Save important tasks and appointments for Thursday when the skies clear with good juju through Saturday. Use your best judgement during the dreamy New Moon Sunday.

Monday: An exciting idea

The energy of Mercury sextile Uranus brings inventive solutions, new slants or insights and good timing to meet up with groups or friends. Try something new today such as a fun kitchen gadget, a new app, or join a new group on social media.

Tuesday: Green lights

Mercury trine Jupiter. Communications, thoughts and details all get a dose of Jupiter magic today. You have a green light to sign legal documents, take a chance on an investment, or do any public speaking.

Wednesday: Everyone’s on edge (majorly)

You may have been feeling a more tense energy building up earlier in the week as it leads to Mars squaring Pluto today. This type of energy can bring anger issues to the surface, trigger traumatic experiences that are coming up for healing, or coming to some kind of breaking point. Slow down today and take care of yourself.

Thursday: Getter done!

Mercury sextile Saturn. This is a good day to launch a new business product, start a new venture, or get your thoughts about your projects organized.

Sunday: New Moon in Pisces

Mars conjunct Uranus has us feeling impulsive today. That joined with the energy of the New Moon in Pisces may have you splurging on some things you may want to return when Venus goes retrograde next week. Read the complete New Moon report here.



This Week in Work:

  • Green lights to handle important tasks Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

This Week in Love:

  • Have a fun date with yourself or your loved one Sunday.

Molly’s Health forecast

  • Molly Gauthier, CNTPA difficult transit of Mars pairs with good transits of Mercury this week. If you’re looking for a diagnosis (Mercury) and want to figure out what’s going on during an inflammatory state (Mars), this week would be a great time to run lab tests or consider new ideas.
  • With Mars in hot and dry Aries making difficult aspects to Pluto and Uranus, the threat of dehydration looms large this week. Be sure to drink up, even if you don’t feel thirsty. Fill up your water bottle every chance you get!!

Tiffany Harelik