Weekly Forecast April 17-23, 2017

Weekly Forecast April 17-23, 2017

Make your important plans and calls Monday and Thursday, friends. Here’s why: who you are, and what do you for a career are closely intertwined this week. Since the skies are further energized by our current Mercury Retrograde pattern, this can be a good time to rethink a few things about who you really are, and what you’re really here to do.

Monday is a great day for all things self and business, as the Sun tips his hat to Saturn this morning.

  • Schedule a coffee meeting with someone at work and get the week off to a great start.
  • Start new habits in a practical way.
  • Install new procedures.
  • Organize *your* stuff (not the other guy’s stuff).

There’s not much action in the skies Tuesday, which means there’s nothing holding you back in work and play.

Come Wednesday, the Moon enters zany Aquarius while the Sun enters solid Taurus. You may feel the age-old conflicting pull between the head and the heart. Will you take responsible action, shoot for the stars, or determine how to do both? Make a heartfelt wish Wednesday evening as Mercury gives a kiss to the North Node: “A dream is a wish the heart makes.” (Disney)

On Thursday, thoughtful Mercury enters speedy Aries. Your thoughts are super powered and you can generate ideas quickly but you would be wise to slow down before making fast plans since the Sun kisses retrograde Mercury today. Stay on top of ‘brainy’ foods and supplements like omegas, salmon, coconut oil. We also have a “Thor’s Hammer” today which means there is ample energy to get things done. Mars, Juno, Jupiter, and Pluto form the hammer on the 20th, peaks on the 25th and ends on the 29th.

Mars enters Gemini on Friday and has a little square-off with the North Node. You may notice some frustration in the air around you with people feeling fidgety, stuck and unable to take action on their preferred life path. When Mars is in Gemini we need to do something with our hands: knit, play the piano, type a novel, etc. Our minds tend to get a little more sporadic and we have a million new ideas. It’s important to go with the flow, be a social butterfly, and bounce ideas around with your network this weekend. Note: Mars is in Gemini April 21 – June 4. Give yourself permission to start a bunch of things that you may not finish. Venus squares Saturn today too and you may need to take off the blinders that love has had on you to address relationship issues.

Heads up for next week: New Moon in Taurus April 26. Get out your notebook and write down wishes in the areas of self-worth, values, money, pleasure, love, and longevity. Be sure to check back in for our New Moon report.