Weekly Forecast April 10 – 16, 2017

Weekly Forecast April 10 – 16, 2017

I’m blaming it on Mercury Retrograde, or Venus Retrograde, Saturn Retrograde or Jupiter Retrograde…. but I’m behind in my posting, emails, calls, and pretty much every detail of life right now. Even knowing when the tough periods are rolling through the skies, I can still find myself a little bogged down by things. How about you? Better late than never is the theme of my week. Let’s take a look at what is going on in the skies to help you navigate yours.

With a big beautiful Full Moon tonight, you may find the scales need balancing wherever Libra is in your chart. And because Venus squares Saturn today, you may hear someone ask for a commitment, set a boundary, or ask for a financial plan to be created. Saturn tends to bring that negative, glass half empty outlook, so let the skies change before making any ultimatums on yourself or your loved ones tonight. Read Molly’s AstoWellbeing Full Moon forecast for more insights. And here’s the Full Moon chart.

If your love life and money has been wonky lately it may be in part due to Venus Retrograde, you might get some relief on Saturday when Venus goes direct. (You can read up on how to take care of your AstroWellbeing during Venus Retrograde here).

On Sunday, Mars sextiles Chiron in the morning and Venus sextiles Mars in the evening, making Easter vibes good for active egg hunts, healing family time, and romantic encounters. Watch out for a sweet tooth that wants to indulge in all that Easter candy. Check out the pink beet deviled eggs in our recipe of the week.

Tiffany Harelik