Venus enters Aries

Venus enters Aries

Feb 3rd-4th: Venus enters Aries until April 2nd.
Venus in Aries is firecracker energy. To quote the Rolling Stones: “Don’t play with me, because you’re playing with fire.” This can also be a somewhat challenging position for feminine Venus to be in the more masculine Aries sign. Be aware of any alpha mentalities coming to surface, any needs to balance the head and the heart, and any passionate energies that want to play rough. Transmute any aggressive energy into a positive physical outlet: workout, build something, burn something (as in old journals with thoughts that no longer serve you).

Heads up for Venus Retrograde: March 4th
Most of us have heard of Mercury Retrograde and are aware to be on the lookout for delays and challenges with communications during that time. When Venus goes retrograde, it’s a time to review love and money. Venus goes retrograde every 18 months, so it’s another good one to be aware of if you’re planning your budget in the coming months. Venus represents what we value and how we value things, making Venus Retrograde a good time to re-evaluate various important aspects of your life. Are you putting too much value into something, or not enough? Do you need to value your services more? Do you need to get an appraisal? Do you need to check in with your self-worth? These are the types of questions to be asking yourself during Venus Retrograde.

Looking back over January 30 – Feb 1: Venus was direct over the areas that will come back up for revisiting when she goes retrograde March 4 – April 15. Pay attention to issues of money and love that were brought up around those dates. These are the issues that will resurface in March and April giving you a second chance to make things right, organize or restructure based on new needs. It’s also a wise idea to save your money, as there may be unexpected expenses (or over-spends) coming up with the Venus retrograde come in March.

March 4 – April 3: Venus Retrograde in Aries.
Use this retrograde energy to redefine what is important in your love life and any financial priorities. When Venus retrogrades into Aries, beware of a ‘me-first’ attitude. 

April 3 – April 15: Venus Retrograde in Pisces.
When she moves into Pisces, things get blurry and confusing. Don’t make any big financial or love-relationship decisions until Venus goes direct April 15.

Tiffany Harelik