"Tiffany is a seasoned publishing professional with experience both on the traditional and independent sides of the business. This gives her a unique ability to combine her knowledge of the inner workings of the publishing world with a distinct approach to marketing and events that drive author awareness and book sales." - Renee A. Cook, author


"This has been a brilliant eye-opening and helpful reading, I thank you for your time and words... most of the audio and written reading makes a lot of sense especially the tarot reading at the end... I needed to hear it and I know In my heart of hearts time will tell and I’m fortunate to have that time available... thank you so much, I have a feeling I’ll go over the audio and reading one more time before I have questions but for now I want to thank you immensely for the help you have given, I’ve lost my sense of identity recently and this has helped remind me of who I am and to listen again and trust my intuition ..." Tala, Seeker


"Tiffany is a bullet in the literary world." C. Pickens, actor/comedian


"Tiffany is a Literary Samurai who quickly and silently cleans up a manuscript with a take-no-prisoners approach. Within a few hours, I was ready to hit send!" E.Decker, author & oil painter


"For those of us who know just enough astrology to get us into trouble, you'll love the 2020 Wise Skies Digital Calendar. The monthly themes and intentions are particularly useful to someone like me who prefers to think big picture and longer-term; the more detail-oriented can attune into clear suggestions of what kinds of things to focus on -- or avoid -- depending on the alignment of the celestial bodies day-by-day. By the end of the year, you'll have learned how to use the energies to your advantage." Y. Flusberg, Yogi


"I loved finally getting to read your story, and it was wonderfully told. Your story tucks in good like hot water cornbread...it's real soul food (in Book of Ceremonies)" T. Heller, musician


"To be honest, your writings were among very few online where I could sense the authenticity of the energy around it, and I could sense the same energy in your voice through the reading." R. Askoul, Seeker