Super full moon/ Beaver Moon November 14, 2016-Thuper!

Super full moon/ Beaver Moon November 14, 2016-Thuper!

full moonWise Skies friend and contributor Tiffany Harelik had this to say about yesterday’s Full Moon:

In the wee hours of Monday morning (11/14/16) the brightest full moon of our lifetimes will become exact in Taurus. I suggest we get excited about lumination (as opposed to the size of the moon). The reason the moon appears so bright is because of how close it is to Earth. In fact, it is the closest to Earth it has been since 1948 and it won’t be that close again until 2034. I’m not sure how I feel about the ‘closeness’ affecting any of the astrology. I’m honestly not sure what the hype is about other than the direct affect on the environment/tides.

Everywhere you look, the woo-woos are calling this a once in a lifetime experience, and astronomically it is. But astrologically, a full moon is a full moon. I’m reading a lot of things like “let things hidden come into the light” – which is a great theme today, but I like to look for more information.

We call November’s full moon the “Beaver Moon” because of the Native Americans and early settlers who set beaver traps before the big freeze. Beavers were sought after for their warm pelts. As a shamanic symbol, Beaver medicine offers creativity, using available resources, and building things with groups.

This full moon is in practical Taurus. You can call on the full moon to summon handling the practicalities of any aspect of your life. Taurus loves to steadily work through the day to day business of your ambitions. If certain things have been eluding you for awhile, now is the time to sort them out.

Taurus is ruled by Venus – the goddess of creativity, love and beauty. She’s like Aphrodite, and she’s currently in her most serious mode in Capricorn. This full moon is a blessing for the artists/performers/singers/writers, who want to monetize their work. You can really create something that will last (see *22). This can be one of the most creative times of your whole life. Draw, sketch, paint, craft, layout a plan, and create whatever comes to mind.

*This full moon is at 22 degrees Taurus. In numerology that’s the number of the master builder. Taurus, in fact, is the master builder. You can really sort things out in an amazing way that is going to have a positive effect on your life. You are building the life you want.

Because the full moon always brings an opposition, we also look to the effect of the full moon in Taurus opposite the Sun in Scorpio. Taurus is the placid bull, so when he is having a beef with intense Scorpio he can become easily enraged. Beware of this energy ‘out there’ and the tendency within yourself as well. Taurus represents steady income and is currently opposing passionate, mysterious Scorpio. When our passions are high, our thinking can become unclear. At a more carnal level, this might feel like:

  • Passions (sun in scorpio) can be distracting you from your job/income (moon in Taurus).
  • Your sex life (Sun in Scorpio) can transform your feelings about security (moon in Taurus).
  • Being ruthless (Sun in Scorpio) in love and money (moon in Taurus).
  • Think: What do you really need to say? Is there really a problem? Do I need to develop a new way of thinking in the area of money and magic?

Taurus is the most practical of the Earth signs. The bull wants to be grounded, secure and surrounded by beautiful things. This full moon is about making the mundane things of life better – home improvement, but with a metaphorical twist. It’s time to ‘clean house’ and Taurus will do it one drawer at a time.

  • What should we do about joint finances?
  • Will you move in together?
  • How can we be more practical?
  • Do we have too many bank accounts?
  • Are the debts going out unbalanced with the income coming in?

In the Vedic calendar, we are also collectively celebrating Kartika Poornima, the holy day when Shiva slays the most terrible demons with one arrow. Diwali (the festival of lights) begins (today 11/14/16), reminding us there are no inauspicious moments.

Tiffany Harelik

Tiffany Harelik