Spiritual Focus Horoscope for 2021

Spiritual Focus Horoscope for 2021

Hi everyone!

A friend came over on Christmas Eve and we pulled cards for our spiritual focus in 2021 from the Yogic Path deck, and I thought it would be fun to do for all of you! I’ve included the video if you’d like to watch, and a summary of each card is below. May you each find the love, light, and wisdom you’re seeking in your own heart. Love, Tiff

Reading by Tiffany Harelik, December 25, 2020
Quotes are taken from the Yogic Path Oracle Deck Guidebook by Sahara Rose

Aries: Parvati

Call upon Parvati, the Goddess of Devotion, Love, and Yoga to help you become your highest self in 2021, Aries. “Parvati represents commitment to practice, unbreakable willpower, and the power of self-transformation. Continue your journey toward enlightenment.”

Taurus: Ganesha

Call upon Ganesha, the remover of obstacles and God of new beginnings to help you align with your spiritual focus in 2021, Taurus. “Ganesha has been removing the roadblocks placed before you, granting you a smooth transition into this very moment. These roadblocks do not exist outside of you… when you calm your wavering mind, you are able to overcome any obstacle.” 

Gemini: Hanuman

Call upon Hanuman, the God of courage to help you connect to the eternal light, and your heart of service in 2021, Gemini. “Hanuman represents the evolved mind and the potential we all have to no longer be enslaved to our thoughts but rather surpass them… The truth is that you are the divine, as we all are, split from the same source. Continue to practice meditative states where you are reminded of this universal truth to aid in your evolvement.”

Cancer: Manipura Chakra

Center yourself by connecting to your solar plexus chakra in 2021, Cancer. “You have come to a place where you know exactly who you are. Gone are the days of confusion and blurred lines between your truth and the expectations of others… Now is the time to really go after what you want in life. What do you care about? What lights you up? How do you want to serve?”

Leo: Pitta

Remember your own divine essence of Pitta, the fiery Dosha of your powerful, strong-willed, and feisty nature to connect with your highest calling in 2021 Leo. “You are in a determined place in your life. You know what you want, and a fire has been set under your seat to achieve it. You ar setting goals for yourself and focused on the task at hand. Perhaps this is the time to emerge as a leader and teach others your strength and wisdom. You are transforming the world with your actions… just don’t lose connection with the water within you, and remember to play.” 

Virgo: Svadhaya

Take up the challenge of Svadhaya, self-study in 2021, Virgo. “We were each born with a book of infinite wisdom, stories, inventions, and emotions. This book is our own consciousness. If we take the path to truly studying the self, we will never become bored with our findings… the passport required to reach these vistas is stillness. Through withdrawing from external stimulus, you can move into the true stimulus – the world inside you and beyond.”

Libra: Dhyana

Your spiritual focus of 2021 Libra, is to concentrate and meditate with the intention to know the truth. “When was the last time you became fully immersed in what you were doing? Dhyana is the dancer that becomes the dance… there is no difference between the doer and the deed. You merge as one… Find that which you can merge with and practice it fully.”

Scorpio: Kali

It’s no surprise your spiritual focus is on Kali in 2021, Scorpio. Call upon Kali, the Goddess of destruction, dissolution, and ecstasy when you’re ready for a radical rebirth. “She is fierce, erratic, untamed -the part of you that you’re afraid to give full control because you don’t know where it will take you. She will destroy all disillusion and bring you face-to-face with your darkest shadows – not to cause anguish, but rather from a deep place of love.” Get ready for a dark night of the ego, trust the process, and release all limitations so you can reunite with your inner true bliss in 2021.

Sagittarius: Kundalini

Tap into Kundalini, the primordial cosmic energy and serpent power to ignite your spiritual focus in 2021, Sagittarius. “Kundalini is rising… You may have noticed that you feel more spiritually aware than ever before… Your heart is full of a deep compassion and desire to serve others and you have a keen awareness of your purpose.”

Capricorn: Tantra

You’re balancing out the divine masculine and divine feminine on your path of spiritual development in 2021, Capricorn. “You are expanding into liberation: tan-tra. Moving past the dualistic mind that judges everything as right or wrong, you are headed to the greater truth that comes from integration.” 

Aquarius: Niyamas

Work within the laws of personal observance, the niyamas, to gain spiritual clarity in 2021, Aquarius. “You are beginning to reap the rewards of the inner transformational work you have done. This is just the beginning of a life-long practice of personal observance. Tune into what your soul needs at this moment… Take some extra time for yourself each day to practice isvara pranidhana, the celebration and contemplation of spirit.”

Pisces: Kriya

You’re working with the Universal principle of effortless flow in 2021, Pisces. “When you’re in kriya, everything requires far less effort… You no longer have to push but rather can surrender to the greater forces at play. Keep up the flow and don’t lose sight of your greater goal – uplifting the vibration of this planet.” 


Tiffany Harelik, MA, RYT

Tiff offers astrology, mediumship, yoga, and tarot sessions. She uses the Golden Tarot deck combined with yogic philosophy and her lineage of Russian mysticism to address your concerns through practical advice. She holds a Masters degree in Health Psychology and founded Spellbound Publishers, a metaphysical book company. She owns and operates Wise Skies. Follow her work at www.TiffanyHarelik.com

Tiffany Harelik