September Skies 2018

September Skies 2018

Keep your eye on the prize in September, and tap into the magic of good timing. “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”  -Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

September Intention: It is my intention to tap into and integrate the cosmic codes trapped in my cells and DNA, recognizing that my body, mind, and spirit contain divine love, power, and infinite intelligence.

Astrology Themes:

Stop procrastinating. Saturn turns direct after being retrograde for 5 months. Where are you resisting change? What loose ends do you need to tie up? What tight ends do you need to loosen up?

Big Magic. The third and final Jupiter/Pluto sextile of the year affects the first two weeks of September. Look for a promotion, a launch into power/prestige, and some kind of good break. Thank the big forces moving mountains to help you.

Changes in your love life this fall. Three Venus/Uranus oppositions are brewing that disrupts the flow of your relationships, for better or worse. Don’t be caught off-guard when this energy strikes mid-month (Sept 12), and again Oct 31, and Nov 29. Chiron’s retrograde into Pisces reminds us to address Spiritual wounds and address boundary issues, addictions, and delusions we’ve been carrying from 2010.  

Be careful what you wish for: You might get it at a cost you don’t want to pay. Venus is squaring the Nodes mid-month and that offers wishes granted that come with a sacrifice. Though it may cut deep, this transit doesn’t last long. Keep your eye on the prize, and more importantly, why you want it in the first place. Focus on the feeling, not the thing.

Numerology Themes:
11/2 Universal Month, 11/2 Universal Year (Do you see the 1111?)

It’s all about the “aha” moments…The numerology for September offers us the opportunity to discover the Extra-Ordinary in the ordinary. The key is to pay attention and be present. Here’s the deal with the “11/2” energy: It’s essential to tap into the foundation of any master number before we can access it’s superpower vibrations. If we recognize the vibes from the 2 (relationship, balance & harmony, unconditional love and vulnerability) then we can more practically incorporate the master powers of 11 (manifestation, intuition, and capability). Just like the astrology indicates, pay attention to your relationships (which is the theme of the 2018 master year) and how you love unconditionally or how you love with conditions. Watch out for self-sabotaging behaviors. If you know how you typically get in your own way, set the intention that those behaviors/attitudes will shift in order for you to experience more abundance, love, connection, and healing.

September is the most optimal month of the year for love and relationships. Why? Because there are two 2’s involved (the 11 in the Universal month + the 11 in the Universal year – both reduce down to two). If you’re noticing a theme – it’s a lot of 1+1 = 2 this month. If things are too complex, break it down.  

Pay attention to the people that cross your path. This isn’t limited to romantic relationships, it could be friends, family or business. Thought provoking question: What do I bring to relationships? Answer honestly and with integrity here. Use the 11 energy to become the “best you” in your relationships this month. Look objectively, as best possible at your high vibes & lower vibes  (aka bad habits in relationships – our poor behaviors can be our best teachers). What am I willing to change?  Sometimes change is painful, however, the 11/2 encourages you to know your worth in relationships.

“Change the way you see things and you will change.” -Wayne Dyer

September Power Dates at a glance:

  • 1111 Portal this month
  • Pluto/Chiron quintile releases the first week
  • Jupiter/Saturn semi-square releases the first week
  • Mercury enters Virgo 9/5, then Libra 9/21
  • Saturn direct 9/6
  • Venus enters Scorpio + a New Moon 9/9
  • Mars enters Aquarius 9/10
  • Mercury enters Libra 9/21
  • Fall Equinox: Sun enters Libra 9/22
  • Full Harvest Moon 9/24
  • Chiron regresses into Pisces 9/25
  • Pluto direct 9/30

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Saturday, September 1: Go with the flow. We are feeling the pulse of expansion and contraction from a third and final Jupiter/Saturn semi-square that completes this week. Additional emotional energy builds as we get closer to a Pluto/Chiron quintile. We are reminded to review a few big-picture themes: (1) ruthless dedication to a total healing transformation and (2) massive growth, tempered by discipline. If what you’re doing isn’t working, it’s time to reach for a willingness to believe there’s a better way. Your mantras: I’m willing to feel an abundance of joy, peace, and harmony in all of life’s processes and seasons. Even when life doesn’t make sense, I trust that it’s all working out for the best.  

Sunday, September 2: What’s it worth to you?  Heart-centered communication is key to getting what you want.  Mercury exits his Shadow while Venus enters hers bringing us subtle lessons around worth and value. And it’s worth mentioning the two planets are in sextile to each other, working together to bring you some good ideas. Things that happen during a Venus Shadow period tend to foreshadow themes you want to revisit when she goes retrograde (October 6 to November 16 from 10º Scorpio to 25º Libra). Just like Mercury retrograde, Venus retrograde offers a time to review, revise, and edit any beliefs or patterns. But this time it’s about revisiting issues of self-worth, love, and cold hard cash. It’s a great time to explore emotions, buy antiques, go to classic car shows, find good deals at the thrift store, renew your vows, etc. It’s also a good time to get creative with pottery, music, or art that is made with no intention to sell.

Monday, September 3: Healing crises. There’s a little more fire in the Skies this morning. Be patient with yourself and those around you, breakdowns and breakthroughs are more likely earlier in the week. Heads up: Saturn turns direct on Thursday – it’s time to wrap up any Saturn-retrograde projects you may have been working on: update your estate/will, organize your finances, get your taxes up to speed, and clean out old files that you don’t need.

Tuesday, September 4: The energy is emotionally tight. The Moon in is Cancer all day – opt to nourish yourself with a home-cooked meal with loved ones tonight. “Hold on,” by Wilson Phillips is our theme song this week. **Lyrics below.

Wednesday, September 5: Precision. Mercury moves into Virgo today and stays there through the 21st. What do you need to perfect? Where do you need to avoid perfectionist tendencies? A major Pluto/Chiron quintile releases today that has had a hand in your energy for a long time. Look for lessons, blessings, and dodged bullets in the areas of your personal health and development. Once you name it, you know it, and you can move forward (without it).

Thursday, September 6: Saturn Direct. It’s time to wrap up all your Saturn retrograde projects: clean out the garage, handle the details of life/death, organize the fridge and pantry, add discipline and routine to your schedule. Saturn has been retrograde for five months and turns direct at 2 degrees of Capricorn. Stay on task: Mercury trines both Uranus and Saturn in the background, making it a really positive day for workflow and receiving brilliant downloads of information. Daydreamers may regret not getting down to business. If you’re feeling pulled away from your duties and obligations it’s due to a Sun/Neptune opposition that will quickly pass. Don’t squander a day like today: listen to your inner-genius and be ready to hatch a brilliant plan while the Lord of Karma begins to roll forward.  

Numerology of Saturn Direct: The “Master Builder” vibration is invoked today because Saturn goes direct in 2 degrees of his home sign Capricorn today, and we are in our 11/2 Universal Month. Themes around rebuilding your physical reality (outside) are just as potent as reconciling your karma (inside). What do we mean? Consider this: everything in your external world is a direct reflection of your internal world. If you’re experiencing a lot of chaos and conflicts out there, what is going on that feels at dis-ease inside of you? Conversely, if relationships are flourishing and life feels fluid, you can celebrate your personal and spiritual development. Set your intentions today for practical, long-term goals, healing and quantum spiritual growth. Believe in yourself and consciously collaborate with your destiny!

Friday, September 7: Heightened emotions. If you’re experiencing some lover’s quarrels or lower energy, it’s due to a Venus/Mars square brewing. One gift of feeling passion (or jealousy) so deeply is that you can utilize the intensity of those feelings by refocusing the energy like a warrior, on something that serves everyone’s best interests.  Think before you act – your impulses could get you into trouble. Look for ways to have a breakthrough, not a breakdown.

Saturday, September 8: Skies remain intense on the dark side of the Moon as we prepare for two juicy shifts tomorrow. Are you familiar with the phrase “living your yoga”? How can you carry your Spiritual practice out of your head and put them into real life?

Sunday, September 9: Venus enters sultry, sexy, manipulative Scorpio this morning. On one end: How can you play in the deeply satisfying mystery of love? On the other: Where are you using your sex powers to manipulate and control? It can feel like all or nothing in the love department for the next month. Passions are high and potentially misdirected for a few days.

Happy New Moon in 17 degrees of Virgo (1:01pm). It’s important to be exceedingly clear and firm with your New Moon intentions today, as Mars and Neptune are in a bit of a trickster formation which can create confusion around boundaries and when to say yes to your dreams. The ruler of this New Moon is detail-oriented Mercury, which is making a positive aspect to work-planet Saturn. Line up the details with the master plan. Luna is also working with optimistic Jupiter, and intensely transformative Pluto.The best use of the New Moon energy is to give yourself the gifts of cleaning house (metaphorically), implementing order, and learning.

New Moon Numerology: 9, 11, 17
9 Day: Idealism, 11/2 Universal Energy: Capability, 17 Degrees Virgo: Success
Hot dang! This astro-numerology is super-charged with clarity and determination. This idealistic 9-day may push us to see the potential in our lives. There’s that 11 again (11/2 Universal Energy)! You know what this means, it’s an opportunity to manifest our dreams into reality. A killer-combo with the 9 & 17. The underlying foundation for the 17th degree in Virgo is success, however, the combination of the 1 & 7 are both very masculine energies, so watch out for overdoing it or pushing too hard. Watch out for being self-critical and judgmental. This combo can breed an unnecessary sense of burden, urgency or responsibility. Be mindful of unrealistic expectations…

See if you can “allow” or incorporate more “receptivity” into this New Moon. Invoke the feminine to cool off the over-achiever mentality. Set your intentions, be willing to follow them up with the footwork, and look for signs that you’re going in the right direction. Trust is key here. Have fun with this rather than getting overwhelmed.

New Moon Reflections:

  • Am I true to myself and a higher purpose?
  • Where can I be more efficient in my day to day, creating more space to be of service to self and others?
  • What do you need to be honest about?
  • What workshop do you want to take to develop some new skills?
  • What do you need to clarify within yourself?

Intentions for the New Moon in Virgo:

  • My feet are doing what my mouth is saying.
  • I want to easily learn more about_________
  • My new health routine involves_______________ (Do I want to make a grocery budget/list and stick to it?)
  • I am willing to remove everything that is not working for me from my life.
  • I have clarity of vision.
  • I trust my natural feelings.
  • I am a receptacle for divine guidance from the universe.
  • I expect the unexpected.

Monday, September 10: Big Magic. With the Sun making positive aspects to both Jupiter and Pluto, there is a distinct feeling of optimism in the air. Mars enters progressive Aquarius today: themes around independence, pioneering, taking action on behalf of the masses are available though November 15. What do you want to reform? How free do you want to be?

On a different note, the first of three Venus/Uranus oppositions is brewing in the Heavens this week and your love life is about to change. This can manifest in positive, flirty, tantalizing ways, or more surprising ways. Don’t be caught off-guard when this energy strikes: Sept 12, Oct 31, and Nov 29.

Numerology Bonus Day: 111 Code ( 9 + 1 = 10/1,  2018 = 11). We’ve got a hot day for the Astro-Numerology to click and create divine opportunities. Pay attention today. Trust your intuition. Divine insights and downloads abound!

Tuesday, September 11: Big forces are working in your favor behind the scenes. The third and final Jupiter/Pluto sextile of 2018 completes tomorrow. Look for blessings, gifts, promotions, and acknowledge anywhere you’ve been given a leg up in the world. The previous two passes were January 15 and April 14 of this year. Relationships may experience some surprises and tension this evening, but keep your eye on the prize. If what you’re doing isn’t working, there’s an opportunity to redefine things in an interesting new way.

2 Numerology Bonus Days in a Row: 1111 Code (9 + 1 + 1 = 11 , 2018 = 11) Take the divine insights you received from 9/10 and put them into play. There is a master portal opening today for you to see into your future and manifest a more abundant, intelligent and unconditional probable future outcome. Set intentions.

Special 1111 Intention: Today, I trust the Universe to expand my intelligence and creativity with the highest light, love and abundance. Today I will access dormant wisdom in my cells and DNA. My body will integrate these energies organically and effectively.

Wednesday, September 12: Sit back and watch the day unfold. Don’t plan on being able to adhere to tight schedules as mental fog is likely. Luna is Void of Course all day, and with a Mars/Chiron sextile plus a  Mercury/Neptune opposition you’re a little checked out. Subtle healing energy is available for addressing wounds created from addictions or anger. Not everyone is going to be of the same opinion as you, which can make for an interesting, multi-dimensional conversation if you’re willing to all be right.

Thursday, September 13: Be careful what you wish for. Venus is squaring the Nodes and that can call for sacrifice, or some element of duality with things you love. On the Shadow side, tendencies to feel overly lonely, or victim-oriented mentality can crop up. Consider these examples: you’ve wanted to have a condo at the beach your whole life, and you finally get the opportunity to have one because of a large inheritance from the death of a loved one. Your wish came true, but it came at a cost you didn’t want to pay. There was an element of sacrifice. Maybe you’ve always wanted to get married and settle down to start a family. You finally marry the partner of your dreams, but the two of you are unable to conceive. Is the sacrifice more than you can bear, or do you work through it? The choice is yours. Though deep, this transit doesn’t last long. Keep your eye on the prize, and more importantly, why you want it. The Mountain Astrologer identifies today as an excellent time for Abundance and Fertility 12:54pm-1:14am CST due to lots of good Jupiter juju, but we caution you to be exceptionally careful with your thoughts and wishes today given the Venus/Nodes square.

Friday, September 14: Lay low. The Moon is Void of Course all day again – brain fog, mild depression, and fatigue are possible today. There might be an added edge with the intense Scorpio Moon, which lightens up by 6p when she moves into Sag. See if you can find your sense of humor when things get tight today.

Saturday, September 15: Mind magic. Write your newsletter, map out your content, meditate on what you want more of today. Doors are open for conversations that increase your presence and power. With Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods, making positive aspects to Pluto and Jupiter, you can tap into your mental magic easily and effortlessly. Backup your data today, it looks like some of us could get fried next week.

Sunday, September 16: Intimacy and confessions are likely with a Mercury/Jupiter sextile and a Mercury/Venus semi-square early. Luna in her First Quarter goes void of course all evening starting at 6:14pm. Call it early so you’re well rested for the coming week.

Monday, September 17: The Moon enters Capricorn today, offering ambition and good work vibes for Monday morning. The energy slows by the end of the day as a Mars square is brewing in the background. Stay hydrated and play it safe in evening hours.

Tuesday, September 18: Zapped. An earth-shattering Mars/Uranus square today could bring disturbing shocks, violent outbursts, and/or electronic meltdowns. This is a good day to bring your Spiritual practice into the real world and practice what you preach. Stay hydrated, and help those prone to overheating to stay out of the line of fire.

Wednesday, September 19: Take it easy on yourself. There may be some aftershock this morning from yesterday’s energy. The Moon goes void of course from noon to 6pm. It’s not a good day for important calls or decisions. Let time pass.  

Thursday, September 20: Brainstorm and share ideas. With Saturn and Neptune in their home signs, they are quite comfortable in their own skin as they come to the mediation room today.  You’re looking for practical solutions to delusional problems and the answer might require a shift in perspective. Saturn is quintile Neptune while the Sun is conjunct Mercury. P.S. Send blessings of protection to those traveling, writing, and journeying.

Friday, September 21: Mental stimulation. Themes around work/life balance, fairness, and equilibrium are important to consider: Mercury enters air sign Libra today through October 9th. If you’re overthinking a situation, you could be creating a little of that analysis paralysis: Mercury opposes Chiron, and conjuncts the South Node. Get important calls done early and give yourself permission to take a break from thinking too hard, as the Moon goes Void of Course blurring your clarity from noon on.

Saturday, September 22: FALL EQUINOX + Happy birthday Libras! We need your special gifts of bringing equality and playing fair. At some level, all of us want to shine the light on justice a little more as the Sun follows Mercury into Libra for a month. Healing crises are also themes to work with over the next three months as the Sun opposes Chiron, and Mercury squares Saturn in the chart of this Equinox. Look at what you can do, and leave the rest with your Higher Power. Mercury sextile the North Node and trine Mars means there is a solution that requires action.

Invocation for the Sun in Libra: As the Sun moves into the energies of balance, harmony, justice and equanimity, we trust in the opportunity to grow through the relationship to ourselves, others, and the universe. We experience divine collaboration. We invite the the Libra stargate to collaborate with the Sun’s intelligence, invoking fairness, safety, and creative partnerships. (Stay tuned to purchase our Solar meditation!)

Sunday, September 23: Take it easy, and give yourself a rest. There has been a lot of cosmic activity and more is on the way. Let today be a day you truly fill your cup.

Monday, September 24: Luna is Void of Course all day causing brain fog and lethargy, but  then moves into her FULL HARVEST MOON phase in 1 degree of playful Aries (9:52pm). The fiery Full Moon brings a lot of heat as she opposes Mercury, trines Jupiter, and conjuncts Chiron. No doubt there are mixed energies in the Skies today. The Yin Moon in Yang Aries has a ‘me first’ tone that conjures a desire to get our needs met first. Yet with the Yang Sun in harmonizing Yin Libra, we learn that by taking care of others, our needs are met. Will you pause, or take a chance? Don’t blow it: with the Sun sextilng the North Node and squaring Saturn, your future is at stake. If you feel like you’re on an emotional roller coaster, remember you can get off at anytime by getting centered and taking your power back. Here’s an article from Amanda on this subject we thought might be helpful.

Full Moon Numerology: 5, 7 & 1
5 Day: Movement, 7 Universal Energy: Higher Calling, 1 Degree Aries: Empowerment
Tap into your core truth for stability. This combination of numerical energy, specifically between the 5 and 7 may feel like your outsides do not match up with your insides, making it is crucial to find your center of gravity. This is an intense code. Recognize this: You Are Here With Purpose. Know that there is cosmic intelligence locked in your cells and DNA, thus it is imperative to eat well, drink water, get out in nature (without the electronics), sleep well, and be well. These simple grounding techniques are what will get you in touch with your core security and strength. The 1 energy (of both the 1st degree and Aries being the 1st sign of the zodiac) can sometimes thrust us into overachievement and stubborn will. You will succeed in this energy if you trust your wholeness and divinity, just as you are. Use the conscious awareness of the bright Full Moon to take off your blinders and expand your vision.

Full Moon Intentions

  • I let go of inauthentic actions and replace them with stillness.
  • I am tapping into the cosmic intelligence locked in my cells and DNA.
  • I let go of unhealthy behaviors that drain my energy.
  • I stand in my confidence, without hurting others.

But there’s a full moon rising
Let’s go dancing in the light
We know where the music’s playing
Let’s go out and feel the night
Because I’m still in love with you
I want to see you dance again
Because I’m still in love with you
On this harvest moon.”
-Neil Young


Tuesday, September 25: Tuesday starts out a little emo. When Chiron moved into Aries in April earlier this year, the focus was to heal our egos and ourselves. We were called to embrace our healing warrior mode, take responsibility, and increase our self-worth. Chiron then went retrograde and began going backwards through the cosmos. Retrograde Chiron is now re-entering Pisces today for the rest of the year. Zoom out. Chiron in Pisces reminds us to address Spiritual wounds and address boundary issues, addictions, and delusions from 2010 (the last time Chiron was in Pisces). Look back at what was going on in your life in 2010 – what needs to be cleaned up? Here is a special report on Chiron from Tiffany.  

Wednesday, September 26: The energy is slower with another Moon Void of Course all day. Tackle the basics, but don’t make any big decisions or create heavy schedules today.

Thursday, September 27: Re-energized. Vitality returns with a Sun/Mars trine and you have what it takes to get the job done.

Friday, September 28: Jump off the diving board holding hands. Green lights come on for work in a major way as a Mars/Saturn parallel offers a permanent coming together in your career. What forces are driving you and your partnership? What are your long-term plans? This would be an ideal day for strategic quarterly planning. Acceptance of change is a great place to be.

Saturday, September 29: Under a Gemini Moon, you can get a lot of ideas across. Spend time writing, making lists, or outlining your novel. Write newsletters, schedule posts, and don’t be afraid of the 20 tabs you have open.

Sunday, September 30: Pluto Direct. Pluto has been retrograde since April and turns direct today at 18 degrees of Capricorn. Is it time to write your personal success story? How has your biggest challenge, your biggest change, or your deepest personal transformation served you? What have you overcome at work? Review the lessons you’ve learned so you can help others on the path behind you. This is big energy at play and involves more than one day.

Pluto Direct Numerology: 3, 5, & 18
Permanent changes made with wisdom and integrity. Pluto may be slow moving, but as we all know, it packs an immensely powerful punch. Take this astro-numerological code and know that your creativity (3) and limitless vision (5) are the keys to paving an empowering and purposeful life. Afterall, Pluto is about lifetime transformation; death & rebirth. If you commit to honoring the highest light of your soul mission (9), you will not only realize greatness in this lifetime, it will reverberate throughout all your lifetimes, breaking the barriers of space and time. You have a precious human & spiritual life. Take full advantage of your life and ability to heal lifetimes today.

Sneak Peek into October:

Heads up: Venus Retrograde – old car shows, antiques, and lessons around worth are available. The second of three Venus/Uranus oppositions hit and your lovelife needs some editing. October is going to be about integration through collaboration.


Lessons in Your Chart:

 When you know your chart, you can check the degrees to see where all of this affects you personally. Here are some exercises for the beginning astrologer:

  1. How does the Jupiter/Pluto sextile affect you? Look back at what was going on in your life when this transit was exact on January 15, April 14, and now Sept 12 of this year? Do you see any themes or patterns?
  2. Chiron’s retrograde into Pisces reminds us to address Spiritual wounds and address boundary issues, addictions, and delusions from 2010 (the last time Chiron was in Pisces). Look back at what was going on in your life in 2010 – what needs to be cleaned up? Link to Tiff’s Chiron article wherever it ends up when we relocate the archives.

*Numerology Math

September Numerology Explained:
September = 9th Month
2018 = (2+0+1+8) =11 (1+1) = 2 Universal Year
11 is a Master Number; in Numerology, it is an 11/2 year
2 (Universal Year) + 9 (September) = 11
Reduce it Further: (1+1) = 2 Universal Month

New Moon Numerology Explained:
September 9: (9+9) = 18 (1+8) = 9 Day: Idealism
September 9, 2018: (9+9+2+0+1+8) = 29 (2+9) = 11/2 Universal Energy: Capability
17 Degrees Virgo

Full Moon Numerology Explained:
September 23: (9+2+3) = 14 (1+4) = 5 Day: Movement
September 23, 2018: (9+2+3+2+0+1+8) = 25 (2+5) = 7 Universal Energy: Higher Calling
1 Degree of Aries: Empowerment


**September Theme Song: “Hold on,” by Wilson Phillips

I know there’s pain
Why do you lock yourself up in these chains?
No one can change your life except for you
Don’t ever let anyone step all over you
Just open your heart and your mind
Is it really fair to feel this way inside?

Some day somebody’s gonna make you want to
Turn around and say goodbye
Until then baby are you going to let them
Hold you down and make you cry
Don’t you know?
Don’t you know things can change
Things’ll go your way
If you hold on for one more day
Can you hold on for one more day
Things’ll go your way
Hold on for one more day

You could sustain
Or are you comfortable with the pain?
You’ve got no one to blame for your unhappiness
You got yourself into your own mess
Lettin’ your worries pass you by
Don’t you think it’s worth your time
To change…

Tiffany Harelik