September 2023

September 2023

September Numerology 7-Month in a 7-Year

7-Month in a 7-Year:
Soul Quest. The energy of the double 7 encourages personal reflection and insight. We all get to have ‘life lessons’ – what are yours?

September 1st-10th

Venus Direct in Leo on the 3rd
What is going on in your love life — or love for life? As Venus returns to direct motion after being retrograde since July 23, we get some more clues about our romances, and finances. Heads up: Venus will be in shadow of the retrograde period until October 7, 2023. Look for things around love and money to be more illuminated then.

Mercury trine Jupiter, which retrogrades on the 4th:
Look for the wins. They are all around you. Where can you feel success in terms of workflow, your higher quest, and life goals?There’s flow in articulating messages through writing and educating during this transit. You might feel it come a day early and occurs August 9, September 4, September 25, December 7, and December 18.

Jupiter Retrogrades in Taurus on the 4th
Jupiter acts like a mini-Saturn in the Skies, helping us bring awareness to our financial responsibilities, as well as what needs to be restructured. Jupiter is retrograde September 4 – December 31, 2023.

Last Quarter Moon at 14° Gemini on the 5th
This is harvest time. Something that started 2.5 years ago, and was propelled into action 1.5 years ago—is now coming to fruition. What is completing now? This Moon marks wisdom, experience, and seasoned perspective. Bills are due—it’s time to pay things off, or invoice for money owed. Can you provide awards or recognition for something that is wrapping up?

CAZIMI Sun conjunct Mercury on the 6th
Information wizardry. Listen for downloads, bright ideas, good news, clarity and focused communication. With Mercury retrograde you might also consider: What kind of memories are you making? What needs to be re-worked and will be even more powerful under the new vision? This transit can be felt a day in advance and occurs Jan 7, March 17, May 1, July 1, September 6, October 20, and December 22.

Sun trine Jupiter on the 8th
Bring it! Say yes, go forward, stand in your power, attract big magic. This good mojo can be felt a day early and occurs September 8, and December 27.

September 11th – 17th

September 14th/15th depending on time zone: New Moon at 21°Virgo

New Moon Intention: It feels good to be organized and create healthy routines.

Planting seeds around: health, service work, data organization, pets, traditions, everyday maintenance, routines, and anything that requires attention to detail. This phase signifies subconscious influences and new beginnings. More will be shown over time. New Moon intentions are most potent during the first 8 hours of when the Moon is New. Get extra insight to what is renewing in your life by studying the house where you have 21-Virgo in your birth chart.

Sabian Symbol: A royal coat of arms.

Moon Family Story: A New 2 ½ year Cycle Begins. This phase signifies the illumination of a larger 27-month cycle over the course of four Moons:
1. **September 15, 2023 New Moon 21-Virgo: A new cycle
2. June 14, 2024 First Quarter Moon 23-Virgo: Poised for action
3. March 14, 2025 Full Moon Eclipse 23-Virgo: Pivot: more is revealed
4. December 11, 2025 Last Quarter Moon 20-Virgo: Mission Complete

On the 15th:

Mercury Direct in Virgo
What needs to be renegotiated? Mercury is direct, but will remain in retroshade until September 30, 2023. Use this period to revise your revisions (teehee). Pay attention to lingering communication breakdowns and barriers to understanding – these are clues for you to reassess, tweak, and pivot something important. Mercury will retrograde again in Capricorn on December 13, 2023.

Sun Trine Uranus: Sparks fly (the good kind). Try something different, make a new friend, answer the phone, let life be excting. This can be felt a day in advance and occurs January 5, and September 15.

Venus Square Jupiter on the 17th
Bittersweet. Saying goodbye to what you thought you wanted and old expectations is a healthy way of detaching with love. What’s next for you? A new person, vocation, or artistic hobby is coming into focus. What have you ‘always’ wanted to do but held yourself back from? Be careful of overspending. It’s possible you’ll have some unexpected expenses and need to tap into savings. This can be felt early, and occurs June 11, August 22, and September 17..

September 18th – 24th

Sun opposite Neptune on the 19th
Loose lips sink ships. Rumors, deception, things don’t go as planned. Neptune dissolves—where can you let go? Caution lights also come on around drugs, alcohol, and temptation. Take it easy – the energy can show up a day early.

Sun Trine Pluto on the 21st
Become you. Renewal. Upgrade. Uplevel. Positive Change. Know this: whatever isn’t evolving, is dissolving. Do you want to let it? Standing in both the light and darkness. This can be felt a day early and occurs twice: May 21 and September 21.

First Quarter Moon at 29°Sagittarius on the 22nd
“A turning point: an opportunity to walk your talk. This yang phase signifies it’s time to take action (not contemplate). What pressures are working in your favor? Look back to events that were seeded by the New Moon in this sign (9 months ago)
— for clues where to get going.”

Sun Enters Libra on the 23rd
Happy Birthday Libra! We an all tap into our harmonic, diplomatic, and double-trouble-Libra vibes September 23 – October 23. (Pssst… We have gifts and birthday readings for your Libra at

Venus trine Chiron: Healing rays of love and light. Say yes, move through any tightness, take a yoga class, breathe deep. Opportunities for supportive relationships pop up – pay attention to who is showing up in your life. This energy can be accessed a day early, and occurs June 29, August 14 and September 23.

Mars Opposite Chiron on the 24th:
The rewards now may feel bittersweet. Take the time it takes now to feel and experience your life and heal any areas that require fierce forgiveness

September 25 – 30

Mercury trine Jupiter on the 25th
Look for the wins. They are all around you. Where can you feel success in terms of workflow, your higher quest, and life goals?There’s flow in articulating messages through writing and educating during this transit. You might feel it come a day early and occurs August 9, September 4, September 25, December 7, and December 18.

Venus Square Uranus on the 29th
Things feel unpredictable and there’s tension in the air. Pivot in an exciting new direction or tackle a challenging project with fresh eyes. The same old approach/story no longer works. This energy provides compatibility for people of diverse age gaps to learn from each other. This energy occurs January 14, July 2, August 9, September 29 – and can be felt a day in advance.

Full Moon at 6° Aries 4:57am
Full Moon Intention: I forgive my past, I enjoy the present, and I trust the future is aligning in perfect order.

Self-Illumination. Set intentions around wrapping up anything that no longer serves you, removing any blocks to new beginnings, and removing anything that hinders your confidence and clarity. Under the light of the Full Moon it’s time to face facts, make adjustments, and reflect on what is seen at this time. Do you want to make a bold declaration for yourself?

Be aware of excess energy—tides are high, blood flow is higher, cycles are breaking, and karmic deadlines are approaching. This can be a good time to find things/people, get a new understanding of hard to treat diagnoses, and present your work to shine in public.

This phase signifies the illumination of a larger 27-month cycle. Get extra insight on what is culminating wherever 7-11 Aries is in your chart. Celebrate your Progress.

Aries Moon Family Story: Something that started 18 months ago, was triggered into action 9 months ago—and is now in full bloom with this Full Moon. Look for completion in 9 months:

1. April 1, 2022 New Moon 11-Aries: A new cycle
2. December 30, 2022 First Quarter Moon 8-Aries: Poised for action
3. **September 29, 2023 Full Moon 6-Aries: Pivot: more is revealed
4. June 28, 2024 Last Quarter Moon 7-Aries: Mission Complete

Garden Tip: Plant flowering bulbs, biennial and perennial flowers, and root crops during the waning of the Moon—from the day after the Full Moon to the day before the New Moon. Plants are encouraged to grow roots, tubers, and bulbs as the moonlight decreases.

Mercury is out of Shadow on the 30th
There we go. Communications, details, learning, and understanding return to normal. Whatever you’ve been rewiring the last several weeks is free to operate normally. Mercury will retrograde again in Capricorn on December 13, 2023.

Mercury trine Uranus:
If you’ve been looking for a sign – here it is! Stay open to unlikely friendships and chance encounters by being at the right place at the right time. This unique and intense swirl energy can start it’s influence a day early. Keep an experimental attitude and be aware radical and unconventional views will be prominent. You don’t have to believe every thought you think. This energy circulates on January 8th, January 29th, and September 30.

Tiffany is an evidential psychic medium, astrologer, and best selling author. She holds a Master’s in Psychology and has been trained by some of the world’s best mediums including Lisa Williams, Tony Stockwell, Janet Nohavec, Lynn Probert, Mavis Patilla, Colin Bates, and Stella Upton. When she’s not writing the astrology forecast, you can find her in the apiary, yoga studio, or midwifing new books at Spellbound Publishers.