September Skies 2017

September Skies 2017

Dear Wise Skies Readers,  

For those who have been reading with us for awhile, you’ll notice I’m trying a new monthly format. This change because I personally enjoy looking at the month as a whole in order to plan my schedule, and I also enjoy writing once a month as opposed to weekly.  I welcome your feedback in the comments below – do you like a monthly overview? Do you prefer the weekly forecast? Do you want to meet in the middle with a bi-monthly report? I’d love to hear from you. Now back to the September Skies…

September 2017: Moving Forward with Virgo Medicine
The Sun moved into Virgo on August twenty second, igniting earthy Virgo medicine in all our birth charts. In fact, several planets support this Virgoan rhythm: Mars moves into Virgo on September 5th and Mercury goes direct in Virgo on September 9th. We also get a New Moon in Virgo on the 20th. What do you need to get in order? What yearns for an organization? What details do you need to iron out? September is a great month to make it happen.

The best days for work are the: 3rd, 7th, 12th, 20th, and 26th
The best days for love are the: 12th, 13th, 15th, and 17th
The best days for healing work are the:
  9th, 15th, 19th, and 22nd

September Skies: Day-by-Day

Friday 9/1 – The Skies are clear for travel if you’re gearing up for a big three-day weekend. Maybe you’ll do something unexpected with your weekend as the impulsive energies amp up.

Saturday 9/2 – Mars trines Uranus in the morning hours, followed by the Moon entering eclectic Aquarius. Do you have a wild hare? Today is a great day for spontaneity, wild action, and getting outside of your comfort zone.

Sunday 9/3 – Mercury conjunct Mars. Prepare to put your thoughts into action when Mercury goes direct next Tuesday.

Monday 9/4 – Labor Day. The Skies are clear again for travel, work, and play. Sun opposite Neptune around the witching hours at midnight may affect your dreamscapes if you’re asleep, or the energies may keep you awake with tension around your purpose.  

Tuesday 9/5 – Moving forward. If you’ve been in a funk lately, today is a good day to activate things moving forward as Mars moves into Virgo and Mercury goes direct in Virgo. It’s time to address the details, put things in order, and organize the organization. If you want to dive a little deeper here, you can look at where 28 degrees Leo falls in your chart. This is where Mercury will be moving forward, and where you might feel the astral energies assisting you personally.

Wednesday 9/6 – Keep an open mind. Today we celebrate a Full Moon in Pisces while Jupiter sextiles the North Node. The Full Moon in Pisces can be a time of disillusionment, confusion and muddy waters. Things may not be what they seem. In tarot, the Moon card represents a time when the answer cannot be known. It suggests that more will be revealed as time passes. Your energy is better spent in dream-mode rather than making concrete plans. Don’t get hung up on expectations, open your mind to the possibilities, and be careful to not overindulge. When Jupiter sextiles the North Node today, we get a bit of good news or luck in our purpose. Be open, but don’t be disillusioned. It’s a time to listen inwardly. Pay attention to your inner-knower. And hey! Did you know the constellation of Pisces is made up of more than eighty stars? Or that this Full Moon is the Corn Moon? Be sure to read our Full Moon report here for lunar lore, lunar wish examples, lunar recipes and more.

Thursday 9/7 – The Moon enters Aries Thursday morning giving you extra energy for a morning workout, a business meeting, or a good time to start something new. They say it takes 17 seconds of thought to change your frequency, 21 days to form a habit, and 2 months before a new behavior becomes automatic.

Friday 9/8 – Skies are clear for work and play.

Saturday 9/9 – Sun trines Pluto in the early morning bringing transformation energy to the day. It’s a great weekend for reading self-help books, making vision boards, and bettering yourself.  Things are a little foggy with the Moon Void of Course this morning, however, so wait until Luna enters steady-Eddie Taurus around lunch before you schedule any important meetings or conversations. Mercury enters Virgo late tonight, putting him in his favorite place to be in the sky. We call this placement ‘exalted’ because Mercury rules Virgo. Side note: Mercury is also exalted in Gemini. This means Mercury is in full operational power and the energies of cleanliness, sharp-wittedness, and organizational prowess are available to those who want to tap into them. Think color-coordinated spreadsheets, being on the winning team at trivia night, and having the right thing to say at just the right time. 

Sunday 9/10 – Skies are clear for work and play.

Monday 9/11 – We have another Monday where the Moon is Void of Course all morning. Wait until after 3p when Luna enters quick-witted and detail-oriented Mercury to get anything done.

Tuesday 9/12 – Venus trines Saturn around 8p (*CST) – Love Works. It’s a great evening to plan a dinner with your colleagues, fall in love with your work, or beautify the office. Wednesday 9/13 – 

Wednesday 9/13 – Morning hours are best for work or play before the Moon goes Void of Course in the afternoon (1:30p-5p CST). Then love is in the air when the Moon enters sweet Cancer and Venus kisses Neptune:  a home-cooked meal with your sweetie is just what the doctor ordered.

Thursday 9/14 – Skies are clear for work and play. You may even feel a little lady luck in the air waves as Venus and Jupiter are activated in tomorrow’s forecast.

Friday 9/15 – Venus sextiles Jupiter: love grows. It’s a good day to take the afternoon off (during Moon Void of Course 4p-8p) and make a bet on love, beautify your meditation area, or make a spa appointment. Friday is naturally ruled by Venus and is my favorite day of the week for making things pretty.

Saturday 9/16 – Mercury conjuncts Mars this afternoon giving energy to your communications. What do you need to say? If you’re writing anything, it’s a great day to organize your thoughts since both Mercury and Mars are in Virgo right now. Make an outline, get specific, and be clear.  

Sunday 9/17 – Do you feel like falling under love’s spell? If you’re out late night on Sunday you might make an unexpected love connection when Venus meets bewitching Uranus in the Skies. Say yes to the date, even if it means you’ll be sleepy Monday morning. 

Monday 9/18 – Skies are clear for work and play. 

Tuesday 9/19 – A healing breakthrough is possible with the Sun opposite Chiron and Mercury exiting his shadow today. Schedule any self-care, counseling, or long talks with your inner-knower.  

Wednesday 9/20 – New Moon in Virgo baby! Make your New Moon wishes in the areas of gardening, grounding, and getting things in order. Be sure to check out our New Moon post to get more ideas on how to utilize the New Moon energy during this lunar cycle.

Thursday 9/21 – Skies are clear for work and play.  

Friday 9/22 – Lay low Friday morning while the Moon is Void of Course until she moves into Scorpio around 1p CST.  The Sun also enters Libra, the sign of balance and beauty while Mercury trines Pluto this afternoon. This is an ideal day to talk about what is fair and come to a logical solution for any tension or troubles that may have been brewing wherever Libra is in your chart.

Saturday 9/23 – Skies are clear for work and play.  

Sunday 9/24 – Schedule a stay-home day and avoid any mayhem, traffic, and conflict the outside world has. With Mars opposite Neptune and the Moon Void of Course most of the day, I’m anticipating a grumpy tone. If you try to force the issue, it will just feel like water slipping through your hands. Wait for a brighter day to schedule activities.

Monday 9/25 –  The grumpy tone from yesterday has a bit of a hangover into Monday morning when Mercury squares Saturn. This can be a conflict with your boss, getting assigned a task you just don’t feel like handling, or something at work is just getting under your skin. If you can help it – don’t be the guy that reacts. Instead, be the guy that observes, thinks, and responds properly.

Tuesday 9/26 – Saturn trines the North Node today and an element of peace comes over your work-life. This is an opportune day to identify where duty and obligation cross with destiny and purpose.

Wednesday 9/27 – Today’s Capricorn Moon along with Mercury opposite Chiron brings a little mercurial energy to the day. If you’re taking things too seriously, see where you can lighten up. If you’ve been lying to yourself (or others), see where you can bring the truth into the light.

Thursday 9/28 – Pluto goes direct at 16 degrees of Capricorn. This is a monumental astrological event that you’ve likely been feeling in the undertones for several months wherever Capricorn is in your chart. For me this is happening in my second house of money and values. What about you?

Friday 9/29 – Venus opposite Neptune, Mercury enters Libra, and the Moon moves into Aquarius. It’s impossible to be on the same page all the time, and today is just one of those days when you may be better off agreeing to disagree. Find a way to honor/speak your truth while giving others space to do the same.

Saturday 9/30 – Skies are clear for work and play.

May your September be filled with all kinds of AstroMagic with the use of good timing.