SATURN:MARS: A new sense of time 

SATURN:MARS: A new sense of time 

Something radical is stirring in the Skies 
Mars and Saturn will spend the remainder of the year in a challenging role to each other (squaring off August 5, October 16, and December 12). Insert Gong Crashing.
Saturn, the grandfather clock of the Skies associated with time doesn’t vibe well with the sense of urgency Mars brings. If it feels like there’s a ticking time-bomb, or if your plans and expectations for the year are breaking down, if the sands of time are slipping away, or if you’re unclear of the “timeframe” – we get it. There is a unique opportunity to rearrange how we spend our time and how we structure our days in 2020. 

Even now, especially now, we can work with the planets to provide a celestial calendar of events that is both realistic and practical. One way to work with this pattern is to build our daily to-dos around the planetary calendar as our ancestors did.

My friend Sasha at Astrology Mothership pointed out how perfect Paul Simon’s lyrics are for theses Mars/Saturn squares: 

Time, time, time See what’s become of me… Time, time, time See what’s become of me While I looked around For my possibilities I was so hard to please Look around Leaves are brown And the sky Is a hazy shade of winter.

Background Story
Mars moved into hotel Aries for an unprecedented 6-month staycation [
June 28, 2020- January 7, 2021] while Saturn roams the Capricorn and Aquarian Skies. If you’ve felt like life is passing you by, this summer is the time to get going. If you’ve been asleep, it’s time to wake up. This feisty, masculine, and self-centric energy can manifest fiercely when challenging Saturn. Order in the court! Self-sufficiency gardening, adhering to a more strict diet to revitalize your health, and reconsidering what you want to do with this one precious human life are all positive uses of this transit. Pick your battles this summer, and know what you’re really fighting for. Heal the war within your own heart through discipline and routine. 

Bottom Line {Pace yourself}
It’s time to structure (Saturn) our energy (Mars). 

Think of it this way: Mars energizes missions and Saturn influences structure. We can create new seasons, carve new traditions, and make the most of our lives. Right now.


This is not a small shift. Time is up for all the BS and excuses. Only truth-bombs allowed from here on out. No more justifications. Brutal (Mars) honesty (Saturn) is required on the path of 2020.

Saturn and Mars
Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius – May 11
Mars Enters Aries – June 27
Saturn backs up into Capricorn  – July 1
Mars/Saturn square 1 – August 5
Mars Retrograde – September 9
Saturn Direct – September 29
Mars/Saturn square 2 – October 16
Mars Direct – November 13
Mars/Saturn square 3 – December 12
Saturn re-enters Aquarius – December 17
Mars leaves Aries – January 5, 2021

Babylonian Lunisolar Calendar
The Babylonian lunisolar calendar is the first evidence of people unleashing the power of the timing of the stars. Their technique was to use the seven visible planets to organize time, starting with the seven days of the week. 

Like the Babylonians 5,000 years ago, we start with the ‘Moon’th (month) and then divide it into weeks, and days. Since there were seven visible planets, each of the days received their own planetary ruler.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Sun

Monday is Moon day, Tuesday is the day of Mars, Wednesday is Mercury’s day, Thursday is ruled by Jupiter, Venus rules Friday, Saturn governs Saturday, and Sunday is reserved for the Sun. The linguistic remnants of this system can be found in many, many languages. For example, Lunes means Monday in Spanish, Martes means Tuesday, etc.

The simplicity of honoring the planet of the day and the energetic quality offered by that planet creates a primal (Mars) and basic (Saturn) tone to your day. Embracing this type of order can be beneficial when practiced for at least six weeks consistently. 

Here is a simple approach to work with the planets each day:

Monday – “I Feel.”
Ruler: The Moon
Color: White|Light Blue
Crystal Magick: Moonstone, Selenite, Angelite

Monday is for creativity, receptivity, and self-care. It’s time to sink into the feeling of what you want to experience so that you activate an emotional magnet and plant your wishes into the ethers. Let your intuition guide your way and ease yourself into the week slowly, gracefully, without pressure. Businesses that are closed on Mondays might be onto something… 

Tuesday – “I Act.”
Ruler: Mars
Color: Red
Crystal Magick: Bloodstone, Hematite

Tuesday is an energetic day of desires, activation, and expression. There is more energy available to take action and bust through any blocks. Make a checklist and get ready to rock. Tuesday –  the new Monday. 

Wednesday– “I think.”
Ruler: Mercury
Color: Greens and Blues and Yellows
Crystal Magick: Aventurine, Citrine

Wednesday’s are perfect for working with Mercury to send newsletters, advertise, have important calls. Read, write, speak: Mercury rules messages, news, podcasts, and curiosity. This is a great evening for book clubs, study groups, trivia games, and exchanging gobs of information. 

Thursday– “I Grow.”
Ruler: Jupiter
Color: Purples and Yellows
Crystal Magick: Amethyst, Tiger’s Eye

Jupiter, the cosmic fairy-godmother of abundance and good luck governs Thursday. This is a day we can aim to expand our hearts, networks, worldviews, and knowledge. Thursday is a stellar option to host a meditation group, learn a new language, eat at a foreign restaurant, or to practice yoga. 

Friday – “I Love.”
Ruler: Venus
Color: Pink
Crystal Magick: Rose Quartz, Lapis Lazuli

Friday is reserved for Venus, the planet of fertility, beauty, and restoration. Fall in love with yourself: the goddess Venus is supporting your inner and outer beauty on Fridays. Do whatever feels most loving to you. 

Saturday– “I Achieve.”
Ruler: Saturn
Color: Black
Crystal Magick: Black Tourmaline, Obsidian

Saturn is the planet of karma, time, and discipline, making Saturday a prime time for course corrections, checklists, organization, and chores. Get groceries and do some meal prep, clean up your calendar, plan your content, and consider where you are with your budget. 

Sunday – “I Am.”
Ruler: Sun
Color: Orange
Crystal Magick: Sunstone, Topaz, Carnelian

Sunday is a day to rest, quest, recharge, and to welcome the Sun’s healing rays. Pull solar energy out of the Skies, through your spaceship (body), and ground it here on Gaia. This is the day to fill your cup Spiritually. Plug into something good on Sundays, so you can be a lighthouse to others. 

You can optimize the power of the planets even further…
…by breaking down each hour of the day by specific planetary rulers. For example, if you want to lean into the intuitive powers of the Moon, you can amplify your intuition during the hour of the Moon on the day of the Moon – Monday.  I will select an hour of Venus or Mercury to send out the newsletter so that it is received with an open mind and heart. 

Planetary Hours
Planetary hours are part of an ancient system of time where each planet governs a specific hour of the day. The sequence starts with Saturn, moves to Jupiter, Mars, the Sun, Venus, Mercury, then the Moon, and repeats over and over. This is how and where we can garner power in a daily routine. Consider the order and routine of an ashram schedule. How might something like this benefit your life?

Saturn: brush teeth, prepare coffee, get ready, organize yourself
Jupiter: do yoga, meditate, pray
Sun: workout, shower, absorb vitamin D, get ready to shine
Venus: pop in some self-care
Mercury: plan, devise, make important calls, check emails, communicate, read, speak, process information, think
Moon: receive, slow down, take a nap, daydream 

Rinse, Repeat.  

This powerhouse combo of Mars and Saturn is an adaptogenic herb
Mother Nature needed the reset. We all needed the reset. There is much to geek out on in terms of creating a personalized planetary calendar that works for you as we muddle our ways through uncertain times. If your days are feeling long and wonky – lean into Saturn to tighten things up. If your days are feeling too rigid already, use the power of Mars to have a breakthrough moment. Get curious about what you need to do to structure your energy differently going forward. 

Check out this planetary hours calculator, our digital astrology calendar, and stay tuned for an article on annual profections and your time lord.


Tiffany Harelik, MA, RYT is an author, medium, and astrologer. She has a Master’s degree in Health Psychology and a background in yogic philosophy. She pulls from her Russian lineage as a tarot teacher and story-teller. Tiffany has been publishing mind-body-spirit books, cookbooks, and advice columns since 2000. She owns Wise Skies Advice and Spellbound Publishers. Tiffany has studied under internationally recognized mediums including Janet Nohavec, Tony Stockwell, and Elodie Joelle. She is certified through the IEL Institute, Resonance Repatterning Institute, and Yoga Alliance. She loves gardening, crocheting, cooking vegetarian food, and has a lifelong goal of studying at the Arthur Findlay College. Her private practice is based in Austin, Texas. Find her projects at and schedule a session with her here:


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