Saturn in Pisces: Ground the Gravity of Saturn through your Pisces-Ruled Feet

Saturn in Pisces: Ground the Gravity of Saturn through your Pisces-Ruled Feet

by Sasha Boyle

Planet Saturn leaves behind the comfort and power of his own domicile (Aquarius) to move into the mutable zodiac sign Pisces from March 7, 2023-February 13, 2026 (moving into Aries briefly on May 24, 2025-September 1 2025). For the last 5 years, Saturn has been the the skeleton that holds up the body of our collective good and the scaffolding that becomes the infrastructure of our life. This is serious business. 
Pisces governs spirituality, sleep, dreams, higher consciousness, music, the arts, and generosity. Pisces-areas in our culture—and in your own personal astrology—will be under scrutiny with Saturn present. Check out what the themes are available for you over the next few years in the horoscope link below. 
Conservative in nature, Saturn prefers to start his days with plain oatmeal and work long hours into the night stress-testing your life for structural cracks that threaten a long-lasting human experience. Saturn shakes, he does not stir, and to be blunt, Saturn is malefic. Meaning he is a beast of burden that signifies where hardship can be found in any Astrology chart. His kingdom is the literal, concrete, mature world that some are most comfortable calling ‘reality’. Others say his influence is confining, harsh, and oppressive. This big shift, the moment Saturn ingresses into the Pisces wet world of abstract thought, compassion, and sensitivity is a profound time of initiation. 
Astrologer Richard Tarness writes, “Saturn lives in the sphere of fate and death and this year the lead of Saturn will begin to forge through the space of mystics, poets, musicians, addicts, liars, and dreamers- the realm of Pisces.” 
The glyph for Pisces is two fish connected by a cord. One curved fish is swimming upward, in a north direction and one fish, also bending with the current, is swimming down in a south-facing way. Both crescent shapes face out while being bound together by one straight line, perhaps a cosmic cord that binds both diverse forms in unity.
Live and let live is the slogan of the porous, Jupiter rules Pisces. With the imbued faith of a spiritually-led intuitive worker, the deeply felt tendency towards compassion and forgiveness of Pisces can leak into pools of anxious and fearful contradictions. The sensitive, self-sacrificing, nature of Pisces can also be escapist, impractical, hyper-sensitive, and gullible. 
For the next three years, Pisces is the sea where Saturn will journey, and your natal Jupiter clarifies the tools at your disposal. The house Pisces rules in your own personal nativity is a spiritual and mystic liminal space that will be ‘in adulting’ instead of ‘out fishing’.  Being the last sign of the zodiac, there is an air of completion. Inherent in the themes of your zodiac journey now that ends at the feet of your experience, ready to release into the mists of poets, musicians, and creatives of all genres. 

Saturn in Pisces on the News

Culturally, Saturn entering Pisces may trigger limitations and regulations on matters of spirituality and faith. Currently, an unregulated field, faith-based services, and metaphysical offerings that are the essence of Pisces may have to contend with judgments of what is ‘right and wrong’ through the eyes of the law compliments of Saturn. 
Boundaries, sanctions, and rights related to how creatives (musicians, poets, artists) harvest and reap rewards of time, effort, and experience may find themselves in the headlines. 
Coastal earthquakes have historically occurred in similar moments when Saturn enters Pisces.  The 1700 Cascadia, 1905 Calabria, 1935 Temiscamingue, 1964 Alaska, and 1994 Northridge earthquakes all fit this mold.
Most importantly and seriously in the collective stage with the entrance of Saturn in Pisces, there may be a major focus on boundaries, security, and control of WATER of all kinds.
The world will be the world, but how can you use this astrological knowledge to best care for yourself, your project, and your life as Saturn transits through Pisces?
Take a look at your natal Jupiter for personal insights on how order and stability could potentially thrive in your Pisces house, or at least give clues on how you can naturally cultivate more security and control there. These mature coping mechanisms are Saturn’s love language and increasing self-reflection and self-awareness in the Pisces section of your life that prefers to keep things loose is the greatest gift you can give to yourself. 

What perspectives will best support you?

Curb Spiritual Bypassing
Be in your body. As you explore your spiritual life, also invest equity in the stark reality of your physical form as well. Notions that time is not real, overly trusting that everything will work out in the end, and letting people off the hook because of ideas we are all one will not be effective. Feel your feet. Consider taking responsibility for how your body, your earth vessel needs you. Saturn will require actions that are strong and serious in order to help the container of your mysterious animator, the soul. 
Be in the constant practice of your boundaries
Claim your birthright, evoke your self-discipline and invest time in really knowing your edges. Some boundaries can be loving, flexible, and magical. Some boundaries need to be firm and loud. This is a beautiful time to explore the exotic and underrated act of boundary-making. 
Own your creative flow
I believe creativity is the single most stabilizing activity we can do, and it is accessible to everyone. Bringing awareness to creative disciplines and how to structure a creative practice can be very helpful during the coming astroweather. 
Even if you do not have a great need for and sensitivity to making and finding meaning in life through your creative work; I offer the idea that perhaps you do not wish to be seen as someone who does. The reasoning may be very specific like, if I invent something, it must be functional and create revenue for me to be called an artist.  Or in general, “that’s just not me”. But in fact, science does back up the notion that art interventions reduce stress and increase endorphins. Make Art!
Leave room magic
Pisces signatures, at times, can encourage projections and illusions. If fear presents itself, it’s ok to leave room for magic. Simply allow space for the fear and suffering to exist and embrace and surrender these impulses as you move forward with your best life.  This allows you to simultaneously take responsibility and honor Saturn

Astrologer Sasha Boyle facilitates creativity focusing retreats using the power and momentum of Mercury retrogrades in her annual Creativity eShrams. She is a contributing Author to The Creativity Workbook for Coaches and Creatives and Transformational Journaling for Coaches, Therapists, and Clients. You can join Sasha’s mailing list and read her work at here.

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