Rave New Year

Rave New Year

You may have felt there was something off with the energy of the New Year—like resolutions couldn’t quite stick, or that ideas for intentions weren’t clear to you, maybe even an energy of something not quite beginning on January 1 as you expected. In Human Design, we can see the mechanical nature of this: the New Year’s cycle does not actually begin on January 1st. 
The Rave New Year (as it’s called in HD) begins when the Sun completes its yearly cycle. When the Sun enters the 41st Gate, the new Sun cycle begins. *Boom*. For the current cycle, this lands on January 22 at 7:49:44 pm CST.
Do you find yourself still looking back over the previous year in January? The mundane “New Year” (Jan 1st) is actually the beginning of the ending of the yearly HD cycle. In fact, it’s the Labyrinth style, y’all. Spoiler alert: January 1st is not the time to start new things like resolutions, as they are not supported mechanically, nor astrologically. This is one big reason why so many resolutions don’t pan out.
Instead, the mundane New Year (Jan 1st) is a mechanically optimal time for reflection, to see how the past year unfolded. To collect pictures, stories, notes, and ideas that you experienced in the previous year—and to stay curious about them. What did you see? How did your experiment go? 
So what’s up with Gate 41? In the Human Design System, there are 64 gates in the wheel, and the celestial bodies move cyclically through all 64 gates. Gate 41 is the gate of Contraction, and it’s a ‘start codon’ in Human Design lingo. The importance of this gate lies within its relationship to genetics and the collective human experience. 
Ever felt like a towel that’s been wrung dry? This gate is about decreasing to the point of contraction until the existential energy is there to make it a starting point, a pressure for change that drives us toward new experience. 
When the Sun enters gate 41, we are under the rays of human potential where fantasy meets clarity and the energy supports the start of something new: the new yearly cycle! Does that feel innocent and hopeful? Does it feel mechanically correct to work your New Year magick within the frequency of the initiation codon? This is the magic of good timing available when the Sun is in the dream-makers gate, gate 41. Cheshire cat time, y’all.
There may be more… just waiting to reveal itself to you. 

This is your experiment:

Would you like to experiment with awareness around how these different points in the cycle feel for you in your own life? 

Would you like to experiment with reflecting on the last year in these days before January 22? 

Would you like to experiment with group intentions or perhaps embodiment intentions (to connect and listen to your body)?

Do you want to watch and see what life brings you on January 22 and beyond?
“You can’t do it alone. And you can’t do it by deciding who is there in your life. One of the most important things that Human Design can bring for you in your life is to have the right person with you. To have the right people with you, to know who those beings are not because your mind has pressured you into seeing, thinking or feeling about them in certain ways. They are there because you have taken them in correctly according to who you are as a being. It is correct relationships that change everything. We are here to share awareness. We are here to commune with each other. It is our magic. It is what we’re all about.” – Ra Uru Hu
 Of course, with Human Design, it always comes back to following your unique and differentiated Strategy and Authority. This will always bring us to the correct nourishment, environment, relationships and perspective. [Pssst: Want to learn what Human Design and the Akashic Records can reveal about correct relationships in your February membership portal? Podcast link coming soon]
Are you brand new to HD and have questions? We would love to hang out with you and compare notes on our experiences. Wise Skies offers Human Design sessions as well as a members-only Human Design support zoom every first Thursday at noon CST. Want to come? 
Happy Rave New Year! We lift a toast to individuality, our own inner guidance, and experimenting with awareness! 
Hope to see you in the new cycle! 

Leisha Barnette

Leisha is an avid Human Design experimenter, and uses her experience with facilitation and the art of the question to support, share, and empower those who invite her unique guidance and expression.

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