Asteroids in Astrology


The Pisces Spiritual Forecast is an hour+ video that contains an in-depth look at:

  • Theme for Self-Development
  • What the Jupiter/Uranus means for you
  • Eclipses
  • What’s Changing
  • What Stays the Same
  • Retrogrades
  • Your ruling planet: month by month: what transits support/challenge you?
  • Most importantly, how can you work with these energies?
  • Resources
  • Most importantly, how can you work with these energies?
  • ResourcesYou’ll also receive our Spiritual Development Activities By the House as an accompanying workbook to use throughout the year.


This workshop replay introduces the four main asteroid goddesses, and walks through a house by house interpretation of all four.

Asteroids are celestial bodies that add nuance, dimension, and depth to understanding your natal chart. Inspired by Demetra George’s teachings and our book of the month, Asteroid Goddesses, we will review symbols, metaphors and meanings of several asteroids with hands-on chart analysis and practical applications, as we navigate the cosmic dance of asteroids and unveil the hidden layers of meaning they bring to the astrological narrative.
Tiffany Harelik