October 2021: Astrology Forecast

October 2021: Astrology Forecast


“Change, before you have to.” – Jack Welch

The Biggest Transit of 2021 (Saturn square Uranus) occurs three times: February 17, June 15, and December 24. This astrological event comes close again October 1–12th, and is the foreshadowing to a new cycle beginning in 2027. 

Things work—until they don’t. Saturn forces, Uranus explodes. And because they are both in fixed signs (Aquarius and Taurus), we will see more and more ultimatums. This period has been described by astrologers as a controlled demolition of freedom. But maybe we are finding new ways to experience even more freedom. 

Something’s gotta give.
The more we break down now, the clearer it will be to rebuild. But we won’t be rebuilding the same old things in the same old way. The focus is shifting towards individuals coming into alignment with their unique decision-making strategies. If this resonates with you, we can’t wait to guide you through your first Human Design session.

Pandemic side note: The Saturn/Uranus square of 1975-77 coincided with the swine flu epidemic and the S/U opposition of 2008-10 coincided with the H1N1 pandemic. The 2021 S/U squares are part of a larger cycle running from 1988 to 2032.

What’s Cooking at Wise Skies? 

Nine Star Ki is an ancient form of astrology that is intertwined with the five elements, the bagua, and the I Ching. Jennifer LeCompte is teaching us about the shifts in Nine Star this month! Listen to the Podcast, Read the Primer!

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October 6: Pluto Direct in Capricorn: Go slow.

October 6th: New Moon in 13-Libra

Intention: My internal justice system aligns with truth and what’s correct for me. I easily find balance between my head and my heart.


  • New or Renewed Relationships
  • Live and Let Live: An ability to see all perspectives
  • Justice: doing what is right for you – to thine own self be true 
  • Forgiveness + balancing the scales
  • Interior Design: your home, and your body
  • In Health, Libra Governs the skin, belly button, waist, and the heart chakra

Where the Libra New Moon will challenge you:

Word to the wise: Being two-faced, holding double-standards, giving in to unhealthy compromises, and people-pleasing tendencies gotta go this month. Indecision is a decision – what are your strategies for decision-making? We can help you through Human Design.

October 7: Venus enters Sagittarius. Let your heart roam where it wants. This can be a fun period to learn a foreign language, learn how to cook a meal from a different heritage, or study law and ethics ( October 7 – November 5)

October 10: Saturn Direct in Aquarius: Karmically, we are seeking inner fulfillment by reviewing our group achievements and goals. Now that Saturn is direct, you can reflect upon any lessons or ideas around your networks, dreams, and freedoms you may have learned about during the retrograde period.

October 18: Jupiter Direct in Aquarius: The energy slows down with the big planets moving from retrograde to direct motion. The winds of change are shifting. Ease into new ideas, new groups, and anything you want to expose/talk about. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. Take your time. 

October 18: Mercury Direct in Libra: If things have been feeling a little cloudy with a chance of vegan meatballs, don’t worry – there is a changing of guards today. Focus your thoughts, but don’t make big decisions just yet.

October 20th: Full Moon in 27-Aries
This phase signifies closure, and is a great time to wrap something up based on the house-themes of wherever 27-Aries is in your chart.


  • Wrapping up any hobbies, habits, and health routines that no longer serve you
  • Removing any blocks to new beginnings
  • Removing anything that hinders your confidence
  • Kicking ego-based reactions, fears, self-reliance, and self-righteousness to the curb
  • Make a bold action or declaration for yourself by getting a holistic tune up with the Wise Skies Alignment package

October 23:
Sun enters Scorpio: Happy Birthday Scorpio! Tap into your transformative, intuitive, sensual Scorpio vibes through November 21. (Pssst… We have gifts and birthday readings for your Scorpio at www.wiseskiesadvice.com/shop).

October 30: Mars enters Scorpio arousing our primal instincts and assertive sides through December 13. Invitation: Challenge yourself to find the middle ground this season instead of taking the my way or the highway approach. 


If you’re looking for general optimal times for health, healing, love, and money – astrology can help! Here are some dates I’ve pulled from the Wise Skies digital astrology calendar.

by Tiffany Harelik, MA, RYT

Texan to the bone, Tiffany is a fourth-generation Austinite who shares her practice from Travis and Callahan counties. Her family lineage is steeped in Russian and Blackfoot ancestry. She holds a Master’s in Psychology and specializes in guiding clients through astrology, tarot, mediumship, and intuitive sessions. When she’s not in sessions, you can find Tiff bee keeping, gardening, and midwifing new books at Spellbound Publishers. Explore her creative projects at www.TiffanyHarelik.com 

Tiffany Harelik