October 2023

October 2023

October Numerology 8-Month in a 7-Year

8-Month in a 7-Year
This is a similar energy to January, and a preview for 2024 (which is an 8-Year). Cycles of power: birth, death, rebirth. Abundance, drive and risk-taking. Feeling “all in” whatever you’re doing. You may have big decisions to make around finances, work and investments. There’s infinite wisdom with the 8-energy. Take a chance on yourself. Roll the dice. Where does the infinity symbol show up for you this month? Look back to February, which was also an 8-7 month for clues and patterns.

Week 1: October 1-8

Monday, October 2nd: Mercury opposite Neptune
Distorted thinking. Wild imaginations. Making subtle adjustments. Pro-tip: Calm the nervous system with an anti-inflammatory diet. You may find yourself sensitive to this energy up to a day in advance.

Tuesday, October 3rd: Mercury trine Pluto
A fact-finding mission to uncover some important information. This is an excellent transit for writing, researching, and exploring new ways of thinking. Look for clues or spiritual signposts of what you need to uncover. Hiring a psychic or private investigator is favored as well. Work with this transit up to a day in advance—and occurs June 11 and October 3.

Wednesday, October 4th: Mars Conjunct South Node / Opposite North Node
Letting go. It’s time to remove lower expectations/plans, and follow a higher path. Something new is right around the corner.

Also October 4th: Mercury enters Libra, October 4 – 22
Mercury in Libra inspires us to change our minds. What would benefit from a new perspective in your life? Notice if anything feels out of balance – does anything need to change? This is a great window of time to do a relationship inventory: which ones are inspiring, which ones are draining, what is it like to be on the other side of you? Let there be peace, let it begin with my mind. Do you want to start a meditation practice?

Friday, October 6th: Last Quarter Moon at 13° Cancer
This is harvest time. Something that started 2.5 years ago, and was propelled into action 1.5 years ago—is now coming to fruition. What is completing now? This Moon marks wisdom, experience, and seasoned perspective. Bills are due—it’s time to pay things off, or invoice for money owed. Can you provide awards or recognition for something that is wrapping up?

Sunday, October 8th: Mars square Pluto
Actions now, get results. Mars and Pluto bring explosive energy that won’t take no for an answer. Watch out for knee-jerk reactions, accidents, old fears, and going to war with yourself. This is a heavier and more intense vibe that may show up as much as a week in advance. Take all safety precautions.

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Also October 8th: Venus Enters Virgo, October 8 – November 8

Focus Pocus: the little things count while Venus is in Virgo. When in doubt ask: What feels most caring to you? Your inner child, heart-health, budget, and lovelife need your time, affection, and attention.

Week 2: October 9-15

Tuesday, October 10th: Venus Opposite retrograde Saturn
Ambiguity, detachment, and a case of the “screw-its”. Loyalties questioned. Postpone important life events – this is not an ideal time for communications. Watch out when making appointments – this energy can show up a day early. Know that this too shall pass. You’ll get back in touch with your real feelings soon. Promise.

Wednesday, October 11th: Sun opposite Chiron
Facing what you were meant to overcome. Spiritual Awakening. Address lingering fears, resentments, or worries. What would it take to feel fully alive? Remember this: everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about today. Kindness goes a long way.

Also October 11th: Pluto Direct in Capricorn 
This is a significant change in the patterns of our cultures/societies, and technologies. Pluto was in Capricorn breaking down structures since 2008 and entered Aquarius where it will mostly stay until 2044. Futuristic Discoveries that shape the psyche of humanity will be a key theme for this period. But during retrograde, Pluto tiptoed back into Capricorn earlier this Summer and will re-enter Aquarius on January 21, 2024.

The details:
Enters Aquarius on 23 March 2023
Retrogrades in Aquarius on 1 May 2023
Retrogrades into Capricorn on 11 June 2023
Direct in Capricorn on 11 October 2023
Re-enters Aquarius on 21 January 2024
Final visit to Capricorn from 1 September 2024
Enters Aquarius to stay from 19 November 2024
Dips into Pisces on 9 March 2043
Final visit to Aquarius on 31 August 2043
Enters Pisces to stay on 19 January 2044

Thursday, October 12th: Mars Enters Scorpio October 12 – November 24
Dramatic, fierce, and strong sexual urges. Guard yourself against jealousy and revenge. Use this time wisely to focus your passions and sexual energies. Study brahmacharya for awareness.

Friday, October 13th: Mars trine Saturn
Perseverance, discipline, tact, and stamina are required to get the job done. This is an optimal time to commit yourself to an area where you want to see lasting success. This opportunity can be activated 3-5 days in advance. It occurs March 30 and October 13.

Saturday, October 14th: New Moon at 21°Libra [Solar Eclipse] 12:54pm CST
New Moon Eclipse Intention: I enjoy nourishing relationships that feel balanced and mutually supportive.

Planting seeds around: relationships, balance, peace, and harmonic exchanges of energy. This phase signifies subconscious influences and new beginnings. More will be shown over time. New Moon intentions are most potent during the first 8 hours of when the Moon is New. Get extra insight to what is renewing in your life by studying the house where you have 21-Libra in your birth chart.

Sabian Symbol: A child giving birds a drink at a fountain.

Moon Family Story: A New 2 ½ year Cycle Begins. This phase signifies the illumination of a larger 27-month cycle over the course of four Moons:
1. **October 14, 2023 New Moon 21-Libra: A new cycle
2. July 13, 2024 First Quarter Moon 22-Libra: Poised for action
3. April 13, 2025 Full Moon 23-Libra: Pivot: more is revealed
4. January 10, 2026 Last Quarter Moon 20-Libra: Mission Complete

Garden tip: Plant annual flowers and plants that bear fruit and vegetables above ground during the waxing of the Moon—the time from the New Moon to the Full Moon. Leaves and stems are growing as the moonlight increases each night.

Also October 14th: Mercury opposite Chiron
Shift gears into next-level thinking. Chiron is working with Mercury to dissolve old ideas and beliefs. Take inventory of your thought-life and emotions – where are you spending your energy? Meditate to clear your mind, focus on positive memories. Consider radical forgiveness for yourself and others. Take a mental ‘diet’ from negative thinking a day in advance.

Week 3: October 16-22

Wednesday, October 18th: CAZIMI Sun Conjunct South Node / Opposite North Node

Deja vu, past life clarity, and moving forward into the direction of your destiny. What feels true for how you want to live your precious human life? 

Friday, October 20th: CAZIMI Sun conjunct Mercury

Information wizardry. Listen for downloads, bright ideas, good news, clarity and focused communication. What kind of memories are you making? What kind of business are you conducting? This is an optimal time to send newsletters, refine your image, and launch an ad. This transit can be felt a day in advance and occurs Jan 17, March 17, May 1, July 1, September 6, October 20, and December 22.

Also Friday 10/20: Mercury square Pluto

Caution lights come on: Be aware of misrepresentation, misunderstanding, and deception. If things look too good to be true, they probably are. This is NOT an ideal time for travel, important communications, nor decisions. Let time pass. Pause and meditate when agitated. This can be felt a day in advance and occurs April 3 and October 20.

Saturday, October 21st: Sun square Pluto  

Breakdowns and breakthroughs. Pack your patience and avoid the temptation to force issues and opinions – the field is irritable, restless, and discontent.  Don’t stop before the miracle happens. This can be felt a few days in advance and occurs April 20 and October 21.

Also Venus trine Jupiter

Lady luck is on your side with both love and money. Cosmic support systems, influential connections, really good proposals, and wisdom around finances.  You may receive your good mojo a day in advance

Sunday, October 22nd: First Quarter Moon at 28° Capricorn

A turning point: an opportunity to walk your talk. This yang phase signifies it’s time to take action (not contemplate). What pressures are working in your favor? Look back to events that were seeded by the New Moon in this sign (9 months ago) 

— for clues where to get going.

Also October 22nd: – NOV 9TH Mercury enters Scorpio

Would it be helpful to narrow down the options? What needs to be eliminated? Limitations can be helpful guidelines to force creative solutions. This can be felt a day in advance and occurs June 15, and 

Also October 22nd: Mercury trine Saturn

Working and Practicing. Study, organize, pay bills, sign deals, make commitments – this is a stellar line up to check a bunch of boxes off your list as you work efficiently towards long term goals.

Week 4: October 23-31

Monday, October 23rd: Sun enters Scorpio

Happy Birthday, Scorpio! We can all tap into our transformative, intuitive, sensual Scorpio vibes through November 22.

Tuesday, October 24th: Sun Trine Saturn

Steady progress. This can be a time when you’re experiencing the benefits of all your hard work—or you can use it to start something that your future self will be proud of. The karma boomerang. Alternative interpretation: building trust with authority figures, and investing in your long term health with things like insurances, wills, and estate planning. 

Saturday, October 28th: Partial Lunar Eclipse; Full Moon at 5°Taurus

Hybrid style eclipse, partly to with the lunation happening in one pair of signs (Taurus/Scorpio) while the Nodes occupy another pair of signs (Aries/Libra)

Eclipse Intention: Love and Light flow to me and through me, gently grounding me.

Coming Unearthed. What treasures are you finding as light is shed on the past? Know this: When we are still, more will be revealed. Make intentions around healthy choices in food, sensuality, and feeling rooted. If you are in a detox process—go slow. Some eclipses feel like the energy of 100 days in 24 hours.

Financial-Illumination. Set intentions around wrapping up anything that no longer serves you, removing any blocks to new beginnings, and removing anything that hinders your confidence and clarity. Under the light of the Full Moon it’s time to face facts, make adjustments, and reflect on what is seen at this time. Do you want to make a bold declaration for yourself? 

Be aware of excess energy—tides are high, blood flow is higher, cycles are breaking, and karmic deadlines are approaching. This can be a good time to find things/people, get a new understanding of hard to treat diagnoses, and present your work to shine in public. 

This phase signifies the illumination of a larger 27-month cycle. Get extra insight on what is culminating wherever 5-10 Taurus  is in your chart. Celebrate your Progress.

Taurus Moon Family Story: Something that started 18 months ago, was triggered into action 9 months ago—and is now in full bloom with this Full Moon. Look for completion in 9 months:

  1. April 30, 2022 New Moon 10-Taurus: A new cycle
  2. January 28, 2023 First Quarter Moon 8-Taurus: Poised for action
  3. **October 28, 2023 Full Moon Eclipse 5-Taurus: Pivot: more is revealed
  4. July 28, 2024 Last Quarter Moon 5-Taurus: Mission Complete

Garden Tip: Plant flowering bulbs, biennial and perennial flowers, and root crops during the waning of the Moon—from the day after the Full Moon to the day before the New Moon. Plants are encouraged to grow roots, tubers, and bulbs as the moonlight decreases.

Also October 28th: Mars Opposite Jupiter

Big Energy. Is it ‘my way or the highway’ – does it have to be? Do you want to harness this strong energy—and focus it into something positive? Our bodies are not coffins for unexpressed emotions—do you want to walk it out?  

Sunday, October 29th: Mercury conjunct Mars

Clarity. Decisiveness. Honesty. Practical advice and real solutions for rapid progress. This energy can be felt a day early and occurs October 29 and December 27.

Tiffany is an evidential psychic medium, astrologer, and best selling author. She holds a Master’s in Psychology and has been trained by some of the world’s best mediums including Lisa Williams, Tony Stockwell, Janet Nohavec, Lynn Probert, Mavis Patilla, Colin Bates, and Stella Upton. When she’s not writing the astrology forecast, you can find her in the apiary, yoga studio, or midwifing new books at Spellbound Publishers.

Tiffany Harelik