November Special Focus Dates

November Special Focus Dates

We all have ‘those days’ where something catches us off-guard, or a pleasant surprise floats in. Here are a few dates to help you be more intentional and plan for the ups and downs of November


  • November 6: Mercury sextiles Venus: Ease, harmony, flow. It’s a good day for a good day. Shop the sales, find the deals, enjoy talking and connecting in a natural rhythm.
  • November 13: Mercury opposite Uranus ℞: New solutions are possible today. This is an optimal time to brainstorm, use your intellectual mind, and blurt out something brilliant.
  • November 15: Venus square Chiron ℞: Pay attention to the messages of your relationships – sometimes we learn best through the lens of another. Also Venus semisextile Saturn: Commitment is sexy right now. And so is spending time with your elders. Manners, etiquette, and old-school vibes are always a good mode, but seem especially important now. 
  • November 19: Venus trine Uranus ℞ on the New Moon: Try something new! Pleasant surprises, impermanence, unique approaches are favorable.


  • November 1: Mercury trine Jupiter: Success, solutions, getting the word out.
  • November 28: Sun conjunct Mercury: Success, quick wit, and making memories. Good news, bright ideas, and communication flow make it a positive time to send newsletters, refine your image, launch an ad.



  • November 12: Sun trine Neptune ℞: It’s a good day for a good day! Maybe you’re revising an old art project, painting the walls a new color, or connecting with your spiritual group. You’ll find an increased level of empathy, sensitivity, and creativity.
  • November 16: Sun sextile Pluto: Personal empowerment. Reinvent yourself. Ask yourself the deeper questions about the meaning of your life.
  • November 18: Mercury trine Neptune ℞: Launch a creative advertising campaign, curate a total home makeover, or have new headshots made. This is a great transit to put your best foot forward. Tap into a sense of ease and comfort with any projects that put you in the limelight.



  • November 1: Sun inconjunct Chiron ℞: Explore alternative medicine and esoteric healing modalities. It’s time to receive. 
  • November 4: Sun opposite Uranus ℞: Being unapologetically you. This is a great day to develop your inner-nerd, work with people who see the true you, and step out of your comfort zone. Try something new – it might surprise you!

Caution Lights

  • November 2: Mercury square Pluto: Be aware of misrepresentation and deception. If things look too good to be true, they probably are.
  • November 15-19: Breakthroughs, breakdowns, aha moments. Sometimes accidents reveal necessary information. Because we anticipate a lot of wires being crossed, this is not the best day for a launch or important meeting. Slow down, and seek to understand. Give emergency care workers a thoughtful gift [Mars opposite Uranus ℞ on the 17th, Eclipse on the 19th].
  • November 17: Jupiter semisquare Chiron ℞: Watch out for compulsive behaviors and a need to place meaning on things that may have none. This energy is prime for making mountains out of molehills, and oppositely – overlooking major things that require your attention. Overcoming odds. Bet on the underdog during this transit. 
  • November 20: Mercury square Jupiter: Despite your high hopes for the potential future, the micro is not matching up with the macro. Make a list of your priorities, then make a second list of your daily activities. If they don’t sync up, it’s time to navigate yourself back to a lifestyle that works for you.

November 10th: Rune Foundation Workshop

What do you know about the runes?  How have you experienced them until now?  What do you imagine they might say to a 21st Century mystic such as yourself?
Anneliese Järnsaxa is a psychiatric nurse and an indigenous folk magic practitioner. She teaches and practices folk medicine, rune magic and spiritual healing in Austin, Texas.
We will conduct the workshop as a live zoom, and will email everyone the replay within 24-48 hours after the class. You do not need to have your own set of runes to participate.

by Tiffany Harelik, MA, RYT

Texan to the bone, Tiffany is a fourth-generation Austinite who shares her practice from Travis and Callahan counties. Her family lineage is steeped in Russian and Blackfoot ancestry. She holds a Master’s in Psychology and specializes in guiding clients through astrology, tarot, mediumship, and intuitive sessions. When she’s not in sessions, you can find Tiff bee keeping, gardening, and midwifing new books at Spellbound Publishers. Explore her creative projects at 

Tiffany Harelik