November Skies 2017

November Skies 2017

11/1 – The Skies are quiet with a fiery Aries Moon. Stay hydrated, be prepared to say what’s on your mind, and be spontaneous. Mercury trines Chiron in the wee hours, bringing a healing message to you as you fade into dreamland.

11/2 – Whatever has been bubbling up for healing in the form of arguments, messages, or special attention may surface today as Saturn squares Chiron. Look for a breakthrough, a solution, or a way through any difficulties. Avoid harsh words, environments, and people. In wellness, this transit could show up as the revenge of the sweet-tooth, dental decay, or old mercury fillings that went awry. Please contact Molly for any questions about medical astrology and how to handle dental work.

11/3 – Venus sextiles Saturn and Luna enters Taurus first thing in the morning and yesterday’s cranky moods have subsided. Breakfast in bed, or working from bed, might give you an awesome start to the day. Schedule early calls, write a sweet note to co-workers or start a new morning discipline such as meditation or journaling.

11/4 – Full Moon in Taurus with a Venus/Uranus opposition – zowie!  The inner rebel comes out today and you might find that opposites attract. Be sure to check the lunar page on the blog for a special Full Moon report.

11/5 – Mercury enters Sagittarius until mid-January 2018. This marks a great time to start or apply for collegiate level or graduate courses. It’s also a time when we are more open-minded, ready to make travel plans, or work on the details of a legal case.

11/6 – Skies are clear and quiet.

11/7 – Venus enters Scorpio until December 1st. This can be an intense placement for Scorpio, when obsessive tendencies in relationships surface. You can also enjoy a more intimate side of your relationship when the physical seems to go beyond into the spiritual.

11/8 – Skies are clear and quiet.

11/9 – The Sun sextiles Pluto with a Leo Moon. This is a powerful day to put yourself at center stage. Plan to showcase your work, do a live facebook post, or be on the air somehow. There are lots of great healing and transformational vibes available if you need to recreate yourself, turn over a new leaf, or show the world the new you.

11/10 – Skies are clear and quiet.

11/11 – Saturn trines Uranus in the wee morning hours while the Moon is void of course. Then the Sun squares the North Node. You may find yourself questioning your path, considering a shocking option, or wilding changing the course of your destiny.

11/12 – Skies are clear and quiet.

11/13 – Monday is off to a superb start with sweet Venus giving Jupiter a kiss in the Skies. Both planets are in the sign of sultry, sensual, secretive Scorpio. It’s a great day to get your ‘well woman’ exams, schedule a beauty appointment, and play dress up. The phrase ‘fake it til you make it’ comes to mind as well. You may encounter a bit of a sweet tooth, develop an interest in overindulging, and a desire to add a little luxury to your life.

11/14 – Mercury enters his shadow. This can feel similar to when Mercury is in Retrograde: communications go wonky, details get missed, something pulls you off course. Just try to go with the flow and maintain your composure. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

11/15 – Skies are clear and quiet, however, the Moon goes void of course in evening hours. It’s a netflix and chill sort of evening.

11/16 – If you’ve been needing a breakthrough day, here it is! There is a transformational Scorpio Moon, loving Venus trines psychic Neptune, and the Sun (self) trines Chiron, the wounded healer. This is a good day to right any karma, seek deep healing, and/or be the change you wish to see in the world. Try a yoga class, chant a new mantra, and put the good vibes out there however you choose.

11/17 – It’s a ‘getter-done’ kind of a day as Mercury sextiles Mars. Take action, map out a strategic plan, and get started.

11/18 – Take a medicinal bath, brew a healing herbal tea, and make use of water magic when the New Moon rises in Scorpio at 5:42am (CST).  Make your wishes in the areas of privacy/secrecy, transformation/healing, and reducing a need for control. Be sure to check the lunar page on the blog for a special New Moon report.

11/19 – Take caution today, we are in the danger zone when Mars squares Pluto (6:15a CST). Be careful on your morning commute, don’t text and drive, and plan for potential detours. When squared, Mars energy combined with Plutonian energy can be destructive, warlike, and angry. Don’t engage in the combat if you can help it.

11/20 – Skies are clear and quiet, however, the Moon goes void of course in evening hours. It’s a netflix and chill sort of evening.

11/21 – Venus sextiles Pluto with a Capricorn Moon in the early morning, setting a tone for the day that involves deep kindness. Listen to a meaningful audiobook, check in with your mentors, or tap into a meditation. Mars will sextile the North Node and the Sun will enter Sagittarius in the afternoon. By then, you’ll know what action to take. Remember: do the next right thing, not the next thing ‘right’.

11/22 – Neptune goes direct in Pisces as Venus squares the North Node. With Mars still in Libra, this can feel a little wonky and unstable. Let times change before making any big decisions. Don’t just do something – sit there.

11/23 – Thanksgiving day is slow and easy. The Moon is Void of Course encouraging a lazy day to enjoy friends and family with no pressures of work. You might get a surprise at the Thanksgiving table when the Moon enters quirky Aquarius at 2:14p.m. (CST).

11/24 – Be careful what you say and how you react today. When Mercury squares Chiron, you can be/feel misunderstood, words can hurt, and mercurial spirits can cause pain.

11/25 – Expect the unexpected when Mercury trines Uranus today. Unexpected friends could stop by, you might get a wild hair to take a crazy road trip, or you might feel like painting the walls a new and zany color. This transit also supports taking new classes in the sciences, investigating topics at a deeper level, and thinking outside of the box.

11/26 – A sweetness is in the air as Venus trines Chiron Sunday afternoon. Spend it doing whatever is most loving for you with any self-care you need.

11/27 – 11/30.  Skies are clear and quiet.

Tiffany Harelik