November Skies: Astrology Forecast

November Skies: Astrology Forecast

Where are the planets guiding us? What is the Moon reflecting to us in November?

The astrological weather forecast provides a navigation system for living during uncertain times… when timing is everything. I’m so glad you’re here! I’m Tiffany and I look forward to providing insight to you and your lucky stars.

November Intention: I trust my emotional intelligence and naturally incorporate healthy self-care and into my daily routine.

November Crystals: Citrine – to thine own self be true. 

Numerology: 6-Month in a 4-Year
There’s no place like home. The 6-4 inspires us to nurture ourselves at home, which compliments the nostalgic vibes of November. Put self-care on your calendar this month: the numerology encourages us to take care of ourselves first before committing to others. Rescuing, fixing, or saving others can do more harm than good. Keep asking yourself what’s most loving for you this month. Let your heart be your guide. 

Astrology Overview

November 3rd – Mercury Direct in Libra [Astro-Hacking the Election]
November 10th – Mercury enters Scorpio
November 10th -11th – Taurids meteor shower peaks
November 11th – The Astrology of Yoga: lecture by Sasha Boyle
November 13th – Mars Direct at 14-Aries
November 14th – New Moon in 23-Scorpio [11:06pm CST]
November 17-18 –  Leonids meteor shower peaks
November 21st – Venus enters Scorpio, Sun enters Sagittarius
November 29th – Neptune Direct
November 30th – Full Moon in 8-Gemini [3:30am CST]

November 1 – 8

A test of endurance. Take inventory. What’s working? What needs to change? What are you afraid of?  Plan before you get into action this week. Review the details. Emotions are on the surface as Mercury squares Saturn and Venus oppose Chiron. 

Sunday, November 1st: We honor the Day of the Dead by putting photos of our loved ones on a table with crystals, pine cones, pecans, gourds, and tea lights. 

Love: Relationship issues begin to lift as Mercury goes direct in 25-Libra but we aren’t out of the woods until Mercury exits the shadow phase. Go easy on yourself and others for a few more weeks while the fog is clearing.  Don’t make big decisions or vows. 

Money: Save money + prepare for some big expenses later this month.

Health: You may be feeling somewhat lethargic or notice weather shifts as Mercury slows down and comes out of retrograde on the 3rd. Go slow, so no one gets hurt.

Weekend Vibes:
Schedule time to do something you love this weekend. When in doubt, keep asking yourself: What feels most loving for me? Does this bring me closer to joy or farther away from it? Work with the numerology code of strategic self-care, then lean into the astrological advice of letting go. Your heart’s wisdom is working on your behalf behind the scenes under Sunday’s Last Quarter Moon in 16-Leo. This yin phase signifies receptivity and a willingness to trust, surrender, and let things take their course. 


November 9 – 15

Look up! The Taurids meteor shower peaks November 10-11.

The second Jupiter/Pluto conjunction completes this week. This transit marks a major astrological theme of 2020. Trends in the collective conscience lean towards death, afterlife, enlightenment, and reincarnation. At a personal level, some are undergoing a mini-death or an end of a phase of life … and beginning a whole new way of being. Reflect on any suffering, surrendering, growth, and positive growth you have been experiencing. Some may receive an inheritance, a gift from the past, or pursue metaphysical studies. 

Subtle synchronicity, good luck, and inspiration are enhanced. Find good omens in the areas Neptune rules this week: creative thinking, the Sea, inner peace, magical insights, music, and performances. 

Mercury enters Scorpio November 10th – December 1st. We tend to experience a more fixed and calculated approach to learning styles, and in thinking through issues. People may be more blunt, and humor can be dark – just like your Scorpio friends!  Find an interesting mystery book, explore secrets/shadows, or take a metaphysical lesson through our classes. [Do you already have an intuitive practice or lecture prepared and want to work for Wise Skies? Email Tiff:]

Mars Direct in Aries on Friday, November 13th: This feisty, masculine, and often self-centric energy can manifest like a slingshot of emotions. Internalized anger resurfaces for clearing which is good, just be careful and pick your battles as people are a little extra frisky out there. 

If you’ve felt like life is passing you by, it’s time to get going. Reassess what you want, and focus on your priorities. Some astrologers predict warmer-than-usual weather with Mars in Aries through January 6, 2021.

Love:  If relationship issues flare up – create healthy boundaries. Stand up for yourself, not against the other person. Speak your truth with love.  If it feels deep, it is. Give yourself time to heal, grieve, and transcend matters of the heart.

Money:  Caution: Avoid major financial decisions and beware buyers remorse. ou may be facing a decision that comes at a cost.

Health: Avoid toxic people, places, substances, and delusions of grandeur. Antidote: be of service, cleanse, purge. Watch out for accidents due to people being preoccupied. 

Weekend Vibes:
A Scorpio New Moon this weekend brings endings, beginnings, and personal empowerment. The Sun sextiling both Pluto and Jupiter enhance your luck when you take the next right step. 

Saturday, November 14th: New Moon in 23-Scorpio [11:06pm CST]
What do you want to change at a deeper level? What is evolving and dissolving in your world? 

New Moon Intention: I experience clarity, serenity, integrity, and am motivated by the magic of new beginnings. I trust divine right timing and allow things to unfold organically, at a natural pace.

New Moon pro-tip: Wishing for what isn’t there is a prayer that magnifies the lack. Focus your energy on what it will feel like emotionally when these intentions come true.

Set intentions in these areas:

  • Ability to execute and complete projects
  • Transcendence, Growth, Rebirth
  • Passion, Desire, and Connection with an intimate partner 
  • Self-Discovery, Resourcefulness, 
  • Magic and Metaphysics
  • Healing power struggles and finding your personal power
  • Making new financial pathways through shared resources
  • Healing jealousy, resentment, secrecy, distrust, and revenge
  • Healing in the sexual organs and elimination organs


November 16 – 22

Catch a shooting star!  The Leonids meteor shower peaks November 17-18.
Less is more. There are likely a few minor challenges this week. Stay focused on yourself – don’t let others pull you off course or usurp your time. Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it as Mercury opposes Uranus this week. We will likely see extreme announcements, and receive surprising new information. Grab some Kyanite to help balance your energy. 

Love: Keep asking yourself what’s most loving for you this month. Let your heart be your guide. 

Money: Beware of overcommitting right now with time, expenses, and people (Venus squares Saturn).

Health: Personal development, chiropractic, and dental appointments are favorable this week. 

Weekend Vibes:
A change of the celestial guards this weekend as Venus enters Scorpio and the Sun dances into Sagittarius. We tend to feel everything more deeply than usual – remember to not take things personally. It is a great time to explore the sensual side of life. A Sun/Mars semisquare adds extra energy to Sunday’s First Quarter Moon in 0-Pisces: Take one small step towards your dreams. This yang phase signifies decision making, determination, and commitment to action.


November 23 – 29

Mischief is in the air this week. Illusions and plot twists are afoot as Venus semisquares Neptune. But there’s a certain wisdom in wounds. What messages and patterns are surfacing for your soul’s evolution? To thine own self be true. This happens to also be a particularly good week in the business of ‘you’. Launch a creative advertising campaign, curate a total home makeover, or have new headshots made. How can you put your best foot forward?

Happy Thanksgiving! It’s an ideal time to connect with mentors, friends, and family – allow some healing to occur as the Sun trines Chiron. Everyone’s appetites are ready to devour a big meal under a Taurus Moon. Every party has a pooper. Take care of the vibe inside in case someone comes to the table with a shocker. Keep some Red Jasper in your pocket for stability + healing trust issues or Rose Quartz for comfort. 

Love: Watch out for getting played. Pay attention to who you hang out with: groups, alliances, and relationships are changing as we prepare for a new 200-year cycle in December. 

Money: Opportunity knocks as Mercury sextiles Jupiter + Saturn and trines Neptune this week.  It’s a good time to interview, write resumes, self-promote, do media interviews, conduct book signings, and explore legal issues, publishing, and spirituality. What you think about grows. Expansion, good luck, good mojo. Launch a new business, hold a ribbon-cutting, write a business plan, map out your future, or send a newsletter announcing a new product. Engage with workflow by starting the day with an intention that incorporates your higher purpose.  

Health: Check your motivation and don’t overbook yourself. Get a second opinion.

Weekend Vibes:

Energy slows as the seas of Neptune calm before she turns direct on Sunday. Set yourself up for a calm weekend. If you’re in the mood to journal: What insights about dreams versus reality have you been given during the Neptune retrograde period (6/23-11/29)? Reflect where you need to pause and pivot. Enjoy Full Moon Skies Sunday night. 

Monday, November 30th: Full Moon Eclipse in 8-Gemini [3:30 am CST]
What project do you need to put down in order to move forward with other areas that are important to you? This phase signifies the need to replace mental chatter with clarity and peace.

Full Moon Intention: The right and left hemispheres of my brain synchronize, facilitating mental clarity, discernment, and trust in every experience.

Set intentions in these areas:

  • Focus and attention to detail
  • Completing writing, editing, speaking, and reading projects
  • Clear communication and healthy discussions 
  • Mental stimulation 
  • Intelligence, intellect and quick wit
  • Mindfulness and being present
  • Micro goals 
  • Social opportunities
  • Any work with hands: handyman, typing, knitting, playing instruments, etc. 
  • Discernment in overcommitting, overthinking, and impulsivity
  • Finding healthy ways to maneuver through indecision, anxieties, and detachment


Tiffany Harelik, MA, RYT

Tiff offers astrology, mediumship, yoga, and tarot sessions. She uses the Golden Tarot deck combined with yogic philosophy and her lineage of Russian mysticism to address your concerns through practical advice. She holds a Masters degree in Health Psychology and founded Spellbound Publishers, a metaphysical book company. She owns and operates Wise Skies. Follow her work at

Tiffany Harelik