North Node in Leo

North Node in Leo


Varna Dragons, Wikimedia Commons

North Node in Leo, South Node in Aquarius
April 29, 2017-November 15, 2018

In an old Hindu myth, a mortal snake trespassed into the meeting place of the gods, and stole a sip of the Nectar of Immortality. The snake transformed into an immortal Dragon. No longer able to hide, he was BUSTED! There is no undoing the Nectar of Immortality, but the great god Vishnu did what he could to punish the transgression. He cut the Dragon in half. The Dragon now spends eternity circling the Zodiac in two pieces, on opposite sides of the sky. The North Node is the front half, the Dragon’s Head. The South Node is the back half, the Dragon’s Tail.

The dragon last moved through Leo and Aquarius 18½ years ago, between September 1998 and March 2000.

The South Node – Hunger

In western astrology, the Dragon represents the karmic lessons of this current lifetime. The Dragon’s Tail has the gift of strength from the tail itself and the hind legs that power movement. It represents qualities that are well-developed but need balance and direction. This is the back half of the dragon, which also contains the stomach, so there is hunger there– craving, even. 

When the South Node is in Aquarius, that hunger centers around connection on a community level– friendships. Your village, your team, your peer group. The Aquarius South Node represents that craving for a sense of belonging. But you cannot satisfy your Aquarian cravings through Aquarian means. You can’t find where you belong by appeasing others to fit in, and you can’t make a decision you feel good about using facts without intuition. It just doesn’t work. You can only feed the stomach through the mouth.

The crux of the problem is, the dragon’s stomach cannot feed itself. But that doesn’t stop it from trying. The dragon’s powerful legs and tail possess great strength, but no wisdom. The dragon’s tail can’t see, hear, or find food. To satisfy the hunger, the stomach must engage with the head. They must work together.

The head– of course– should be driving the bus, making the decisions. Aligning to that “true north” helps us attract and recognize life’s juiciest possibilities.  

The North Node – Nourishment

The North Node’s placement in Leo tells you that to find your tribe, your pack, your pride, you must get out there and try. Even if you might get rejected or fall flat on your face. You must leave your comfort zone and be totally yourself. The more you want to be liked, the less you attract and connect with the people who like you. You must keep putting yourself out there (Leo) until you find the people whose company inspires your confidence and creativity.

The Dragon’s Head has less brute strength, but more intelligence and finesse. The eyes and ears see and hear what’s going on; the brain thinks, decides, and communicates. Most importantly, the head has the mouth, where we take in the nourishment that will satisfy the South Node’s hunger.

If your tendency is to “go with the flow” in your relationships, now is the time to challenge yourself. With the Dragon’s Head now in dramatic, magnanimous Leo, you’ll find that satisfying sense that you’ve found your peeps when you “dare to be dorky.” Somewhere in your life, get ready to break the mold and let your freak flag fly!

Intuition and belief

The opposition between fire and air signs points to a balance between information, science, facts, and knowledge on the one hand, and intuition, experience, and inner knowing on the other hand. The paradox of the South Node in Aquarius is that it asks you to be objective and pay attention to facts. And facts are, without a doubt, extremely important– but the objective facts won’t give you the whole picture. Subjective experience matters. Yours and others.

Air signs like Aquarius represent intellectual knowledge, and fire signs like Leo represent experiential knowledge. Your passion matters– but be open to the idea that it might shift and change and develop in a new direction in this 18 month period– especially if you have planets in Leo in your birth chart. You want to be flexible enough in your thinking to let new ideas in, but not to the point that you’re out of touch with your center. Don’t let other people talk you out of your inner knowing.Let change come from within.

Letting go of the old

The anus is also part of the dragon’s tail, where wastes are released from the body.

With the South Node now in Aquarius, the fixed (stubborn) air (ideas) sign, it’s time to let go of outdated, rigid thinking that limits your creative potential. Friends, relationships, and groups you’ve outgrown. Memberships in organizations that you’re no longer aligned with.


  • Check in often with your inner child. Build some time into your day to play and be creative.
  • Knowledge is great, but experience is even better. Put yourself out there!
  • Fortunate connections, especially in the performing arts, advertising and marketing, motivational speaking, child care and development, cats, big cats, cat rescues (and felinity in general), hairdressers.
  • Solopreneurs: try not to do all of your work online. Challenge yourself to get out there and shake some hands!


  • Dare to be different. It’s the only way you’ll find your tribe.
  • Speak up! Express your feelings. Don’t hide your truth to please or appease others.
  • You’ll attract new friends and lovers when you get involved, have fun, take the lead, and follow your passion.
  • It may be challenging to disentangle your thoughts and emotions from other people and find your true perspective.


  • When the North Node was in Virgo in 2016 and early 2017, I asked you to trust your gut. Now I’m asking you to trust your heart.
  • Leo rules the heart. Aquarius rules the circulatory system.
  • Cardiovascular disease gets blamed on fats (Jupiter) and cholesterol these days, when systemic inflammation (Mars) is a much more important risk factor.
  • Cool down an inflamed system with antioxidants and other great nutrients in fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Eat local – let the community (Aquarius) feed your heart (Leo).

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Molly Gauthier is an astrologer and certified nutrition therapist.

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