New Moon in Taurus: April 26, 2017

New Moon in Taurus: April 26, 2017

A sensual, earthy New Moon in Taurus! Interestingly, this New Moon has absolutely no aspects to it at all. When does this ever happen? With no other main aspects hitting the Moon today, we can give our full focus to manifestation and healing work in the light of the Taurus New Moon. Here’s what you can do:

Wishes for the New Moon in Taurus: Get out your notebook and write down wishes in the areas of what you value especially in the areas of money, pleasure, and longevity.

  • Financial security
  • Love/Sensuality
  • Getting “down to Earth” or more practical
  • Self-worth
  • Patience
  • Persistence, or a release of stubbornness
  • Perseverance, or a release of attachment
  • Thyroid, throat health, and vocal chords
  • Overcoming sugar cravings
  • Healing blood sugar imbalances

Taurus rules your throat chakra: Speak your truth. In Ayurvedic nutrition, Udana is one of the fivefold Pranas (life force energy) that represents the throat. Udana is life force energy that is centered in the throat. If you have been feeling misunderstood, or like you can’t say what you need to say, it may be time for a throat chakra clearing. The anecdote is ujjayi breathwork to move stuck energy out of your throat chakra. In addition to ujjayi breathing, you can visualize dissolving any blockages or opaque energy in your throat area. I like to visualize a stream of white liquid crystal light flowing from the top of my head through my spine to the base of my seat, clearing and spinning each chakra system as the liquid light works it’s way through.

Taurus New Moon Ceremony: Since Taurus rules the throat, I’m going to recommend you do some singing today. Whether you sing through mantra work by yourself or invite friends over for a sing-a-long, use the gift of your voice to bring your New Moon wishes to life.

Cooking with the Taurus New Moon: Taurus is ruled by Venus, who has a need to make things beautiful, and also a bit of a sweet tooth.

  • Add garnishes to make a pretty plating.
  • Use the best china and silverware.
  • Make recipes with natural sugar like fruit and honey
  • Treat yourself with something indulgent
  • Think figs, berry jelly, peaches, pomegranates, sweet potatoes
  • Herbs to consider: Clove, Rose, Mint, Thyme, Vanilla

What are you wishing for? Leave us a comment so we can put your wishes in the prayer field together. 



Tiffany Harelik