New Moon in Capricorn 2018

New Moon in Capricorn 2018

With six celestial bodies now in Capricorn, Tuesday’s New Moon in Capricorn brings some potent restructuring energy to the table. And with three of those planets squaring rebellious Uranus, I’m wondering what surprises might find you in the areas of money and love.

A few more lunar aspects today:  Luna will also be sextiling Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio as well as Chiron over in Pisces, offering afew open-doors and opportunities to grow or take action. The Moon will be conjunct Pluto and

Venus, giving you a little psychic edge or tenderness. Luna squares Uranus and you may find you need to adapt to some surprises.

With a heavy Saturnine influence in the air, you may come across themes around grudges, guarantees, homesteads, land and landlords. Other themes include ice, isolation, thriftiness, excessive worry, and a general unhappiness, but also potential for unity. Since Saturn is all about business, check out this for your theme song today, as well as which business audiobooks you should be listening to (by your sign) according to our friend Deborah Carter Mastelotto. There is also an emphasis on structures and bone health. Check out this bone broth recipe we are loving.

Other things you can expect to see:

  • colder than usual weather patterns
  • discussions around longterm plans  
  • study groups taking field trips
  • exploring new, energizing activities
  • “the truth will set you free”
  • notice what subtle energies are coming up for healing

What to wish for with a New Moon in Capricorn:

    • Security and stability
    • Building good foundations
    • Long-term financial planning/investing
    • Consolidation
    • Self-discipline
    • Honoring commitments
    • Responsibility
    • Ambitions and goals
    • Issues around dads, bosses & authorities
    • Releasing control
    • Letting go of pessimism
    • Healthy solutions for bones, joints, knees, and skin

The timing of the New Moon is important. If you’re planning on making wishes or setting intentions, use the exact time of the New Moon and the following eight hours (not before). This New Moon is exact at 8:17pm Central Time Zone, 6:17p PST, 7:17 MST, and 9:17p EST.

That’s it for the New Moon report, but we also invite you to check out a few other things going on at Wise Skies. Our newest podcast episode on Medical Astrology is now live in itunes or online here. You may want to sign up to be on Tiffany’s Lunar Wisdom calls, and Molly’s Medical Astrology kit. 


Tiffany Harelik