New Moon in Aries 2017

New Moon in Aries 2017

The New Moon in Aries may have you feeling like you are ready to start a new project, but caution is advised due to the Jupiter/Pluto square forming this week and the Saturn/Venus square today.

Your theme song for this New Moon is: Authority Song by John Mellencamp because of the famous lyric: “I fight authority, authority always wins.” Aries energy makes us unafraid to butt heads but paired with a Jupiter square this week, this could lead to legal conflicts, irrational thinking with delusions of grandeur, and issues with authorities. Try not to get a speeding ticket, don’t poke the bear, and avoid dramatic reactions by becoming a mindful observer of your emotions. Be careful in the areas of overspending, overcommitting and overexerting yourself. Exercise restraint in physical exercise, investments, and eating habits today. Because Jupiter is squaring Pluto, beware of a potential abuse of power and sneaky changes in policy that have a global impact. Plutonic energy in a square manifests in the areas of power, destruction and healing transformation.

Saturn will square Retrograde Venus today, adding an extra bite of constraint and tensions to your love life and/or finances. Relationships that destroy one person’s individuality and freedom no longer serve both parties. Even if things are going well in your relationship, there is a tendency to feel alone with this transit.

Instead of calculated, thoughtful conversation, Aries shoots from the hip.With the New Moon in Aries, be aware that anything you say in a heated moment can backfire on you. My advice is to journal, take your complaints to Spirit (or your best friend) and let the winds of change blow over before instigating a fight or break-up with your partner.

On a more positive note, you can ignite your New Moon wishes in the areas of new beginnings, self, independence, courage and authenticity. Sometimes Aries has a reputation for being too impulsive, selfish and rushing into things, but did you know Aries also rules innocence, honesty and survival issues? The Aries New Moon doesn’t have to be all about being assertive and taking action. You can also utilize this energy to protect and take care of your inner child in ways that have been previously neglected. Here are a few key wishes Jan Spiller outlined in her book “New Moon Astrology:”

  • “I want the habit of losing the boundary of my own identity totally lifted from me.”
  • “I want to easily find myself being more straightforward in all my relationships.”
  • “I want all fears around my assertively blazing new beginnings with ______ easily lifted from me.”
  •  “I want to view any ‘setbacks’ as an opportunity for creative self-discovery.”
  • “I want to easily find myself accepting the leadership of my own life.”
  • “I want the courage to be myself.”

Read about Aries New Moon Treasure Maps from Molly for more ideas on how to activate Aries New Moon energy in your life.

Looking for some recipes to work with during the New Moon in Aries? The Aries Moon is a hot, dehydrating Moon. Please drink loads of water so that all your cells can function properly. Aries likes things done quickly, so it may not be the best day to prepare meals that take a long time or require a lot of ingredients. It can be a great day to eat out with friends, but if you’re interested in cooking something at home, I recommend some cooling foods that are simple to make and easy to eat. Think finger foods, cold soups, and healthy foods on the go. You might even wish to prepare these in advance so they are ready for you the day of the New Moon with minimal prep.

  • Banana slices topped with your choice of nut butter and garnished with granola, coconut flakes, or nuts.
  • Cooling cucumber soup (Cucumbers help hydrate)
  • gluten-free, dairy-free yam muffins
  • Watermelon Gazpacho
  • Natural cinnamon applesauce
  • Organic fruit juice popsicles
  • Juicing your favorite veggies/fruits



Tiffany Harelik