Mercury Retrograde through the Houses

Mercury Retrograde through the Houses

by Tiffany Harelik, MA, RYT

Allow space for grace during cosmic reroutes. Communication, travel, and electronics have a way of going haywire during Mercury retrograde – stay patient as times change. 


Keywords: Revising, reviewing, redoing, refining. 

Mercury Retrograde has a collective, and individual effect. First, determine where the current Mercury retrograde cycle will hit your chart – which house? Then, read for ideas on what this could mean for you below. As always – astrology is the map, your free will is how it plays out. 

Applying Tiffany's Medicine Wheel Formula to your Chart

Intermediate Students: In the class on youtube, I taught about using the Medicine Wheel Formula to get extra insight into these cycles by identifying conjunctions, oppositions, and squares. I’ve done the math for you here!  New to astrology? I’m happy to decode the cycles for you with this special session. 

Final 2023 Retrograde Cycle: 

December 13, 2023 8° Capricorn to January 1, 2024 22° Sagittarius 

  • Find the houses where 1-8 Capricorn and 22-30 Sagittarius falls
  • Look for conjunctions 1-8 Capricorn and 22-30 Sagittarius
  • Look for oppositions: 1-8 Cancer and 22-30 Gemini 
  • Look for squares: 1-8 Aries/Libra 22-30 Pisces/Virgo


2024 Retrogrades:

  • April 1-25: Mercury Retrograde in 27°-15° Aries
    • Find the houses where 15-27 Aries falls
    • Look for conjunctions 15-27 Aries
    • Look for oppositions: 15-27 Libra
    • Look for squares:  15-27 Cancer/Capricorn

  • August 5-28: Mercury Retrograde in 4° Virgo – 21° Leo
    • Find the houses where 1-4 Virgo and 21-30 Leo falls
    • Look for conjunctions: 1-4 Virgo and 21-30 Leo
    • Look for oppositions: 1-4 Pisces and 21-30 Aquarius
    • Look for squares: 1-4 Sagittarius/Gemini and 21-30 Scorpio/Taurus


  • November 26-December 15: Mercury Retrograde in 22° – 6° Sagittarius
    • Find the houses where 6-22 Sagittarius 
    • Look for conjunctions: 6-22 Sagittarius 
    • Look for oppositions: 6-22 Gemini
    • Look for squares:  6-22 Pisces/Virgo 

Mercury Retrograde Through the Houses

1st House

Personal Identity and Self-Image

  • “refill your cup first before you can make miracles elsewhere” (Chani)
  • Refining the self, reassessment of personal goals.
  • Being patient with yourself, where can you forgive yourself? 
  • Reflecting on yourself, where have you been offered a second chance?
  • Considering a rebrand? Take time and go slow with your edits.
  • Sacred reunification with yourself – bringing the best qualities of the masculine and feminine inside for balancing, harmonizing, and healing. Where has your yin/yang been off balance? What integration would feel good?

2nd House

Finances and Values

  • Review of financial matters and reassessment of personal values. 
  • Be conservative with finances and major purchases.
  • Unexpected expenses – or tightening up your budget to track where the money is going. 
  • Reallocating resources.
  • What do you think about provision? What has it meant in the past / what does it mean now / what could it mean?
  • Write a list of people you admire. What are their core qualities that you see? These are your core values. What edits would you like to make to this list to more truly resonate with your personal values?


3rd House

Communication and Siblings

  • Typical Merc retro issues can feel amplified with delays, confusion, misunderstandings, miscommunication, and transportation issues
  • Experiment with listening (more than talking).
  • If you have siblings – you may find this to be a time of nostalgia, healing conversations, or general reconnection on shared histories.
  • Revisiting nostalgic neighborhoods & reviewing classes

4th House

Home and Family

  • Rethinking or refocusing on roots, refuge, and issues related to home and family 
  • It’s a time for reflection on domestic matters and family relationships.
  • Routine maintenance at home (air filter replacement, outlets sparking, care of pipes)
  • Equip yourself with creature comforts and emotional support – your psychic senses are heightened and you’re likely ‘feeling’ it all. 
  • Studying ancestry may reveal interesting tidbits.

5th House

Creativity and Romance

  • Take extra care around romance, and children. Miscommunications in romantic relationships and creative projects can occur. 
  • Reassess and refine creative projects.
  • Reworking matters of the heart – what feels off balance? 
  • Reconnect with what you love. 
  • Taking the heat and pressure off – where can you let someone off the hook?
  • Revisiting the inner child and innocence – where can you play?

6th House

Health and Daily Routine

  • Be mindful of health matters and day-to-day routines.
  • Miscommunications at work may occur, so clarity in professional communication is crucial.
  • Leave space in your schedule for disruptions / unexpected activities. 
  • Routine maintenance

7th House

Partnerships and Relationships

  • Indecision with partners will clear over time 
  • Identifying what is out of balance / in order to restore balance
  • Patience with others 
  • What have you taken for granted? Where can you offer an olive branch to yourself first, then to others?
  • Where are boundaries serving/failing you when it comes to love?
  • Ready to reignite romance?

8th House

Transformation and Shared Resources

  • Healing power struggles: Secrets and obsessions get stirred up 
  • Facing fears – where would a reality check serve you?
  • Rediscovering themes within shared resources, joint finances, and investments.
  • Recirculating the light / not getting bogged down 
  • Rework your debts and revamp your estate planning 
  • Get clarity with your taxes

9th House

Higher Learning, Beliefs and Travel

  • Time to reflect: Changing views and beliefs
  • Delays in travel plans may have you regrouping in new territory 
  • Challenges with testing / not as efficient with our studies 
  • Returning to a former path of study
  • Returning to a familiar, but far away place


10th House

Career and Public Image

  • Pivots: Review your career goals and reset your public image.
  • Setbacks, delays, and misperceptions at work. Not the best time to put yourself forward or ask for a promotion. 
  • Reconnecting with old bosses, business ideas, or mentors.

11th House

The Future, Friendships and Social Networks

  • Reevaluate friendships and social connections. Misunderstandings and misplaced expectations within group activities may arise for the purpose of finding clarity and honesty.
  • Have you asked for help from your supernatural support team? Revisiting your angels on Earth and in Heaven through dreams, meditation, and journaling.
  • Reestablishing your audience – who are you talking to, what is your message, and why are you pursuing it? 

12th House

Spirituality, Subconscious, and Solitude

  • Make time to rest and rejuvenate. 
  • Reflect on spiritual practices – what is working, what isn’t?
  • Restructuring boundaries. Which boundaries are working – which aren’t?
  • Rewiring your subconscious mind. Intuition is key.
  • Reconsidering your mysteries
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Tiffany is a spiritual teacher of astrology, beekeeping, and psychic development. She is a bestselling author, and holds a Master’s degree in Psychology. After her near death experience, she was trained by some of the world’s best mediums including Lisa Williams, Tony Stockwell, Janet Nohavec, Lynn Probert, Mavis Patilla, Colin Bates, and Stella Upton. When she’s not writing the astrology forecast, you can find her in the apiary, yoga studio, or midwifing new books at Spellbound Publishers. 


Tiffany Harelik