May Forecast

May Forecast

May Intention: I trust my own innate wisdom. 

Astrology + Numerology at a Glance:

It’s a Cruel, Cruel Summer…

If you’re feeling pulled into different directions, it’s likely the polarizing dance of the Sun, Mercury, and retrograde Venus in Gemini amongst the outer planet retrogrades. Realignment is key.

May 4th – Numerology Power Day: Let go with stability and conviction

May 5th – North Node shifts into Gemini [special article]

May 7th – Full Moon in Scorpio [nerd out on the lunations forecast]

May 11th – Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius, Mercury enters Gemini

May 13th – Mars enters Pisces, *Venus Retrograde in Gemini

May 14th – Jupiter Retrograde in Capricorn

May 20th – Sun enters Gemini

May 22nd – New Moon in Gemini [nerd out on the lunations forecast]

May 28th – Mercury enters Cancer

*Read the Venus Retrograde  article, listen to the pod, get the survival kit.

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May Numerology 

May is a 9-Universal Month in a 4-Universal Year
5 (May) + 4 (2020) = 9

Numerology Themes of the 9: To thine own self be true

  • Integrity
  • Innate wisdom
  • Surrender
  • Humanitarianism 
  • Leadership

What kind of old person are you in the process of becoming? Opportunities to redefine yourself and your life’s vision come in the form of conversations, habits, and responses. 

Warning: this process can be uncomfortable and create a sense of anticipation, urgency, and expectations. If you feel like you’re being tested, you’re not alone. You can optimize the 9-4 code by listing out areas you’d like to grow, and then taking right action every chance you get.

May Astrology

Friday, May 1st
Beltane brings high voltage with a Mercury/Uranus conjunction. This is an auspicious time to receive, write, and exchange ideas. Schedule time with your book club, writing group, or find a new source of information to explore. Reflect on what is blooming and growing. Consider the union of masculine and feminine energies in your life. Where can you incorporate both yin and yang activity?

Beltane Prayer: I honor this seasonal midpoint as the veil thins between Earth and Sky on Beltane. My dreams are rich with the nutrients of my love and vitality.

Beltane Crystal Magick: Amazonite (soothing of the mind, body & soul) and Amethyst (clarity + spiritual grounding). 

Weekend Vibes:

The Weekend Skies are are heavy with several impending retrogrades but offer no major astrological events. Sync up with the May numerology on Saturday’s Virgo Moon by journaling through anything that feels urgent, or is keeping you up at night. Resource: The Work, by Byron Katie, is a free online resource to help you navigate the underlying issues and truth of any problems (real or perceived).  

This Week: May 4 – 10 

Mixed mojo this week. The eta Aquariids meteor shower peaks May 5-7. The ancients considered these astrological events to be a time of extremes. Whether this week’s meteor shower and nodal change brings good omens or challenging ones, remember to stay true to yourself. 

Monday, May 4th: Numerology Power Code Day 9*4

Surrender to win! Let go. Relinquish control of anything that has too tight a grip.  Watch out for controlling attitudes. 9 = Letting Go
And 4 = Stability and conviction.

Venus square Neptune: Plot twist! Beware of toxins, lover’s quarrels, singing on the wrong note, sugar overload, and buyer’s remorse. If you’re questioning your faith, yourself, and your purpose right now – that’s normal. It can get dark before the dawn. Don’t quit before the miracle happens.

Moon enters Libra: Focus on companionship. A new look/haircut/outfit are equally pleasing as a healing conversation or quality time with your partner in crime. Justice, equality, and fine art are also themes to work with. Crystal Magick: Fluorite (clarity + peace) and Blue Apatite (authenticity + balance).

Sun conjunct Mercury: May the Fourth be with you! Success, quick wit, and making memories. Good news, bright ideas, and communication flow make it a positive time to send newsletters, refine your image, launch an ad.  

Tuesday, May 5th
Look up in the night Skies! The eta Aquariids meteor shower peaks May 5-7. The North Node shifts into Gemini today ushering in new lessons for the rest of the year. Stay tuned for a special article on this interesting astrological feature. The short version: stay light.

Wednesday, May 6th
Moon enters Scorpio:  Focus on your deepest needs. Review your motives – what drives you? This is a good Moon for planting seeds, as well as going out for a special date, or playing with tarot cards. Spend time connecting to your highest self through visualization and meditation. Crystal Magick: Serpentine (regeneration + psychic stimulation) and Black Tourmaline (energy clearing + security).

[art: the girl with the curl]

Thursday, May 7th: Full Moon in 17-Scorpio

Find a sense of completion, beware of intense moods. This phase signifies the completion of a cycle, endings, and closure.

Numerology: 3: Charisma  7: Focus 17: Self Worth

Intention: I crave healthy attitudes, behaviors, and experiences, and inherently choose my actions with integrity and transparency. 

The May Lunation Forecast has more ceremonies, traditions, and lore around the Scorpio Full Moon.

Mercury sextiles Neptune: This is an auspicious time to launch your book, entertain, explore metaphysical topics, and learn something through the arts. This is a positive transit for sales and marketing. Take action on inspirational + creative projects: film, record, produce. Think happy thoughts. Travel can be exceptionally fulfilling right now. Consider any projects that started in January, when we first saw this transit. Are you editing, revising, or completing something? Or starting something new? 

Friday, May 8th
Moon enters Sagittarius: Focus on feeling free. The time is right to study philosophy, be spontaneous, and take a trip. Crystal Magick: Peacock Ore (joyous self expression + inspiration) and Lapis (travel, adventure + freedom).

Weekend Vibes:
This is a great weekend for a mini escape – treat yourself to a staycation, or a cabin in the woods. Lock yourself away with a lover to learn more about each other, or make space for alone time to refresh your mind. The vibe is positive, but the energy may be slow with Saturn retrograde approaching. Take your time.

Saturday, May 9th
Mercury trine Pluto: You’re on a fact-finding mission to uncover some important information. Activate the 9-4 code! This is an excellent transit for writing, researching, and exploring new ways of thinking. Go ahead and make the first draft – you can edit it later when this energy resurfaces in September.

Sunday, May 10th
Moon enters Capricorn: Focus on long-term strategies and ambitions. What are you wanting to grow? What stabilizes your future? Spend some time alone to get clear with yourself as well as clear your energy. Crystal Magick: Kyanite (alignment + yin/yang balance) and Garnet (abundance + stabilizing growth).

Mercury trine Jupiter: Futuristic thinking benefits you right now. Success in business or legal affairs, interest in a higher quest, flow in articulating messages through writing and educating. Look for this energy to resurface in August. 

Sun sextile Neptune: Turn dreams into reality, help others, stay grounded. Listen for a repeat of something that sparked your interest in January when this transit occurred on the 7th. 

This Week: May 11 – 17 

Be patient through hiccups and kinks early in the week. Take a gentle approach with yourself and others. Tuesday looks like the best day to take advantage of important work-related tasks through the ups and downs.

Monday, May 11th
Mercury square Mars: Intend for clarity and learn through the lens of the other.  

Saturn Retrograde: Let your conscience be your guide. Observe where you can loosen your grip a little. One one hand, Saturn retrograde can act like a mini-Jupiter in the Skies bringing a little extra mojo to wherever the retrograde hits your chart in 1-Aquarius. On the other hand, you might find some of your rigid belief systems are up for review, which can be unnerving. Take care of bones, spine, and dental health if needed. Saturn will return direct September 29th in Capricorn. 

Mercury enters Gemini: Gather information, keep conversations rolling, get different angles to process ideas. The planet of communication and understanding is in the sign of communication through 5/28 (can be felt 1 day in advance).

Tuesday, May 12th
Moon enters Aquarius: Focus on freedom. Fighting for a cause, working with the collective consciousness, and being unique are all favorable themes to work with. Crystal Magick: Aquamarine (purity, truth + freedom) and Hematite (stress relief + stamina). 

Mercury trine Saturn: You can get much accomplished, and check a lot of boxes off your to do list at this time. Set the intention for efficiency with activities around work/income/vocation.  Planning ahead? This awesome work-centric transit occurs again September 3rd.

Wednesday, May 13th
Mars enters Pisces Action-oriented Mars does not resonate well with compassionate Pisces. The subtle energies may feel passive aggressive, codependent, or emotionally on edge through June 28th. Take a gentle approach with yourself and others. Practice kindness.

Venus Retrograde in Gemini: We are prone to seeking acceptance, worrying about what others think, and changing our minds. If you’re creating confusion and chaos, take a pause. Realize that we are all undergoing an upgrade in the love department and overcoming past wounds and karmas through June 25th. Wise Skies Tools: Venus Retrograde articlepod, &  survival kit.

Thursday, May 14th
Last Quarter Moon in 24-Aquarius: Relax and be inspired by your network. This yin phase signifies receptivity and a willingness to trust, surrender, and let things take their course.

Jupiter Retrograde in Capricorn: Stop and go, growing pains, and spiritual insights. Suggestion: use this time to work through any insecurities and limitations to relax into your highest consciousness. Join a meditation group and network with people who can broaden your mind. The youth have wisdom and the elders can become playful and childlike when Jupiter retrogrades in 27-Capricorn through September 13th. 

Moon enters Pisces: Focus on compassion. Plan a little time to make a healthy escape into music, a good book, a long nap, or volunteerism. Crystal Magick: Blue Lace Agate (healing + calm) and Chevron Amethyst (peace of mind + dream/meditation enhancement).

Friday, May 15th
Sun trine Pluto: Renewal, rejuvenation, and meaningful new beginnings. Take advantage of this high-energy phase to move forward with hopes and dreams. Planning ahead? This energy resurfaces September 14th. 

Mercury sextile Chiron: Psychic messages – trust your inner knower. Look back to mid-January for any clues you need. 

Weekend Vibes: Livin’ on the edge! If you need to get out of your routine, get out of dodge. Change the energy by changing your actions and reactions. The astromap reads both ways – look for a breakthrough instead of having a breakdown.

Saturday, May 16th
Mercury semisquare Pluto: Intense interactions. The details change everything. Be mindful of the struggle between the intellect and primal life forces right now. Wait to make your move. This transit makes two passes, resurfacing in August. Be proud of your actions now – your future self thanks you for handling things with care.

Sunday, May 17th
Moon enters Aries: Focus on right action. Stay hydrated, do something to feel alive, and think before you speak. Crystal Magick: Carnelian (emotional intelligence) and Pyrite (empowered stability + clarity).

Sun trine Jupiter: Let the good times roll! Take a trip, handle legal matters, launch a book, participate in spiritual ceremonies to upgrade your mind/body/spirit. 

Mercury semisquare Jupiter: Flawed judgment and distorted thinking. Delay big spends, avoid credit purchases, do not sign contracts. 

This Week: May 18 – 24

The 9-Universal Month can bring a sense of urgency and overstimulation. Remember this is a year of simplification. What do you need to take off your plate? There’s a lot to take in, be sure you read ahead to Friday.

Monday, May 18th
Calm before the mid-week storm. Go ahead and get important tasks handled today before the energetic storm hits. 

Tuesday, May 19th
How steady can you be? What do you need to simplify?

Wednesday, May 20th
Moon enters Taurus: Focus on creature comforts and stability. Cook your favorite meal, practice grounding techniques, and work on building something that is made to last. Crystal Magick: Red Jasper (stability + trust) and Rose Quartz (comfort + nurture).

Mercury semisquare Saturn: Chop wood, carry water. Prospects aren’t great right now.  This transit can indicate loss/theft, separation, and anxieties. The heart’s wisdom knows the truth despite what the logical mind says. 

Sun enters Gemini: Happy Birthday Gemini! Tap into your intelligent, friendly, multi-tasking Gemini vibes through June 20th. 

Venus square Neptune: Plot twist! Beware of toxins, lover’s quarrels, singing on the wrong note, sugar overload, and buyer’s remorse. 

Thursday, May 21st
Thursday is ruled by Jupiter. We like to think of Jupiter as our fairy godmother in the Skies. Mystic cultures associated Jupiter with the angel Zadkiel. His name means righteousness and justified by God. This angel helps us see clearly, so we can act with integrity (9-energy).

Friday, May 22nd: New Moon in 2-Gemini

When the New Moon falls in the Air sign of Gemini, you can expect plans to change. You might notice a need to be around friends, be social, and to keep a lot of tabs open on your computer. You might also sense a need to communicate ideas. This is the perfect Moon to talk it out, send a newsletter, start a writing group, or launch a book. This is the Moon of the multi-tasker, the social butterfly, and the curious  Seeker. It is time to bang the drum of self-inquisition and approach the world with a fresh perspective: we’re all crewmates on the same boat. The May Lunation Forecast has more ceremonies, traditions, and lore around the Scorpio Full Moon.

Numerology Power Code Day 9*4: Is this in my highest integrity? If integrity is the motive, integrity will be the outcome. Watch out for anxieties and an unnecessary sense of urgency. There is enough time. Think: Time is on my side. 9 = Integrity and 4 = Trust. 

Mercury conjunct Venus: Resolve issues, contribute to the potluck, find a win-win. Old flames or feelings may return with Venus in retrograde. 

Sun trine Saturn: Manifestation portal. Positive change through commitment. Ideal for settling legal issues, selling property, and increasing public image. Planning ahead? This mojo returns on September 17th.

Moon enters Gemini: Focus on communication. Spend time with friends, write a chapter of your book, and be at peace with multiple options. When in doubt – don’t force decisions. Crystal Magick: Labradorite (consciousness expansion + energetic balance) and Sodalite (mental stimulation + clear communication). 

Mercury square Neptune: Be aware of confusion, delusions of grandeur, and toxins. Where might you be lying to yourself or creating chaos for others? This energy karmically resurfaces in mid-December. 

Weekend Vibes:
Take a breather, or schedule your weekend – the Skies are clear for chores, cooking, and nesting or for creating fun outings.

Saturday, May 23rd
Saturn is the planet that governs Saturday. What is your Saturday morning routine?

Sunday, May 24th
Moon enters Cancer: Focus on home, or wherever you have a sense of belonging. Do some cooking and nesting, reassure your loved ones that all is well, listen to your inner-knower. Some may want to tap into Crab-energy and recharge through alone time. Crystal Magick: Moonstone (intuition + connection) and Rhodonite (compassion + emotional balance).

This Week: May 25 – 31

Ignite your light! 

Monday, May 25th
Mars sextile Uranus: Say yes! Break out of your normal routine, try new approaches, be spontaneous. Positive flow coupled with quick thinking can create opportunities for the future. 

Tuesday, May 26th
Do you find extra strength, stamina, and energy on Tuesdays? Tuesday is the day of the week governed by the high energy planet Mars. It’s a good day to knock items off of your to-do list. To-do-Tuesdays! 

Wednesday, May 27th
Moon enters Leo: Focus on playfulness. This is a good time to entertain, take the stage, and engage others to have a little fun. Crystal Magick: Yellow Citrine (empowerment) and Fuchsite (heart-centered joy + inspiration).

Thursday, May 28th
Mercury enters Cancer: Recharge the batteries of your heart, initiate a new habit around meal planning, and determine what the love language is for the people/pets in your household. The subtle energy calls for more introversion, responsibility around finances, and nonverbal communication through August 5th. The challenge? Don’t take anything personally.

Friday, May 29th
Moon enters Virgo: Focus on being of service. Where can you problem solve and organize without getting into analysis paralysis? Crystal Magick: Amazonite (soothing of the mind, body & soul) and Amethyst (clarity + spiritual grounding).

Sun sextile Chiron: Healing mojo. Let your lovelight shine, do something that feels deeply gratifying, or say a special prayer for yourself. 

Venus semisquare Saturn: Bereavement, penny-pinching to the extreme, and icy emotions. This is NOT a good time to schedule beauty appointments, meetings regarding money, or important conversations about love. 

Weekend Vibes: Find time to review what has transpired this month. Put pen to paper: write down everything you’re grateful for that happened this month, and whatever you wished you would have handled differently. You’re creating space for new energy in June. You’ll know what to do with that information. 

Saturday, May 30th
First Quarter Moon in 9-Virgo: Make some micro-goals! This yang phase signifies decision making, determination, and commitment to action.

Sun semisquare Pluto: You’re being asked to step up in some area. What will you do with your life? How aligned are you with your higher power? The answer may not come right away. Reconsider your thoughts as this energy resurfaces at the end of August. 

Sunday, May 31st
Moon enters Libra: Focus on companionship. A new look/haircut/outfit are equally pleasing as a healing conversation or quality time with your partner in crime. Justice, equality, and fine art are also themes to work with. Crystal Magick: Fluorite (clarity + peace) and Blue Apatite (authenticity + balance).

How to Play with the May Astrology & Numerology

– Do your level-best, then take rest
– Adopt the attitude of “easy come, easy go”
– Organize to get grounded
– Explore your internal justice system – How do I know what is right and wrong? Who is actually doing the judging? Can I practice not placing value on if something is right/wrong to me?
– Acknowledge your value – gratitude towards Self

May Journal Prompts:

– What does integrity mean to me?
– Where do I notice that I might be limiting my integrity?
– What am I willing to let go of that limits my integrity?
– Where do I feel an unnecessary sense of urgency?
– Can I shift that energy and create more patience and trust?
– What motivates me?
– How can I incorporate ego-less motives into my month?

Note: Moon Void of Course times are displayed in our 2020 Digital Calendar in your time zone. The Moon goes Void of Course before changing signs. This window can be very short or can last for full days. We often feel foggy, sleepy, and less sharp when the Moon is Void of Course. We have not included it in the workbook, because our customer base lives all over the world. We encourage you to look at your ephemeris or purchase our digital calendar so you can know the exact timing. If you’re noticing sluggish energy and can’t figure out why – maybe Luna is about to change signs. 

During a Moon Void of Course: 

  • Do not start new projects or schedule important conversations/meetings.
  • Do: meditate, pray, sing, nap, tune into music, daydream, let someone off the hook.

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Forecast by Tiffany Harelik, MA, RYT, Wise Skies 

Tiffany publishes books and podcasts from Austin, TX. She founded Wise Skies Advice & Spellbound Publishers. Her background is in health psychology and yogic philosophy. Tiff offers astrology-based counseling sessions and teaches yoga. Schedule a session with her + find her work at

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