Mars Retrograde

Mars Retrograde

by Celeste Brooks, of Astrology by Celeste

Mars Retrograde in Gemini: Fighting Words

Mars rules our vitality, sexuality, drive, aggression, and anger. The energy is primal, passionate, and competitive. It governs how we overcome obstacles, pursue our desires and react when we feel threatened. Healthy and productive use of its energy is essential for success in life.
From August 20, 2022, to March 23, 2023, Mars transverses air sign Gemini. This zodiac sign oversees communication, computers, primary schooling, siblings, neighbors, and transportation. Neptune, the planet of illusions and delusions, is also a key player. It opposes Mercury (ruler of Gemini) at the ingress and squares Mars thrice. Misunderstandings, miscommunications, deception, and confusion will be primary sources of conflict. People will go to battle over their beliefs.


Competition and conflicts will amplify when Mars appears to dash backward through the zodiac, especially since it begins during eclipse season and just before the USA midterm elections. The retrograde period from October 30 to January 12 invites us to slow down and reset how we expend our energy. A retrograde planet has the potential to cause havoc. The topics it governs will experience delays, reversals, and unexpected returns to previous conditions. The fight over women’s reproductive rights and privacy are critical topics that will motivate voters on both sides of the issue. Be prepared for explosive arguments around voter suppression, fraud, and interference.
Other mundane topics that may hit the news or impact your own life include:
  • Intellectual competitions
  • Rap battles
  • Increased transportation accidents – from fender benders to tragedies
  • Melee at protests
  • Brawls over gas or at gas stations
  • Cyber attacks and social media outages
  • Road rage or airport altercations
  • Sibling/ neighbor disputes
  • Conflicts concerning school curriculum, including book banning
  • Clashes over the post office/ mail-in voting
  • Poisoned air
  • Tech company layoffs
  • Finger/ hand injuries from accidents with sharp objects
We are experiencing immense transformations. Structures that were once dependable continue to break down unexpectedly. This transit invites us to evaluate how we are managing through this chaos and make positive changes. Consider journaling on how to handle anxiety, disappointment, and frustration. I suggest blocking your calendar on Sunday, October 16, for a day of rest and preparation to metabolize this energy like a boss. Suggestions for adjustments to transverse this transit productively:

  • Schedule extra sleep and rest time. Consider adding more mindful practices like meditation, stretching, yoga, or breathing exercises into your morning routine.
  • Slow down and avoid rushing. Give yourself extra travel time. Drive and move through the world carefully as the risk of accidents increases.
  • Lighten your schedule. We have an opportunity to manage any people-pleasing tendencies. This habit is exhausting and often leaves people depleted. Politely say no to things that are not your responsibility and which you don’t have the capacity or desire to do.
  • Gemini likes to do things twice. Do not leave any essential tasks to the last minute—pad in extra time for unexpected revisions.
  • Review your online security. Cyber warfare is on-brand for this transit. Consider updating old passwords to new standards. Don’t click on any unusual links sent by email. Contact the sender to confirm its veracity.
  • Don’t make assumptions. You may have misheard or misread. Ask for clarification before you react negatively.


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