March Skies 2018

March Skies 2018

The big news this month is the shift from Pisces to Aries. Mercury and Venus both enter Aries on the 6th, followed by the Sun on the 20th. Mars enters Capricorn on Saint Patrick’s Day. Additionally, both Jupiter and Mercury will be going retrograde, slowing some of your momenta down and putting things in perspective. The New Moon in Pisces falls on Saint Patrick’s Day. We have TWO glorious Full Moons on the first and last days of the month in Virgo and Libra respectively. And we have a whole lotta fun in between. Be sure to listen to the podcast for an even more in-depth look at the March Skies and how to best plan your month. We are live on itunes and appreciate all your support on that platform. 

3/1: The Full Moon enters Virgo on Thursday, March 1st at 6:51pm CST with a focus on health, work, and the archetype of the inner Priest/Priestess. Earth sign Virgo is ruled by detail-oriented Mercury. We can take advantage of the Virgo Full Moon energy by organizing the details of life and getting things in order that we have been putting off for months.  Check out the Full Moon forecast here.

3/2: Mark this as a great day for business, presentations, and making all kinds of progress. When Mercury trines Jupiter, the details line up with the big picture.

3/3: With a Libran Moon on Saturday you may be seeking balance, beauty, and fairness. There is an additional theme around healing over the weekend when several of the planets join together in a healing formation. Be careful with medications and alcohol today and tomorrow.

3/4:  Quiet creativity and self-expression opens doors for transcendence and healing as the Sun joins Neptune, and Mercury joins Venus and Chiron. Draw or paint your journal entry and see what happens.

3/5: Put the phone down before you send a stupid text. There are no major astrological markers today, but with a Scorpio Moon things can get intense, and quick. On the positive end, look for sexual healing, deep conversations, and intuitive hunches. On the shadow side, be aware of vindictive behaviors, jealousy, and revenge.

3/6: Mercury and Venus both enter Aries today bringing energy to wherever Aries is in your chart. Maybe it’s time to get a new car that you love, to go on a first date, or to initiate a conversation. The fun doesn’t end today; you’ll have this energy to work with for several weeks.

3/7: Get important things done early, as the Moon is Void of Course (VOC) most of the afternoon (11:26am – 4:02pm CST). When the Moon is VOC, things get foggy. Whatever is started during a VOC period will not amount to much. You may have to redo any work done during this time. Then Luna enters adventurous Sagittarius and you may feel like being spontaneous this evening. Try a foreign food, at a quirky restaurant in a new part of town.

3/8: The energy has been slower lately, and momentum is turned down even more today as Mercury enters the Shadow then Jupiter turns Retrograde. Pace yourself, and be prepared for things to not go as planned. You may also be feeling the Jupiter/Saturn semisquare of 3/14 coming on. Doing things the ‘easy’ way does not pay off. Put in the hard work this week.

3/9: The Skies are clear for work or play – no major astrological markers today.

3/10:  The Skies are clear for work or play – no major astrological markers today.

3/11: Take the good with the bad today. When Mercury squares Saturn you may be at the wrong place at the wrong time, expectations and commitments might not match up, and travel could be delayed. But on the positive end, when Mars trines Uranus today, bucket list items that once seemed crazy can be completed easily. It’s a good time to purchase appliances, cars, electronics, and work with your gadgets.  It’s also a good day for all types of healing when the Sun sextiles transformative Pluto. The power of persuasion is with you today. Shock and awe from an announcement can set you into action.  

3/12: Get important things done early, as the Moon is Void of Course (VOC) most of the afternoon (1:33pm – 5:44pm CST). When the Moon is VOC, things get foggy. Whatever is started during a VOC period will not amount to much. You may have to redo any work done during this time. The Moon then enters zany Aquarius and you could get a wild hair to buy a new phone, see a new movie, or connect with an adventurous lover. If things aren’t lining up with relationships and work, you could be feeling tomorrow’s Venus/Saturn square. Let times change before making drastic decisions.

3/13: Keep Calm and Carry On. Venus squares Saturn early this morning (7:39am CST) and any lovers quarrels could come to a head. Tension and irritabilty is increased when Mars squares Chiron late this evening (1:09am). Use all your tools to stay calm, cool, and collected before reacting. Drink water, stay hydrated and grounded. A lucky spot in the day comes at 3:05pm CST when the Sun trines a retrograde Jupiter. Perhaps someone from the past resurfaces.

3/14: Jupiter semisquare Saturn releases early this morning (6:03am CST). Look for any lessons around short-cuts, blind sides, and doing things the ‘easy’ way versus putting in the hard work.

3/15: The Moon enters Pisces and Mercury trines the North Node early this morning before you rise. Cinderella dreams, and your life’s biggest quest are on the forefront of your mind. Are you doing what you came here to do? Are you in alignment with your destiny?

3/16: You might feel the sweet, healing vibes of Venus trining the North Node today, (the transit comes exact tomorrow morning), but there are no major astrological markers today making the Skies clear for work or play.

3/17: Happy St. Patrick’s Day! A magical New Moon at 26° Pisces (8:11am CST) comes in right behind beautiful Venus trining the North Node. Mars enters Capricorn today as well, which marks a several week period of ambition and endurance. It’s a significant day for your destiny, but be aware to not plan (or start) too much when the Moon is Void of Course from 10:39am – 1:56pm (CST).

With the New Moon in Pisces you can ask yourself: What do you need more of in life? More acceptance? Compassion? Connection with Spirit? Include those Piscean vibrations in your New Moon wishes. Focus on beauty rest, love, increasing intuition, learning more about meditation and yoga, taking time for quiet, forgiving yourself, acceptance and compassion. It can be a time to ask for help to break free from addictions, procrastination, anxiety, and toxicities. The 26th degree of Pisces is a highly sensitive and very methodical degree of Pisces that is also noted for unconventional relationships.

3/18: There is a tone of self-acceptance that comes up for healing and growth as the Sun conjuncts Chiron this evening.

3/19: Do you have a case of the Mondays? Get important tasks done first thing before the Moon goes VOC from 2:28pm – 8:06pm (CST) before entering sensual, methodical Taurus. The late night Mercury/Venus conjunction can be felt all day with some loving thoughts, and kind actions. It would be a good night to netflix and chill with your partner.

3/20: The magnificent Sun enters fiery Aries at 11:15am (CST), marking a month-long period of Spring energy. The first seeds are starting to push up through the mud and new growth is happening. Contemplate what you need to start, then get into action. Ask yourself what you need to be more straight-forward about.

3/21: Skies are clear for work or play, but Mercury turns retrograde tomorrow. Give yourself a little leeway on timing and scheduling.

3/22: Mercury turns retrograde at 16° Aries (7:18pm CST). This degree of the zodiac can bring out a mixed bag of things: ruthless behavior, persistence, artistic and unconventional resources, mutual praise in relationships, and positive relations with parents. A retrograde period asks us to go over and edit, or revise any thought patterns we have built up with regards to those issues. Where is 16° Aries in your chart? Mercury retrograde in general is a time when the details are overlooked, when car and computer and electronic issues pop up, and when travel is delayed. Mercury retrograde is nothing to get too worked up about though. On the positive you can use the energy to edit, revise, and make a new plan. I often find good deals, go through my closet, and have an out with the old vibe about me during these periods.

3/23: Lovely Venus squares intense Pluto at 6:16pm (CST). Avoid beauty appointments today. Lovers quarrels, and power plays may arouse passion or intensity. This could be one of those ‘break down to break through’ days.

3/24: The Sun squares Mars at 11:07am (CST). Be careful with your energy today – don’t overdo it. Avoid tendencies to overextend yourself.  Working late results in a lack of sleep,, doing a tough workout results in injury, be careful of these types of things. Stay hydrated, and don’t pick a fight unless you’re prepared for the war.

3/25 – 3/27: Skies are clear for work or play.

3/28: Moon VOC all morning (4:54am – 9:30am CST) then enters detail-oriented (and sometimes nit-picky) Virgo. Take advantage of a Virgo Moon by getting organized, and cleaning up any messes. Spend some time in Nature to get grounded and connected. There is a lot of electrical energy between you and your beloved today. Partnered or single – You might get a wild hair, an urge to do something ‘crazy’, or receive a curious message today, as Venus conjoins Uranus in the Skies (7:47pm CST). Work tensions may be building given tomorrow’s astrology. You may have to decide whether it’s you or the boss soon.

3/29: When the Sun squares Saturn this morning (9:16am CST) any karmic energy built up between you and your work comes to a head. A break-through is available, uncomfortable though it may be.

3/30: Happy Good Friday! Goddess Venus enters sensual Taurus where she is very much at home. This marks an easier period in love. Put the phone down to be present, get outside more, and tap in to what turns you on.

3/31: FULL MOON at 10° Libra (7:36a CST). 10° Libra is an ideal degree for the completion energy of the Full Moon. This degree is typically easy going and non-confrontational. There is a firm assurance that all is well with finances. Relationships are typically loving and good-natured. And to add some AstroWellBeing to the mix – I’ve pulled a quote from one of Molly’s articles: “The Full Moon in Libra highlights the skin and kidneys as areas to target for treatments (other than surgical) and self-love.” The Full Moon sets the stage for the next two weeks, as the Moon winds down from its maximum to begin a fresh, hot, and faster New Moon in fiery Aries on April 15th.


Tiffany Harelik