March Astrology Forecast

March Astrology Forecast

Pisces and Aries, the bookends of the zodiac have much to teach us this month as we complete a repeating aspect from 2009. March is about risking your heart, and recalibrating your life. Here’s a roadmap for the month ahead! 


8-Universal Month in a 5-Universal Year: cycles of power
Abundance, motivation, and risk-taking. It’s the kind of month where you may feel “all in” no matter what you’re doing. You may have big decisions to make around money and love. It’s a roller coaster of energy! Just remember to go slow: roller coasters can be both fun and scary at the same time. Word to the wise: guard against spreading yourself too thin.

8: infinite wisdom, rolling the dice, being gutsy and determined
5: curiosity, the future, going in several directions, adventure, and change 

Working 8-magic with 5-magic: making the most of the present moment
The number 85 represents accepting life as-is and encourages you to seize the day! Are you seeing 4:44 everywhere? Reduced down, the 85 becomes a 4 (8+5 = 13 = 4). 



Astrology at a Glance

Theme: the fear of not being different, the fear of not rising to the occasion of your life 

Uranus semisextile Chiron: This is a long-running, repeating aspect that began in 2009 and is culminating this month through May. Some people are revisiting an ongoing love affair with drama. Others are excelling in their healing. This transit stimulates you to live in truth – your truth. You’re invited to take a new perspective about yourself, recalibrate, and become more vulnerably “you” than you’ve ever been. 

Deep down there’s an inner child who wants to be seen and heard for exactly who they are. That’s you, babe. No more masks, no more people pleasing. Rip the band aid off. It’s time. 

March 3: Mars enters Gemini (activating the 8-5 numerology code of go big, or go home and feeling scattered when you haven’t focused your energy properly)
March 13, 2021 – New Moon in 23-Pisces
March 15: Mercury enters Pisces [*new classes start!]
March 20: Sun enters Aries
March 21: Venus enters Aries
March 28: Full Moon [8-Libra]

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This Week: March 1-5

Try something new! Pleasant surprises, impermanence, unique approaches are favorable as Venus trines Uranus this week. There are four opportunities to live your best life with this mojo: January 13, March 3, August 3, November 19.

Triggers can be teachers. Notice how the medicine of being triggered shows up in your life. It’s a gift when a trigger-teacher shows up! Be ready to have a new experience, transcend the same old conversation, and move through new layers of healing with Venus semisextile Chiron twice:  March 3 and April 22.

Mars enters Gemini: Mars, the planet of drive and energy moves into Gemini March 3 through April 23. The good news: we are more flexible, adaptable, eager to change the pace. We can easily find passion in what we stand for. The challenging news: we can be wishy-washy, indecisive, and talk too much. Your mind can be a dangerous place on it’s own. Keep yourself stimulated with new projects and fun people to avoid stagnation and boredom.

Love: Commitment is sexy right now. And so is spending time with your elders while Venus semisextiles Saturn. Manners, etiquette, and old-school vibes are always a good mode, but seem especially important now. Sneak peek: this energy comes back in November. Watch out for weekend weirdness. 

Money: Good news, good luck are in the air as Mercury conjuncts Jupiter. This is an ideal time to write & publish books, articles, journals, and market your written words. Dive into higher realms of thinking and communicating, place ads, sign up for classes.

Crystals for your Desk: Kyanite (alignment + yin/yang balance)

March 5, 2021 (Friday): LAST QUARTER MOON [15-SAGITTARIUS]: Go with the flow. Things are happening for you, not to you. This yin phase signifies receptivity and a willingness to trust, surrender, and let things take their course wherever 15-Sagittarius is in your chart.

Weekend Vibes: March 6-7

Reminiscing, nostalgia, and dreamlike states are prevalent with Mercury semisextiling Neptune. This is an optimal window to create memories, meditate, and read sacred texts but the weekend forecast isn’t all rainbows.

The new lipstick turns out to be the wrong shade. Your favorite outfit doesn’t fit. Things that used to bring you joy are turning up a little hinky right now. Some of you may be attracted to danger, the bad boy/girl, and others may fall into addictive/obsessive behaviors. Catharsis comes through tough love. Keep asking yourself: what is most loving for me right now? Remind yourself: we all deserve more unconditional love, not less. (Venus semisquares Pluto under a Capricorn Moon)


This Week: March 8-12

Whether you’re experiencing lucky breaks, or you’re wondering if you’re ever really going to make it big… Sun semisextile Jupiter is all about personal growth. Monday offers a healing antidote to the month-long theme of wondering if you’re going to rise to the occasion of your life. You were born wise. You have the answers. If you’re feeling blocked, check out a tarot repatterning session with Tiffany. Work to find a breakthrough this week – a new experience awaits! 

Notice what feels out of sync in your mind/body or head/heart. Flashbacks, deja vu, and memories have you analyzing things while Mercury semisquares Chiron.  

Dirty jokes, sibling rivalries, and secret codes are possibilities when Mercury semisextile Pluto. Focus on unraveling mysteries from the root causes and conditions. There are two opportunities to work with this powerful energy on  March 12, and December 10.

Love: Venus semisextiles Jupiter brings law of attraction mojo, natural talent, and charisma towards the end of the week. Become the Magician and turn lead into gold.

Money: Sun conjunct Neptune: Spiritual renewal. Make room in your heart, lose track of time, get lost in your thoughts – or, as the song goes – (be) “your own, personal, Jesus.” Positive or auspicious changes with your income can pop up: be open to new projects. 

Crystals for your Desk: Hematite (stress relief + stamina)

Weekend Vibes: March 13-14

What is your love language? Fall in love with your life, busy yourself in something that is deeply, spiritually significant to you, and spend time with your beloved: Venus conjuncts Neptune under a Piscean New Moon.

March 13, 2021 (Saturday): NEW MOON [23-PISCES]: Spiritual Prosperity
Make wishes around: help sleeping, inner peace, mystical states, increased intuition, charity, spiritual phenomena, cleansing, and purification. Find your muse, tap into your emotional intelligence, write in your dream journal. This phase signifies new beginnings and is a great time to set intentions wherever 23-Pisces is in your chart. 

Pisces New Moon Intention: I have space for mindful connections and heartfelt interactions without conditions or strings attached. I am prosperous.

Not feeling the magic? The Sun semisquares Uranus under the New Moon conjuring nervous tension. Wires may get crossed. If this Moon is negatively aspected in your chart you may notice some lower-Pisces-vibes. Guard against taking on too much, toxic environments, unhealthy boundaries, depression, sadness, addiction, delusional thinking, or escapism tendencies.

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ASTROLOGY 101 [March 17 – April 28]
TAROT 101 [March 16 – 30]
PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT [March 15 – April 19]

This Week: March 15-19

Change of plans. You’re being rerouted, but delays are a blessing in disguise. Go with the flow instead of resisting reality (Sun semisquares Saturn on Monday). Rearrange the furniture, go on an unexpected adventure, do something you’ve always wanted to do. We are more attracted to rebels, change, and the unpredictable side of life when Venus semisquares Uranus March 15 and May 31. 

Mercury enters Pisces: When Mercury rolls into Pisces, we begin working with a more compassionate and intuitive point of reference. Our thoughts turn dreamy, we find ourselves strumming the chords of the Gods, and our creative projects are on point through April 3.

The Sun’s trine to Pluto this week indicates how well you have worn the cloak of renewal this year. Standing in both your light and innate darkness is a harmonic balancing act of integrity. Three passes: March 16 (acknowledge where you are), May 17 (pause, pivot, gain new insights), September 16 (shed the old skin and have a new experience).

Love: Go easy on yourself and others. Greif, extreme penny pinching, and icy emotions are surging for many as Venus semisquares Saturn. 

Mars trines Chiron and semisextiles Uranus: Pay it forward to the divine masculine in your life: Dads, brothers, colleagues, uncles, etc. And Spiritual warriors, rise up! This energy can be stimulating erratic, electric, nervous and awkward behavior. Bring your sense of humor and some knee pads! 

Money: Venus sextile Pluto: Take action regarding investments, banking, and estate planning. Two passes to play with this energy: March 18, October 2.

Crystals for your Desk: Labradorite (consciousness expansion + energetic balance) 

Weekend Vibes: March 20-21

March 20, 2021: Sun enters Aries: Spring Equinox! 
Happy Birthday Aries! Tap into your hustle, enthusiasm, and curiousity through April 19 (Pssst… We have birthday readings and gifts for your Aries at¶

P.S. Jupiter semisextiles Neptune: Be careful what you wish for – you just might get it! This is a powerful meeting of the cosmic minds. 

Venus enters Aries: The shift from intuitive Pisces into go-getter Aries moves us off the couch and into action. Think about less yin and more yang, being less passive and becoming more direct when it comes to love and money March 21, 2021 through April 14. 

March 21, 2021 : FIRST QUARTER MOON [1-CANCER]: Clean out the junk drawer, the pantry, and any clutter around your home. Rearrange your furniture, freshen up your home, and change your Address Numerology. These activities do something to clear your mind too. This yang phase signifies decision making, determination, and commitment to action wherever 1-Cancer is in your chart.

If you’ve been looking for a sign – it’s a yes! Stay open to unlikely friendships, chance encounters by being at the right place at the right time, and study something quirky (Mercury trines Uranus).

Is everybody working for the weekend? Mars trines Saturn energizing perseverance, tact, and stamina to get the job done. This is an optimal time to commit yourself to a project where you want to see lasting success. Two passes to make it happen this year: March 21, and September 25.

This Week: March 22-26

Think before you speak, you may also be dealing with a high level of secrecy or privacy as Mercury semisextiles Saturn. Meditate to keep your mind focused. What is real? What is true? Is it possible someone is being narrow-minded or in their own way? 

Things heat up when Mercury squares Mars under a Leo Moon mid-week. If frustrations arise – you can gain clarity and perspective by taking a healthy pause. Patience wins.

Love: The Sun conjunct Venus at the end of the week. This pleasurable moment can be a good time to schedule the sweeter things in life. Think creature comforts, relaxation, and delicious connections on Friday.

Money: Serious discussions are preferable to skimming the surface. This makes for intense interactions (Mercury semisquare Pluto). The details change everything. Be mindful of the struggle between the intellect and primal life forces right now. Wait to make your move. Two passes: March 23, and November 30.

Crystals for your Desk: Yellow Citrine (empowerment)

Weekend Vibes: March 27-28

Less is more guys. Be on alert: cultures collide, language barriers, and overindulgence are more likely under the influence of the Sun and Venus semisquaring Jupiter. To thy own self be true. If you’re on the fence, lacking confidence, or not up for a certain challenge/decision – it’s ok to let yourself off the hook. Keep seeking what’s true and right for you.

Love is patient, kind, selfless, and unconditional. Invitation: put your oxygen mask on first today. Matters of the heart surface when Venus joins Chiron and semisextiles Uranus. New and weird places to hang out can be inspiring. Stumble into new realms and find yourself at the right place at the right time to unlock the next level. 

March 28, 2021 (Sunday): FULL MOON [8-LIBRA]: Justice
Your internal justice system recognizes when something is off. It’s time to find closure with bad deals and unhealthy relationships. Balance the scales in your own heart. Reminder: love is an inside job. You can find a sense of completion while remaining honest and fair. 

Set intentions around reciprocity, healing insecurities, generating inner peace and integrity. This phase signifies the completion of a cycle, endings, and closure wherever 8-Libra is in your chart.

Full Moon Intention: I facilitate equality and reciprocity between my head and my heart. Balance happens, inside and out. 

This Week: March 29-31

The Buddha said, “You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” Subtle healing is available as the Sun conjuncts Chiron. Connect with healers of all types to help you move through any stagnant energy this week. 

Odd outbursts are more likely (Sun semisextile Uranus). Allow yourself and others some grace as we awkwardly find our own rhythms. Ram Dass gave us a great teaching to remember: We are all just walking each other home. 

Make sure to write your dreams down this week! Divine communication is certain during ‘night school’ as Mercury, the planet of communication meets Neptune, the planet of the mystic in the Skies. This energy amplifies your psychic and creative skills. It’s a good time to create, write, and dream

Love: Mercury semisextile Jupiter: I once heard this described as the transit of the Knowflake. Coffee talk expands minds, but someone might be late. Tuesday and Wednesday are prime time for writers and story-tellers to get their message across and expand their audience. 

Money: Stability and viability. Purchases, commitments, and mergers made during this time prove favorable. Open a new bank account to give it a great birthdate on the 30th. This transit will reoccur October 13th – plant seeds now, and watch them come to fruition later this year. 

What are you doing to improve your financial future or security? Your hard work is paying off this week – keep going. Reminder: Karma is not a punishment, it’s a learning opportunity. Whatever is coming back to you now, originated from you (Sun sextile Saturn, Venus sextiles Saturn).

Crystals for your Desk: Black Tourmaline (energy clearing + security)

Reminder: the Uranus/Chiron aspect we’ve been feeling completes on the 31st. This is a long-running, repeating aspect which began in 2009 and is culminating this month through May. Some people are revisiting an ongoing love affair with drama. Others are excelling in their healing. This transit stimulates you to live in truth – your truth. You’re invited to take a new perspective about yourself, recalibrate, and become more vulnerably “you” than you’ve ever been. 

Deep down there’s an inner child who wants to be seen and heard for exactly who they are. That’s you, babe. No more masks, no more people pleasing. Rip the band aid off. Get brave. It’s Spring time. 


Sneak Peek into April: Overcoming odds with Integrity

NUMEROLOGY: 9-Universal Month in a 5-Universal Year: Integrating

NEW MOON: April 11th in 22-Aries: What project do you want to start?

FULL MOON: April 26th in 7-Scorpio: What project do you want to finish?

ASTROLOGY: Jupiter semisquare Chiron and semisextile Pluto: overcoming odds


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Tiff offers astrology, mediumship, yoga, and tarot sessions. She uses the Golden Tarot deck combined with yogic philosophy and her lineage of Russian mysticism to address your concerns through practical advice. She holds a Masters degree in Health Psychology and founded Spellbound Publishers, a metaphysical book company. She owns and operates Wise Skies. Follow her work at

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