March 2024

March 2024

Written by Tiffany Harelik

March is a 2-month in an 8-year

Relationships. Connecting the seen and unseen, harmonious interactions, give/take. Watch out for people-pleasing tendencies and codependent behaviors.

March 1st – 3rd

March starts with good vibes!
March 1st | Sun sextile sJupiter
Big Magic.
Good vibes. Say Yes to You. Confidence, health, spiritual development, and opportunities for positive change. Where do you want to grow, and expand your horizons? This is a song of increase. It’s an auspicious time to travel, learn a new language, or a new recipe from a different culture. It’s also beneficial for lawsuits and signing legal papers. This transit can be felt a day in advance and occurs March 7th and August 7th.
And… Venus sextiles Chiron
Open to Love. The Skies bring opportunities to heal relationship wounds at the core. Do you want to make room for positive collaborations coming your way? Do you want to have a new reaction, and shift into a new gear, new life? Your mantra: open hands, open heart. Your secret: This transit can be felt a day in advance and occurs March 1st, June 11th, and December 24th.
“Nonresistance doesn’t necessarily mean doing nothing. All it means is that any “doing” becomes non-reactive. Remember the deep wisdom underlying the practice of Eastern martial arts: Don’t resist the opponent’s force. Yield to overcome.” -Eckhart Tolle 
On the third, Venus squares Uranus
New developments in love and money. There is an air of unpredictability and surprises as we step outside of our comfort zone and controlling tendencies. If you’re overstimulated with the tension, or still trying to manage everything – do you want to take it easy? Fresh perspectives are needed: the same old approach/story no longer works. Often—only when life feels unmanageable will we find a point of surrender to our higher power. Is there anything you want to put in your God box? Fun side note: this energy provides ‘surprising compatibility’ for people of diverse age gaps to bond and learn from each other.
This transit can be felt a few days in advance and occurs March 3rd, August 2nd, and December 28th. Sometimes a shake up leads to a breakthrough.

March 4th – 10th

The second week of March turns the tide…
March 4th | Mercury sextile Uranus
Plot twist! What is and isn’t working? What do you want to experiment with? Notice what is wanting to be rewired, redistributed, or reconsidered. This transit brings “road less traveled” energy and encourages detours, and walks on the wild side. Ignite curiosity and a new solution presents itself. The Skies bring good news, mental stimulation, and inventive ideas on the journey of life.
It’s a good day for a good day! Be mindful of obsessive thinking if you’re bringing too much intensity to the mind. Do you want to observe what life brings your way to respond to the next few days? This can be felt a day early and occurs: March 4th, and June 30th.
Heads up: the Mars/Uranus square on March 9th creates a need to keep an eye out for safety. Mar 4 2024
“One door closes and another opens.”
March 5th | Mars sextile North Node / trine South Node
Right place, right time. No mistakes. Mars stimulates action, the nodes bring destined connections to your attention. This is a cool time to launch a new product or get into yoga (physical activity that yields a spiritual result). This can be felt a week in advance—it occurs March 5th and August 2nd.
What is propelling you forward? What is on your gratitude list? What feels like high vibe energy that you want to be aligned with? What is your ‘why’? This is an optimal time to discover what drives you, and to let go of fear, restlessness, and chaos. Do you want to be motivated by love? Is it time to do some inner-laundry?
March 6th | Mars sextile Chiron
Dance party.
“If action is required, you will no longer react from your conditioned mind, but you will respond to the situation out of your conscious presence. In that state, your mind is free of concepts.” -Eckhart Tolle.
Mars energizes, Chiron creates space for alchemy. Do you want to reach out and help a friend? Do you want to bring more inspirational media and healing rituals into your day? Know this: if you’re in a difficult cycle – it takes time to heal, and there are no rules around grief. If needed, give yourself the gift of somatic therapy, healing dance/song, and move any stuck energy through your body.
Do you want to turn the music up and move around? This energy can be felt a week in advance and occurs twice: March 6th, and August 24th.
Heads up: the Mars/Uranus square on March 9th creates a need to keep an eye out for safety.
March 8th | Mercury conjunct Neptune in Pisces
Wise use of imagination and inner vision. Accurate psychic hits and intuitive thinking. It’s a good time for artists to write/create, and less ideal for serious business. Do you want to tap into your muse, light a candle for the underdog, sign a petition, think loving thoughts, blend and merge with the universal consciousness?
If this transit is in a challenging position to your birth chart, you may also be aware of what is dissolving. Neptune fades the regular sharpness and mental clarity of Mercury. For some, this may represent a time to be aware of rose colored glasses, a loss of memory, or a challenge in overcoming addictive behaviors. What needs to dissolve, in order to evolve?
Your mantra: I enjoy being friends with the creative forces in my life. I step into my new way of thinking with grace and ease. Realize: This is my dream life.
March 9th | Mars square Uranus
Feeling impulsive?
Take safety cautions and double check the house vibes today – volatility is in the air. Do you want to send love to some of your loose cannons? Misplaced electrical currents, accidentally leaving something plugged, and simple mistakes could create an exponential flare up.
Keep a keen eye out – accidents, errors, misfires, and eruptions are more likely right now. Take care of pets, elderly, and littles. Go slow, and play it safe while tempers are high. Do you want to step out of the energy and just observe what’s wanting to change around you? This energy can be felt a week in advance.
March 9th | Sun sextile Uranus
Exciting times! Listen for truth bombs – personal breakthroughs are granted for those seeking a solution and stepping into action. Where can you surprise yourself (and others) with a winning new attitude? This transit can be felt one day in advance. It occurs March 9th and July 18th.
March 10th | Mercury enters Aries
Focus. Mercury, the planet that inspires our thinking processes and learning styles enters fiery Aries March 10th – May 15th. Activate the astrology with quick-wit, trivia tidbits, and working with bullet points in texts and emails. A word of caution: self-centric thinking is also part of the cosmic tapestry. This isn’t a ‘bad’ thing – but something to be aware of in finding the balance between standing ‘for’ yourself without standing ‘against’ another person.
And… Mercury sextile Pluto
Your inner psychic detective is ready to wow you. What treasures will you find? Do you want to explore some mysteries? This is a fun transit to do a mystery dinner theatre, watch a documentary on unexplained phenomena, take a mediumship training, or play the game Clue. This can be felt a day in advance and occurs March 10th, and November 2nd.
Reading recommendations: The Visions of the Children: The Apparitions of the Blessed Mother at Medjugorje by Janice T Connell, and/or Our Lady of the Forest by David Guterson.

March 11th – 17th

Two main focus areas: 
March 11th | Venus enters Pisces
Venus stays in hotel Pisces March 11th – April 5th. This energy helps us enjoy the lavish side of life, fall in love, and get in tune with the Divine Feminine. Do you want to incorporate some yin yoga, rose oil facials, and leave beautiful music playing for your house plants to enjoy this season?
March 17th | Neptune CAZIMI
Spiritual renewal. Emotional clarity. Enjoy getting lost in a good book, and losing track of time on a nature hike. Neptune illuminates what needs to be dissolved in order to evolve. This is an auspicious time to connect with your creative muse – but not just for arts and crafts – for Soul expression.
Alternate translation: When people show you who they are, believe them. Guard against following false gurus – remember people are just people having a spiritual experience. This energy can be felt a day in advance. Do you want to keep a dream journal? Would it feel good to immerse yourself in healing waters? Ideas: hot tubs, baths with rose petals, natural rivers, mother Ocean, a magnesium float tank.
Heads up: Mercury enters shadow on March 18th, and will retrograde April 1st – 25th.

March 18th – 28th

We enter the last half of the month with Mercury opposite South Node / conjunct North Node
There’s an internal shift as you prepare for your inner-Spring season. A natural letting go, or cutting away of lifeless material is occurring. The energy surge you’re feeling is connected to your destiny. As you think, so shall you be [Proverbs 23:7]. 
March 20th | Sun enters Aries
The true value of a human being is determined primarily by the measure and the sense in which he has attained liberation from the self.”” – Albert Einstein. Blessed Equinox and Happy Birthday Aries! We can all tap into our hustle, enthusiasm, independence, and individuality while the Sun shines light on liberation of the Self through April 19th. Relinquishment of the bonds of the self and selfish attitudes to our Higher Power, surrender of personal desires—to something greater—is the foundation of true freedom. Are you ready to let your light shine bright?!
Also on the 20th,
Mercury conjunct Chiron in Aries
Quiet observer. Transformative thoughts. “There’s a difference between knowing about God, and knowing God. There’s a big difference.” Wayne Dyer. Mercury transits illuminate our minds, while Chiron provides information about our spiritual healing experiences. How do you make conscious contact with your Higher Power? Do you ask for Spiritual guidance throughout the day? Do you want to? Do you notice a need to unplug, and pull your energy inward? There’s great value in meditating, journaling, and getting thoughts out of your head and onto paper right now. Do you want to? This can be felt a day in advance and occurs three times: March 20th, April 15th, and May 7th.
On the 21st, Sun sextile Pluto
Personal empowerment. Are you reinventing yourself? What creative things are wanting to happen through you and for you? What does the next version of you want to do? Pluto inspires depth. Do you want to ask the deeper questions about the meaning of your life, your spirituality, and anything concerning the afterlife? If you had 24 hours left (guilt-free and healthy), what would you do with them? What primal urges are sending you messages? This transit can be felt a day early and occurs twice on March 21st, and November 21st.
And… Venus conjunct Saturn in Pisces
Some people are in our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. A pause or minor setback offers time to reassess relationships. In extreme cases of detachment, loneliness, or loss, know this: this too shall pass. What’s meant to be will be. Nothing that is for you will pass you by. And we all deserve more unconditional love, not less. Heads up: you may feel this coming on several days in advance. Venus loves. Saturn disciplines. Pisces devotes.
A juxtaposition meets us on the 22nd,
Mars enters Pisces
Passionate Mars shows us what to pursue, and points us on a more spiritual path while in intuitive Pisces (March 22nd through April 30th). Depending on where this lands in your chart, you may notice subconscious emotions bubbling up for healing. The fiery energy of Mars is not typically comfortable in a water sign. We may notice the need to let off some steam. If low on energy – how can we ‘actively relax’? Remember to stay hydrated and give yourself plenty of space to discern what you’re feeling versus what you may be picking up psychically from someone else. Alternative themes: spiritual sex, idealizing the masculine, tantra, yoga.
On the 24th, Venus sextile Jupiter
We are here for a good time, not a long time! Lady luck is on our side with love, money, and travel. Roll the dice, take a chance! Do you want to? This transit inspires spontaneity, positive outcomes with legal issues, and enjoyable events. The energy can be felt a day in advance and occurs twice this year on March 24th and July 21st.
And we conclude the month with Venus sextile Uranus
Sparks fly – the good kind! This is great energy to entertain, and find unique deals and connections. Throw a surprise party, network, and solve problems with a creative third option. Do you want to? All things are possible, and all is well in your kingdom. Do you want to leave room in your heart to be pleasantly surprised? This can be a fortunate financial transit as well – is there some surprise money coming your way?
Is it time to ask for a raise? This energy can be felt a day in advance and occurs March 28th, and July 8th.
Tiffany is an evidential psychic medium, astrologer, and best selling author. She holds a Master’s in Psychology and has been trained by some of the world’s best mediums including Lisa Williams, Tony Stockwell, Janet Nohavec, Lynn Probert, Mavis Patilla, Colin Bates, and Stella Upton. When she’s not writing the astrology forecast, you can find her in the apiary, yoga studio, or midwifing new books at Spellbound Publishers.

Tiffany Harelik