Lion’s Gate Summit

The Lion’s Gate Portal is a potent astrological portal. It activates abundance, and your heart’s wild calling. 

Every year from July 28th until August 12th, the Lion’s Gate portal opens, peaking on August 8th. It combines ancient astrological wisdom with numerology frequencies to open roads, clear paths, and grant wishes. The celebration of the Lion’s Gate dates back thousands of years to the ancient Egyptians and Mayans.

Do you want to get inspired by the mysteries of life?

You’re not a blank slate. Your DNA, family history, birth order, personality crystals, purpose constellations, and much more align to provide an architectural map of the life you were designed to live. You were born with special qualities in a specific time, history, and culture—for a reason: to have a unique individual expression as relates to your personal storyline. THIS is the time of your life. Wise Skies is here to help you activate it. What’s Wanting To Happen in Your Life?

Are you ready to activate your personal Sun, Moon, Stars, and Birth Order for a rite of passage this Lion’s Gate?

Wise Skies’ first tribal online gathering features International Master Teachers/Healers, each with potent tools and messages about our unique life paths. This powerful opportunity to learn from and connect with these teachers will give you profound insight, guidance, and clarity on your life’s biggest wishes, and biggest questions. Why are you here? What is the life you were born to live? What does a life worth living look like?
The best part? It’s FREE FOR MEMBERS!   
Or an investment of $88 for non-members.

It’s Rough out there – Let’s Feel Better Together.

Join us from the comfort of your home, at your pace !

Links for the live events, all pre-recorded classes, and replays will be emailed to members, and all those who have registered/paid before August 6th.

August 6th, 2022: Opening Ceremony

Your welcome email contains hyper-focused gifts and exercises:
Lion’s Gate Meditation, a special Foundations Class Playlist, the Wise Skies New Moon Wish Map, a digital copy of Tribes of Light, and a potent opening ceremony: an astrological vision quest into the records with April and Tiffany.


August 7th, 2022: Workshops

Learn how birth order, the Sun and the Moon can help you realign with your life’s greatest mission: to be yourself
  • Opening Ceremony: An Astrological Vision Quest into the Akashic records [April Leman & Tiffany Harelik]
  • **Live Zoom 11a -1pCST**  Deep Dive into Birth Order [Karen Romine]
  • Moon Cycle Strategies to get out of Corporate [Celeste Brooks]
  • Your Sun in Human Design [Leisha Barnette] 


August 8th, 2022: Closing Ceremony 

Live Zoom 2p CST:  Join our Blessing Ball Ceremony, where Adrienne Cobb will be leading us in a dreamy real time blessing  to put all of our Lion’s gate intentions in a potent prayer. 
Getting Excited? Here’s a little meditation for you – we love you! 
The meditation starts at 7:15 in this episode.

Meet our Teachers!

Karen Romine: Birth Order

Karen worked in operations for companies in start-up or transitional phases for over thirty years. Karen oversaw day-to-day operations for the corporate office of one of the nation’s largest hotel management companies, which helped to facilitate the acquisition of $485 million and the formation of a real estate investment trust. She has managed operations with Fortune 500 Companies, record labels, and tech companies. But her heart is now immersed in her readings. 



Karen has certificates in Usui Reiki, clinical applications of essential oils, iridology, Angel Guide and Automatic Writing Certification through Level 7, and Crystal Energy Therapy. Most significantly, in September of 2021, she received my Certification as a Healer, as Psychic, and a Medium and in February of 2022, she received my Certification as a Psychic Investigator through the Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development.

Celeste Brooks: Moon Strategies

Celeste has always felt a calling to guide others along their paths. Like many people, however, she struggled to find a balance between her corporate and cosmic callings. That is until she began living in sync with the Moon.


After a successful career working for Fortune 500 companies in sales and marketing, Celeste studied under many highly respected astrologers to hone her gift. Using the cycles of the Moon, Celeste retired early and transitioned into her life’s true purpose: bringing the stars down to Earth for the people around her.


Unlocking her celestial design was life-changing for Celeste. She’s manifesting a life she loves daily, moving through her time on Earth with insight and certainty and genuinely connecting with the world around her. Now it’s your turn…

Adrienne Cobb: Spiritual teacher and intuitive messenger leading our closing ceremony


I founded My Wild Magic to help people just like you to access unconditional self-love, discover your life purpose, connect you with the limitless support to walk that out and empower you so that you can live a life on fire making an impact on the world you live in

Leisha Barnette: Human Design Sun 

Leisha holds multiple certifications, including an Evolutionary Psychology degree and certifications in Appreciative Inquiry, The Energy Project, Project Management, Learning Design, Reiki, and the Human Design System. She is also a lover of the earth, herbal remedies, observing the world, understanding others, life enjoyment, and all things mystic.

Leisha is an avid Human Design experimenter, and uses her experience with facilitation and the art of the question to support, share, and empower those who invite her unique guidance and expression.

April Leman: Opening Ceremony

April has worked in the corporate world for 15 years, and she loves merging the mystical with the practical. She is particularly passionate about seeing women thrive in business. As she channels the power of the divine feminine, April champions and coaches women of all ages to discover their deservingness and self-worth. 


Tiffany Harelik: Opening Ceremony

Tiffany is the founder of Wise Skies Collective, and the hostess of the Lion’s Gate Summit. Tiff’s psychic abilities increased after a near-death experience as a teen. She pursued training under prestigious mediums and astrologers while obtaining a Masters Degree in Health Psychology. Her teachers include Tony Stockwell, Lisa Williams, Janet Nohavec, Lynn Probert, Mavis Patilla, Colin Bates, Stella Upton, Steven Forrest, and continues to receive ongoing education. 

Lion’s Gate: The Pilgrimage of Your Heart

  • Numerology: the 8 resembles our infinite nature, and our ability to find stability within chaos. Think of it like surfing a wave of abundance – you’re both still and in motion. Visualize yourself surfing and feeling exhilarated.
  • Astrology: the Sun in Leo kisses the fixed star Sirius. This symbolizes a death and rebirth of our spiritual bodies. Consider this window in time a pilgrimage of your heart.
  • Even amidst the confusion and chaos of a changing new world, this portal can be a time when you’re feeling more creative, noticing more abundance, and getting some pleasant surprises.

Do you want to Ask Yourself, about Yourself?

  • Who am I intended to become?
  • What motivates me and makes me feel alive?
  • How do I limit myself in life, love, business, health, and spirituality?
  • Where do I want to shine more?

Lion’s Gate Activities 

  • Create a vision board – play your favorite music! 
  • Do yoga! Heart-opening exercises and 8 sun salutations are a perfect fit today.
  • Incorporate the power of eight into your day: Do an 8-card tarot spread, light 8 candles around your yoga mat, create a crystal grid with 8 of your favorite crystals. I love citrine for abundance – plus it’s golden/yellow hue aligns with all that solar Leo energy!
  • Sit still for some psychic downloads, celestial visitations from your guides, and messages from deceased loved ones [8 minutes]. 
  • Meditate. Meditate. Here are three free meditations: meditation specific to 8-8, one-heart breath meditation from My Wild Magic.
  • Sirius also rules technology – meet with influencers, create a new blog post, tap into your techie-magic. 
  • Clear your chakras + treat yourself to a tarot reading and guided meditation.
  • Journal: What is my highest aim? What is my highest calling? What actions am I taking daily in living out those aims?
  • Meditate with Venus to increase love frequencies.
  • Make a “sunny” smoothie with turmeric, some cherry lemonade, or a golden mylk latte.
  • Move your Ganesha figurine out into the Sun! Call upon Ganesha to remove any obstacles blocking you on your path.
  • How about some gentle Sun-gazing? Stand barefooted, visualizing yourself rooted to the Earth. Inhale, raise your arms up overhead, exhale hands in prayer at heart-center. Gaze softly and safely towards the solar rays of the Grand Central Sun.
  • Remember the Long Time Sun is blessing you always…
Tiffany Harelik