Karmic Cycles of Change

Karmic Cycles of Change

by Celeste Brooks

Eclipse season occurs twice a year and lasts for 31 – 37 days. During this time, emotions can run high. For the smoothest experience, get extra sleep, eat healthfully, exercise, and practice grounding activities to manage the energy. Most importantly, stay present with what you and society are experiencing. These cycles often usher in evolutionary events; we step through a door, and when we look back, there is a wall.  

The Universe is talking; make sure you are listening. Stay present as stories unfold in your life.

The moon’s north node is currently transiting Taurus and the south, Scorpio, until July 17, 2023. Themes concerning the axis of pleasure, power, and resources will bring lessons to us. Taurus rules money and values, including security and safety. With Uranus transiting the sign, massive and unexpected shifts will continue to occur. Recent news includes price inflation, leading to a scarcity of resources, including food shortages. Expect more stories highlighting innovations and breakdowns around financial matters, the food supply, Earth conservation, and personal protection. 

Scorpio rules power dynamics, sexuality, deep psychological processes, and taboo subjects. The karmic process includes confrontations with the shadow sides of the south nodes sign. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a horrifying example of tyranny, cruelty, and mass death. Consider your relationship with domination, control, and discipline. Do you feel self-empowered or under the thumb of someone or something else? If you are the oppressive authority, how can you course correct?

A solar eclipse occurs when the new moon is within 18º of the north or south node. In this alignment, the moon moves between the Sun and the Earth. The Sun’s light is eclipsed and cut off from us. When the transmission returns, something has changed and what was before is no longer. 

The next one is at 10º Taurus on April 30 at 1:27 pm P.T. This eclipse will be visible in the southern part of South America. Check to see if your location is listed here. These intense new moons are unpredictable; sometimes, they pass unnoticed, or they can hit like an avalanche. Events can sweep in unexpectedly that require immediate attention. This lunation may bring great beginnings and endings if your natal chart is activated. 

This eclipse is activating Uranus at 14º Taurus on a world point. Actions to fulfill desires for personal freedom and rebellion against constraints are likely to increase. Be prepared for aha moments. Keep your journal handy to document unexpected and exciting insights. An event that receives worldwide attention is possible. The U.S. government recently warned about a cyberattack. I suggest backing up all your data, keeping your gas tank at least ½ full, and having your emergency supplies ready in case. A storm, volcano eruption, earthquake, or other catastrophe is also possible. These incidents are all unlikely but prepare just in case. 

The Venus Jupiter conjunction in Pisces is exciting. Both planets love traversing these mutable waters, and the union of the benefics may bring happiness, enjoyment, and unexpected bounty. Beware of the impulse to overindulge or excessively spend. Neptune is in the mix; drug overdoses may increase. If you have an issue, have a plan if the desire for escapism surfaces. Keep a close eye on those who struggle.

Sometimes an event may happen on or near the exact date, but eclipse energy has a long tail. My experience is that many clients undergo an evolutionary process over time. A desire seeds in their psyche or the person initiating the event long before it materializes.

The eclipses bounce back and forth between your Taurus and Scorpio houses while the lunar nodes travel through their signs. The action is likely to occur here.

Axis of Relationships – the 1st and 7th houses

Themes concerning yourself, your significant other, business partners, B.F.F.s, and open enemies will be in focus. You may burn off old parts of your identity and experience changes in how you interact with yourself and others. 

 Focus on your physical health, vitality, and fitness. Be open to feedback from your seventh house peeps for the best results. 

Axis of Resources – the 2nd and 8th houses

Topics around money, material possessions, and security will be on deck for yourself and your partner. One of you may take on a new job or experience a career change. It’s a great time to evaluate your spending habits, investments, and debt. Receiving an inheritance or unexpected tax bill is possible.

You may find yourself drawn to do shadow work for positive transformation. It is a perfect time to start therapy. 

Axis of Knowledge – the 3rd and 9th houses

Whether through a formal course or life experience, the invitation is to learn new skills. Cultivate a beginner’s mind and release old dogma. Will you explore new cultures through travel, learn a new language or get involved in your local community. 

You may experience relationship changes with your siblings, or they may have significant life events. Interactions with neighbors could be in focus.

Axis of Legacy – the 4th and 10th houses

Your career and family may experience significant changes. Be cognizant that you may be more visible at your job. Will you achieve your goals or have an unexpected job exit? It’s important to balance work and home life. Will you change where you live or expand your family?

Elderly family members may transition to a  nursing home or pass on.  

Axis of the Audience– the 5th and 11th houses

These houses concern what we create for our joy and how we interact with the collective. Pay attention to hobbies, social and community groups. Expect activities around your children or other people’s kids around this time. 

If you are interested in politics, consider running for office, joining a board, or volunteering for an organization. If you are single, an unexpected romance could be on the horizon.

Axis of Health – the 6th and 12th houses

Develop routines and rituals to support your mental and physical health. Consider ditching any bad habits that damage your vitality. Be prepared to work hard and behind the scenes. 

Small pets are a 6th house topic; you may find yourself with a new four-legged family member. The 12th house has a connection to past lives, and a karmic relationship could begin.

The Universe is talking; make sure you are listening. Stay present as stories unfold in your life.

Celeste Brooks is the Founder and Principal Astrologer at Astrology by Celeste L.L.C. She has an undergraduate degree in Integrative Biology from UC Berkeley and an M.B.A. from St. Mary’s College. Before transitioning into astrology full-time, she had a successful sales and marketing career at Fortune 500 companies spanning over 25 years.

Celeste’s offerings include personal readings, cosmic coaching, group events, and classes. Follow her on Instagram, Tik Tok, and YouTube at @astrologybyceleste. Her website is www.astrologybyceleste.com.

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