By Sasha Boyle


This is a good place to learn about, and increase your understanding of how what you own and surround yourself with things that can support your signature vibe.  After spending the first half of the year expanding your first house of who you are, this is a time to nurture your self-esteem by increasing your money and possessions. You are a hunter stalking the objects you adore and calling in the non-human allies from the earth to support you. You have the ability to be a loyal customer and now is the time to vote on the world you want to see through your patronage. Put yourself on a budget in May, though, the North Node wants to throw you in a buying frenzy.

Celebrate your 2nd House Jupiter in Taurus by sipping a steamy pot of ashwagandha and ginger green tea.


Your larger-than-life presence is infectious and gives you an uncanny ability to inspire others. Jupiter transiting through your 1st house gives an expansion of your inner knowing and how you are seen by the world, and this could be literal. Pastries will call to you in the night.  Your inclination to being a natural preacher marries well with Jupiter’s persistent search for the truth. Joyously bedazzle your soapbox and let who you are and what you believe sparkle in the world.

Celebrate your 1st House Jupiter in Taurus by giving yourself a head massage with heated oil.


Secrets that bloom into meaningful life experiences from deep within yourself may become unhidden as Jupiter enters Taurus. Someone will pay the bail in life’s most despairing moments of self-imprisonment, not because there is a benefit to be had but because this is what life on earth is about.

Celebrate your 12th House Jupiter in Taurus with a gorgeous new journal and fancy pen, your metaphorical writer’s cave is where your written enemies are clear and can become transformed into amusing characters.


Accepting kindness from others is sometimes the greatest celebration of abundance, and a gift you can offer your team. As Jupiter, the planet of wisdom and abundance, enters Taurus, your circle of friends are ready to be nurtured and inspired. Opportunities that grow the natural rhythm of both communal giving and receiving may feel meaningful to you and strengthen your friendship bonds.

Celebrate your 11th House Jupiter in Taurus by actively trusting your friends, supporters, and benefactors.


As Jupiter enters your 10th house of public life, you are seen as the person you are, someone who is sincere and honorable. Your professional life is a vehicle to find or express the meaning of life. You may have an ever-expanding need for public recognition, so go ahead and let your vocation be known and ask to be heard.

Celebrate your 10th House Jupiter in Taurus by recognizing your business mentors and muses.


As you embark on an insatiable search for the meaning of life, you will benefit greatly from the guidance of advisors and teachers. Higher education may be calling you and that works with your endless quest for knowledge through philosophy, religion, study, and travel.

Celebrate your 9 House Jupiter in Taurus with movement, like yoga poses, that stretch and open up the hips.


Joint enterprises are your means for personal expansion because Jupiter entering your 8th house blesses connections you have with other people’s money and resources. Your eloquent ability to know how to balance the areas of life that others scarcely see will prove beneficial to you, and you deserve this bounty.

Celebrate your 8th House Jupiter in Taurus with an opulent, and richly rewarding act of self-care.


As Spring blooms, so too does your appetite to develop your bonds in your chosen relationships. You may attract spiritually-inclined partners and as Jupiter acts like your own personal relationship guru the beneficial contract you forge in your life flourish.

Celebrate your 7th House Jupiter in Taurus by saying yes to your relationship growth.


As Jupiter enters your 6th house, work and health take on great significance in your life. This is a beautiful time to incorporate your personal beliefs into your work and health routines.  Venus rules this sign of daily routines and is ready for a glow-up.

Celebrate your 6th House Jupiter in Taurus by expanding your crystal collection or if that is new to you, give it a try.


The 5th house rules your joy, erotic pleasure, and the results of joy and erotic pleasure-children! Say yes to a new creative project and you will be on the path to finding your life’s universal elixir. Let a child-like perspective of life inspire you. Take the freedom to express your sense of fun and creativity. 

Celebrate your 5th House Jupiter in Taurus with an Art Date to a Museum or Gallery in the middle of the workday and fill your creative bucket.


As Jupiter buds and blossoms in your 4th house, this may be a great time to leverage your luck in your home environment. Have you been wanting to move? This may be a lovely time to find your dream space. If moving is not in the stars, there will certainly be a windfall in making your abode a comfy, nurturing, and opulent space for reclining.

Celebrate your 4th House Jupiter in Taurus by splurging on the best pillows money can buy, trust me.


Jupiter in your third house is a place of communication, either by writing articles or texting your bestie status updates on the neighbors.  Embrace your skills as a thinker and talker and seek ever-increasing networks and inspire others through your insight.

Celebrate your 3rd House Jupiter in Taurus by writing handwritten letters of appreciation to those who are close to you, you will make their day.

Astrologer Sasha Boyle facilitates creativity focusing retreats using the power and momentum of Mercury retrogrades in her annual Creativity eShrams. She is a contributing Author to The Creativity Workbook for Coaches and Creatives and Transformational Journaling for Coaches, Therapists, and Clients. You can join Sasha’s mailing list and read her work here.


Exciting news in 2023 is that the benefic planet Jupiter enters Taurus, a sign ruled by another benefic, Venus, for the first time since 2012. The planet that embodies the principle of expansion, Jupiter, moves from armed and active Aries to the sign of the creative earthen goddess Taurus from May 16th, 2023 – May 26, 2024. 
Jupiter, specifically as ruler of his fiery night triplicity Sagittarius, represents the infancy of the first moments in manifesting. As Jupiter enters Taurus from fiery Aries, abundance may blow into the lives of Venusian people like a comfortable spring breeze. This is a beautiful time to sit with your life’s intention, aspiring to give you the WILL to create.  
In the tarot, Sagittarius is represented by the Temperance card. The 13th card is Death, the end, and the 14th card is Temperance. The card that urges you to act as if your life mattered. The card both confronts and consoles your angelic form as a reminder that YOU are the maker of life’s divine elixir. How can you dip your toe in fully submerging yourself in your own existence? By having a sense of who you are and why you are making this one precious life, you enter into an identity-based self-reflective relationship and intention naturally arises. This nearly subconscious knowing of self births ideas and creative works that elaborate on the will your aspiring intention is born.
This is Jupiter in Taurus. 
At this time abundance may blow into the lives of Venusian people with Jupiter’s ingress like a comfortable spring breeze. So too can arrogance, aggrandizement, and extravagance, meeting the grittier boring qualities of Taurus like slowness, stubbornness and territorialism. Astrologer Brady writes, “ It would seem that people with a strong natal Jupiter (or who have a large dollop of Sagittarius in the chart) can find that transits from or progressions to Jupiter are too excessive, leading to obsessive, manic types of overreactions which generally leave them exhausted at the end of the period.” 
It is worth noting that when Jupiter first ingresses into Taurus, it will immediately be conjunct with the North Node and square Pluto. Crossing paths with a point of ravenous imagination (North Node) and potentially triggering a frenzy of energy and destruction (Pluto) that for some will lead to inflamed addiction and neurosis. May 16 to July 17, 2023, is a time to really protect yourself from yourself if overindulgence is a thing for you (food/sex/alcohol). Wear hessonite, gomed gemstone or agate. Make a support system phone tree. Channel your prana into a creative practice. Make ART. <3
Reach out into the ethers to find the sensation of weightless buoyancy that will accompany you, while aspiring to birth, then affirm your intention. The Latin root of temperance means restraint and moderation. Jupiter has the ability to grow things and this transit may bring a situation where an event or a request just becomes too big. Knowing the astrology of the moment will be so helpful in looking out for the moments to reel it in.  We are not sure why this works, but if you do find yourself in an actual frenzied state, taking a long hot shower can be best described as a tool to alleviate the manic behavior that arises from the expansion Jupiter brings. 
This is a beautiful time to flip the script and give generously. Freely offer with exuberance in hopes of aiding the elevation of honor amongst beings in this human experience, the impact could be great. Commit in real ways how you can contribute to the well-being of your home, whether that home is your body, your house, or the Earth. 
Take a look at your natal Venus for personal insights on how luck and expansion could potentially thrive in your Taurus house, or at least give clues on where to make room for your primal creative unfolding.
Uranus has been transiting through Taurus, the sign that can represent beauty, money, the senses, and the environment, for the past 5 years. Jupiter can symbolize a wise teacher and it is my hope that the timing of a guru (Jupiter) entering earth (Taurus) can mean getting smart about the environment.  Jupiter may teach us eloquent solutions to problems highlighted by Uranus and extreme weather.
Ireland, Switzerland, Asia Minor sea towns, some parts of Italy, all of Cyprus, Palermo and Northern Sweden have strong Taurian signatures. It will be interesting to be astro-sleuths and keep track of these locations on the news to see the effect Jupiter has on their boundaries and agrarian health. 
Dates to keep an eye on while Jupiter is in Taurus from the awesome Wise Skies Digital Calendar:
May 15☀️ Jupiter Enters Taurus
June 1 ☀️ Jupiter Conjunct North Node
September 4 ✨♉︎ Jupiter Retrogrades in Taurus
December 30 ✨♉︎ Jupiter Direct in Taurus
April 20, 2024 ☀️ Jupiter Conjunct Uranus 
May 18, 2024 ☀️Sun Conjunct Jupiter
May 25, 2024 ✨Jupiter enters Gemini