June Astrology Forecast

June Astrology Forecast

Numerology 3-Universal Month in a 6-Universal Year: Connection.
Creativity. Be careful to not overcommit mid month under this extroverted energy.

June Intention: I am inspired by creating elevated emotions and clear intentions. I feel a renewed sense of energy, connection, and purpose throughout the month. I naturally flow in my highest calling while enjoying the passage of time.

Best Days: 6, 20-21, 29 / Challenging Days: 13-15


-June 3: Mercury Direct in Taurus
-June 4: Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius
-June 13: Mercury enters Gemini – rewiring your mind
-June 21: Sun enters Cancer
-June 23: Venus in Gemini
-June 28: Neptune Retrograde in Pisces

The Sun moves through Gates 35, 45, 12, 15, and 52 this month. We are hungry to get together—to experience new things. How fun! Do you want to practice being still while you’re enjoying the passage of time this month? If so, your conscience will guide you to perfect timing and magnetize incredible situations for you to respond to—if you’re willing to wait, listen, and align yourself. 

“Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide.” Marvin Gaye

Saturn and Neptune Retrograde: The Path of Freeing the Mind

Seekers: Where can you loosen your grip a bit, and where can you create a little more discipline? What has been clouding your vision? Illusions fade into truth slowly over time. The Serenity prayer: God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. 

Students: Saturn retrogrades last 4½ months, and span 6-7 degrees of the zodiac. Neptune retrogrades for about 5 months every year. Neptune is retrograde 40% of it’s cycle.

June 1-5: Hungry Hearts

Mercury Direct in Taurus | Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius | Sun in gate 35

Stay conservative with finances and actions this week. Be mindful of stubborn tendencies and replace them with this consideration: What do I need in order to feel safe and secure? Where can I be more practical? Where have I been too rigid?

Exercise: Close your eyes. Breathe Deep. Kegel on the inhale. Hand on your Heart. Trick yourself into an elevated emotion (ecstatic joy). Lay an intention over it. Mentally rehearse the intention playing out. Let go of the expectation of when and how it will play out. Wait for it.

June 6-12: Natural Leadership + Attraction to Unusual Clues

☀️ Sun sextile Chiron, ☀️ Mercury trine Pluto, ☂️ ☀️ Venus conjunct Uranus | Sun in gate 45

Healing Mojo. You’re on a fact-finding mission to uncover some important information. Trust issues may pop up for healing. The Sun inspires a natural authority (this is easy for some, not for others). Your inner child may want some leadership, boundaries, and unconditional love from your highest self. 

Also: We will find uncommon, surprising, and unexpected connections this week.  This could be a fun time to get a lover’s astrology or tarot reading, go on a blind date, or put up some wacky art that you’ve always wanted to display. 

Exercise: Do you want to notice where leadership is practiced in groups, families, and tribes this week? Do you what you think and feel about the Kings and Queens around you, or you as King/Queen? This is an excellent transit for writing, researching, and exploring new ways of thinking. Look for clues and spiritual signposts of what group feels naturally aligned for you.

June 13-19: Manifestation Portal – Wait for It

Mars Conjunct Chiron | Sun Trine Saturn and square Neptune | Venus square Saturn & sextile Neptune | Sun in Gate 12

When to share, when to move, when to wait. Your conscience will guide you to perfect timing if you’re willing to wait.

High Vibes: Manifestation portal. Tell me what you want, what you really, really want this week. Harness positive change through commitment to right action. Act your way into right thinking. Bring the wisdom of the elders into the future, connect with a mentor (or become one), and ask for a long term commitment of yourself. What are you devoted to? 

Hard Vibes: Healing from trauma. Dissolving the pain body is a commitment overcoming anger, drama, triangulation, codependency, trauma, and depression .Is it possible you’ve been lying to yourself, or trying to make something work that just isn’t meant to be? There is some level of delusion, deception, or confusion going on in the Skies. Wait until the dust settles so you can get a better read.  Accepting these negative disturbances and responsibility for your part is part of the letting go process. 

If you’re feeling the heavy weight of responsibility, or that happiness is being denied, take this as an opportunity to adjust your attitude.What parts of yourself are you shedding this season? Is it time to step into your life more awakened than ever before? What support do you want? Unseen forces are helping you with your growth at your own unique pace and frequencies.

June 20-26: Opportunity Knocks!

Venus Sextile Neptune | Mercury sextile Jupiter | Venus trine Pluto | Sun enters Cancer | Venus in Gemini | Sun in Gate 15

Creative Streak! There’s new life in the Skies this week. Sink into a new book or show, get behind a cause, or breathe new life into wild-hearted romance. 

Opportunity knocks. Think big! It’s a good time to interview, write resumes, self-promote, work with the media, travel, conduct book signings, gain favor in legal issues, investigate publishing, and explore spirituality. Know that the Skies support you in this: what you think about grows. 

Word to the Wise: Sometimes we feel caught in the middle. There can be a push/pull dynamic in our relationships and finances while Venus is in Gemini through July 18th. If you’re feeling indecisive, this can be a good week to get chatty and talk out solutions with friends—then act your way into right thinking.

Happy Birthday Cancers! We see you and all the changes you’re living through! Your Pluto Retrograde forecast is ouch. We love you! 

June 27-30 – Your Own Lucky Charm

Mercury Sextile Chiron | Mars sextile Saturn | Neptune Retrograde in Pisces | Sun square Jupiter | Venus sextile Jupiter | Sun in Gate 52

You are your own lucky charm. Whatever has been clouding your Skies is moving on.  This can be a positive week as long as you wait to respond, and wait to receive the invitations that are in the right alignment with you. 

Heads up for July: the U.S.A is feeling into the second wave of our Pluto return (exact July 11). [insert pluto retro article] This is a pivotal month for the future of the USA. On the USA’s second Pluto return pass [July 11th], a retrograde Saturn presses the USA’s Moon. The people are not going to be duped or controlled anymore. Borders and boundaries will be challenged. Uranus will conjunct the North Node indicating new twists of fate when it comes to food and finance. Then Mars will conjunct Uranus at the end of the month indicating explosions, disruptions, forest fires, and droughts.

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Tiffany holds a Master’s in Psychology and has been trained by some of the world’s best mediums including Lisa Williams, Tony Stockwell, Janet Nohavec, Lynn Probert, Mavis Patilla, Colin Bates, and Stella Upton. Her corporate background includes music event management and publishing. She continues to receive ongoing education through law enforcement classes. 
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