July Skies 2018

July Skies 2018

What passions do you want to revitalize?

July intention: It is my intention to recognize integrity and genuine connection in all experiences, revitalizing trust, truth, and flow in all aspects of my life.

Themes for July: Both Chiron and Mercury are going retrograde this month you may want to consider what you need to review and edit in the space of the heart, and the two eclipses we have access to this month make it an extra potent time to make a big change. Perhaps you’re feeling called to pay attention to what you need to heal in order to be fully present for the relationship you’re seeking to develop. Perhaps you get news of a new marriage, the birth of a new baby, an announcement of a business partnership. The hourglass has tipped over in some area of your life, so whatever the “big news” is, this can trigger you into action for the change you want to see in your own life. The Sun in playful Leo begs you to say yes to something you love, and Jupiter going direct means your mojo has returned. Where do you need to say yes? What big dream do you really want to grab?


July Numerology: 9 Integrity, Humanitarianism & Surrender
In numerology, the 9 is the last of the single digit numbers and thus, the sum of all of its predecessors’ energies and characteristics (numbers 1-8). Sound intense? It kind-of is, yet underlying the intensity is innate integrity and character coupled with a profound sense of humanitarianism. The 9 urges us to truly connect to our personal and spiritual truth and to allow it to manifest in and through a revitalized experience. The key is to connect without expectations or strings. Easier said than done. Utilize this month’s energy to reflect on the year (Cancer), take pride in your accomplishments (Leo), and ask yourself how unrealistic expectations (of yourself & others) may be limiting you from manifesting your highest, brightest self.

July at a glance:

  • Focus your relationships on integrity
  • Your wealth & health comes from within this month
  • A “9’ month
  • Chiron retrograde (on the 4th)
  • Mercury enters Shadow (on the 7th)
  • Venus enters Virgo (on the 9th)
  • Jupiter direct (on the 10th)
  • Partial Solar Eclipse (New Moon) in Cancer (on the 12th)
  • Sun enters Leo (on the 22nd)
  • Mercury Retrograde (on the 26th)
  • Lunar Total Eclipse (Full Moon) in Aquarius (on the 27th)

Sunday, July 1: Purpose. A Mercury/North Node conjunction flavors the Skies today and tomorrow. Watch for who calls you out of the blue and pay attention to your thoughts, there may be a message from the Stars for you.

Monday, July 2: Your intuition may be increased, but hold off on important calls and meetings until the afternoon and plan a seafood lunch. The Moon is Void of Course all morning until she enters Pisces at 12:30p.

Tuesday, July 3: Good luck, expansion, and abundance: this is the best day of the week to take advantage of the Sun/Jupiter trine.

Wednesday, July 4: Happy Independence day! Are you feeling bass-ackwards this July 4th? Irritable, restless, and discontent? Mercury is beginning to oppose Mars and there’s an uncomfortable Moon void of course all day (10:36am-11:49pm) today, setting the tone for Chiron to turn retrograde this evening. In your immediate presence, be extremely careful with firecrackers (that Mars opposition worries me). On the subtle levels, look for themes to revisit wounding patterns. What are you ready to edit in your belief systems? What chains can you let go of that are holding you back? You have several months to work with these themes. There isn’t an overnight, easy-fix. Stay tuned in to your feelings. Seriously deep bruises are coming up for healing in the next several weeks.    

Thursday, July 5: Skies are clearer but you may feel an energetic hangover from yesterday. Get any important details handled early today, as Mercury is preparing to enter his Shadow on the 7th. The next two week period will foreshadow the areas you may want to work on for the upcoming Mercury retrograde (July 26 – August 19).

Friday, July 6: Slow and steady. Mercury is preparing to enter his Shadow. Notice where your thoughts are, and what needs to be communicated. Does it pass through the three gates of wisdom? Is it true, is it necessary, is it kind? A Sun/Neptune trine should have a positive effect over the weekend. Reach for opportunities in the arts, connect with your divine nature, and tap into your intuition.

Saturday, July 7: The Moon enters sensual, earthy Taurus at 7:50am. Do what grounds you and feels good – physically. Put in the hard work, and let go of tendencies to be stubborn. Cook with roasted roots and send your root chakra a little extra love.   

Sunday, July 8: Red light, green light. Tomorrow’s Mercury/Jupiter square may have you feeling constricted or that there’s an abrupt stop/go pattern. Something may have you puzzled, or you might be looking for answers to a mental rubix cube. More will be revealed: don’t sign any contracts or make any big decisions until later next week when you have all the data.   

Monday, July 9: Venus enters Virgo. Precision, working out the details in relationships, doing some financial planning (or house cleaning), and being more practical with love and money are all themes to consider the next several weeks.

Tuesday, July 10: Have you felt like you’ve lost your mojo?  Well, as Elton John would say “the bitch is back” and that b is you! Your big magic returns as a Venus/Uranus trine is brewing while Jupiter turns direct today in 13 degrees of Scorpio. A four lends stability where things have been going backwards. The Moon is void of course from 3pm to 1pm tomorrow, so get any important meetings and calls handled earlier in the day.

Wednesday, July 11: Lunatics. It’s not a good time to take risks or overspend. The Sun is opposing Pluto while the Moon is still in a void of course period making things extra foggy and unclear. Then she enters Cancer just after lunch around 1pm. Notice any sensitive feelings. Do you need to do your ‘crab work’ and take care of yourself by holding away for the afternoon? We are on the dark side of the Moon today: watch for any surprises or breakthroughs with love and money while the Venus/Uranus trine conjures sparks to fly during an ending cycle.

Thursday, July 12: Go for it. The partial Solar Eclipse (New Moon) at 20 Cancer is an extra potent time to make a change in your love life or finances. Eclipses bring big life events to the surface. Since Luna is semi-square Venus and opposite Pluto, perhaps you’re feeling called to pay attention to what you need to heal in order to be fully present for the relationship you’re seeking to develop. Perhaps you get news of a new marriage, the birth of a new baby, an announcement of a new business partnership. Whatever it is, this can trigger you into action for the change you want to see in your own life.

Dream big with this one. A positive grand trine between Jupiter, Neptune and the Moon suggest it’s all going to work out in your favor, but you have to ask for what you really want. Cancer rules the breasts, stomach, diaphragm, and lymph system. This lunar cycle will complete on the 26th with a Total Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) in Aquarius. What can you start now, that ends July 26th?

New Moon Numerology: 1, 3 & 20
1 Day: New Beginnings
3 Universal Energy: Creativity
20 Degrees: Sincerity

Tap into and utilize the energies of the 1, 3 and 20 during this new moon/eclipse. Think of the 1 energy as propelling you forward in the newness of the dark moon/eclipse energy and supporting you in beginning something new. While Cancer naturally evokes our emotional body, so does the numerology of the 20th degree; specifically in how we relate to others (relationships) through our sincerity, vulnerability and the honest expression of our heart’s desires. The 3 (in both the new moon degree and the grand trine) will offer us the supported space to organically and creatively heal old or lingering wounds in our relationships. This could be a big opportunity to seed an intention for some karmic healing through the integrity or lack thereof in our relationships (personal, professional, familial, health, wealth). WIth New Moons we get to plant something new. With eclipses, we have opportunity to see the results unfold exponentially.

In what relationships do I experience integrity?
In what relationships do I experience a lack of integrity?

Intentions for the New Moon in Cancer:

  • I feel nourished and loved on a daily basis.
  • I experience healthy relationships.
  • I believe in healing. I trust the process.
  • I’m in touch with the Divine Feminine and my innate creativity.
  • I know where my boundaries are, and am clear with others.  
  • My digestion is smooth and I resist the urge to “stomach” things.
  • The cosmos, my angelic teams, and Spirit guides are working behind the scenes with me on my biggest dream of: ________.

Friday, July 13: Happy Friday the 13th! Yesterday’s lunar opportunity energy has the field wiped out and we’re all feeling more tired this morning. Wait until after 12:30pm to make any important meetings. The Moon in Leo this afternoon suggest a good time to tap into themes around heart-centered leadership, recognition/rewards, and who or what you need to pet or offer affection. With a Venus/Saturn trine in the background, you stand to get a lot done this afternoon. Don’t miss any opportunities to give someone kudos at the office, map your financial destiny, or play with beautifying your workspace.

Saturday, July 14: Skies are clear for an easy weekend.

Sunday, July 15: Skies are clear for an easy weekend.

Monday, July 16: The week is colored with a Saturn/Neptune quintile that offers opportunities to turn dreams into a reality. What is your long-term vision? Your best life? Write a list of your biggest goals/desires, and then write a list of your daily activities. Do you need to make some adjustments?

Tuesday, July 17: Less is more. Skies are clear but you may be feeling slower energy.

Wednesday, July 18: Energy returns.  If you’ve been feeling more lethargic, depressed, or unable to get as much done as you usually can get ready to move forward. Mars has been conjunct the South Node and it begins to lessen it’s grip today.

Thursday, July 19: Luna enters Scorpio tonight after 8pm. You may be inclined to ready a mystery novel, do a little detective work, or jump into a deep conversation. A Scorpio Moon thrives on intensity.

Friday, July 20: Let your lovelight shine. Skies are clear for work or play as Venus sextiles Jupiter this weekend. Where can you let your love grow? Who should you talk to for advice? Where do you need to expand your philosophy? This is a good time window for travel and legal activities.  

Saturday, July 21: Skies are clear for work or play.

Sunday, July 22: The Sun enters Leo at 4p today for a month. Where can you have more fun? What are your passion projects? Where do you have some battle scars that need loving?

Monday, July 23: Are you looking for love in all the wrong places? Redirect any loneliness and focus on self-love. Venus is beginning to oppose Neptune and you may be feeling the call to connect with your Spirit, your Higher Power, or Creative Force.

Tuesday, July 24: Rain check. Take the day off. Go easy on yourself and others. A void of course Moon lasts all day and creates brain fog, and a general lack of clarity or direction. Your ego is not your amigo. A Sun/Chiron trine and a Sun/Uranus square in the background may offer some emotional surprises or lessons throughout the day.

Wednesday, July 25: Slow and steady wins the race. The Skies are clear but have a lower energy tone. There’s just a lot going on and no way to avoid it.

Thursday, July 26: Mercury turns retrograde at 23 Leo. What do you need to edit in the space of the heart? Where has your ego taken over? Where have you taken credit for someone else’s work? What passions do you want to revitalize? Consider these themes, but don’t feel like you have to tackle them all at once. With the Sun opposing Mars we are likely to see some internal combustion, explosions, or misguided fire energy (anger, aggression, frustration). What fire do you need to light?

Mercury Retrograde Numerology: 5
5 embodies the spirit of extroverted adventure and freedom. This coincides with and personifies the fiery extroversion of the Leo and Mars energies. 23/5 is about using diplomacy (not always the Leo way) to express our creativity. This may mean slowing down, pausing when agitated, responding rather than reacting. For this mercury retrograde it will be helpful to examine how you articulate and communicate your passions, desires and dreams while being mindful of your motives. Remember, Mercury Retrograde can be seen as an opportunity to upgrade your operating system (your mind) and expand your consciousness. Internalize the Leo sun, tap into the adventure of the 5 and set your spirit free! Live from the inside out.

Friday, July 27: Stop the insanity. Lunar Total Eclipse (Full Moon) at 4 degrees of Aquarius. You’ve reached a major turning point, an end, or are seeing some truth that you can’t ignore anymore with this Eclipse. The hourglass has tipped over in some area of your life. This can be a highly emotional Moon, bringing finality in some form whether we are ready for it or not. What has GOT to stop? What are some things you could stop doing personally, that affect the group as a whole? For example, could you stop using plastic straws, to create a greener planet for all of us? Could you eat meat just once a week to help the life force of the planet? Could you fast one day a week to clear your mind, and help raise the vibration of the collective?

There is some support in the airwaves: Venus trines Pluto in the background, offering deep, transformational love and healing if you reach for it.

Full Moon Numerology: 7, 9 & 4
7 Day: Seeking
9 Universal Energy: Completion
4 Degrees: Boundaries

This full moon/lunar eclipse breeds complexity! These energies may manifest in an underlying urge to get everything in its right place. Caution: Don’t get overwhelmed or too much in your head. Also, watch out for taking on the energies of the collective (gotta love Aquarius heart). Remember, full moons and eclipses are about shedding light on and releasing what no longer serves us or completing a cycle (the 9 will help in this respect). Think of the 9 as a gift in encouraging you to release with integrity. Whatever is pushing your buttons is exactly what you want to hone in on (not obsess over). Name your buttons and reflect on how they may be holding you or someone else hostage. The 4 will guide you in organizing your thoughts and feelings as well as redefining healthy boundaries. Fortunately, the energy of the 7 supports your quest for personal, emotional and spiritual growth, while also energizing and sustaining you in this process.

What emotions are evoked in areas of my life where I am experiencing conflict or disharmony?

Am I willing to acknowledge and process those emotions?

Full Moon Intentions

I no longer let other people’s behavior affect how I feel.
I no longer worry about things beyond my control.
I’m willing to look at the truth.
I am clearly recognizing and articulating healthy boundaries in all experiences.
I release complexity and invite simple, effective solutions.
I’m reaching for and in touch with my genius mind.
I’m aware of how my actions affect the group as a whole.
I release urgency and take advantage of the power of the present moment.  

Saturday, July 28: It’s your time to shine. This is a power date for building confidence with the Sun working in tandem with the North Node. Take center stage, upload a new profile pic, or be ready to be on camera. You’re being watched, and that’s a good thing.

Sunday, July 29: Take it easy. The Moon is Void of Course from 6:30am to 6:30pm. It’s not a good time to start new projects, or tackle big agendas.

Monday, July 30: You may be feeling heavy from the recent Eclipse cycle. Notice where your energy is and journal about the major life events you’ve noticed in the last month. A nasty Mars/Uranus square is brewing as well. Play it safe for the next three days.

Tuesday, July 31: Get important things done first. The Moon is Void of Course starting at 5:41pm and lasts all night. Be cautious, keep the pets inside, and watch the littles. The Mars/Uranus square can bring unpleasant surprises, explosions, and bursts of anger.

Considerations for July: How does my ego overshadow my integrity? What would happen if I checked my motives in all of my relationships? Am I willing let go of selfish beliefs, behaviors and motives? What if I jumped in with both feet?

The Wizard of Awareness reminds us to “wear the world like a loose garment” and to stay out of our own way. Listen to the podcast to learn why we pulled THIS card for extra guidance around Mercury Retrograde. 

Tiffany Harelik