January Skies 2018

January Skies 2018

Happy New Year!

January starts and ends with a Full Moon this year – bringing omens from the constellations of Cancer and Leo. In the bigger picture, Saturn has moved into Capricorn and we are ready to work on our life’s masterpiece. This passage of Saturn into Capricorn has marked historical events such as Nelson Mandela being released from prison, and the tearing down of the Berlin wall This energy is juxtaposed with Jupiter in Scorpio, where the cosmic magnifying glass is still looking at issues of sexual misconduct, transformation/expansion, and power plays. I’m betting we will see a change in regulation for eldercare, news that stirs us to the bone, and breakthroughs on the global stage. Mid-month Jupiter sextiles Pluto. This could present an opportunity to make peace with issues around power, education, sexuality, lawyers, and travel that have been bothering you for some time. In the news, this has played out as the theme around healing sexual traumas in the public eye that has been evolving over the last few months. You’re ready to move on with a New Moon the following day. But meanwhile, back at the ranch…

I pull information to create the monthly forecasts from Molly’s calendar. If you would like to know the specific transits I’m using to make my forecasts, you can review a free calendar each week here. And if you want your own version to download to your digital planner, you can get it here for only $17. PS – Here is our handy-dandy 2018 AstroMagic Moon Calls Poster – to help you identify the major lunations of the year, as well as be aware of my special guided calls around each one.

Best days to say yes: 2, 7-12, 20, 25, 29
Best days to politely decline: 1, 14
Best days for work/business: 13, 16
Best days for love/beauty: 3, 6, 8, 9
Best days to take care of your health and healing work: 15, 18, 28
Week 1

1/1: Monday
Full Moon in Cancer (8:24pm CST)
The Cancer Full Moon is a mothering Moon. But with Luna opposite Venus and trine Mars you may need an extra dose of tolerance to get through the day as loved ones may be triggering you. The Moon will oppose Pluto in the Skies which may have you in a bit of a funk. But Luna will also trine Neptune and Jupiter today which are positive influences that can lead to good opportunities, optimistic outlooks, and working on higher education. Take time to meditate, immerse yourself in a warm womb-like bath, and nurture yourself. Look for the silver lining, it’s there. Check out the Full Moon post, or sign up for the AstroMagic Moon calls to receive further insights, guided meditation and wisdom around this Moon.

1/2: Tuesday
Uranus direct is the big talk in the Skies today and it’s effects are likely felt in the form of a lightning bolt of genius. Creativity, theatre/drama, arts/crafts are also themes today with an early morning Sun/Neptune sextile. Express yourself and work on personal creative outlets early in the day, and use the evening hours to enjoy others’ art through getting lost in live music, renting an intellectually stimulating movie at home, or going to a play. Luna goes void of course by 5pm through the wee hours which can make things a little foggy – take your time.

1/3: Wednesday
Be aware you may be seeing things through rose-colored glasses today, and things might not be exactly as they seem. Romantic encounters or daydreams could pull you away from work which can be problematic to your career. Plan ahead by taking the day off, or by choosing to prioritize your workflow endeavors over your imagination and/or lover.

1/4: Thursday
It’s a cranky low-energy kind of a day. Be patient with yourself and everyone around you. Anticipate traffic slowing you down and perceived obstacles getting in your way. Get important things done early and stay out of the line of fire the rest of the day.

1/5: Friday
Self-will versus your career: the choice in the powerplay is yours. If you don’t feel this internal tug of war, you may witness it in others around you: the workplace can become combative, or competitive with this Mars/Saturn combo early in the day.

1/6: Saturday
You have the energy to act on bright new ideas that come to you this morning. With both Mars and Jupiter in sensual Scorpio, those new ideas may even follow you into the bedroom… You might be more open-minded to explore than before. Take it easy in the afternoon, as evening hours are cranky and conversations become tiring. Another layer of the onion is there to peel and heal.

1/7: Sunday
Skies are clear for work or play, and the Libran Moon seeks justice, balance, and beauty. Look for the win-win, it’s there. Good news is on the way tomorrow. Prepare for it with a visualization tonight.

Week 2

1/8: Monday
Opportunities abound for luck and love today with a planetary focus on the selfish Sun and sweet Venus both kissing optimistic Jupiter. Opportunistic Mars is on good terms with Pluto today; you can find a way to turn lead into gold. Let the inner magician come out to play.

1/9: Tuesday
There is a ton of great energy for unconditional love in the wee morning hours before the sun rises. But around 10am CST Luna goes void of course until 2pm CST. Lay low and don’t schedule any important calls or tasks. Green lights come back on in the afternoon hours for a hot date that could lead to a spunky late night. Not into the romantic vibe right now? Focus on action items that you can take to be loving to yourself. For me that looks like yoga and dinner out followed by an epsom salt bath and youtube meditation. Heaven!

1/10: Wednesday
Mercury enters Capricorn tonight where he will be for about a month. Themes around this Mercury placement include precise communication and thinking: choose your words carefully, write your career goals, use a grounding meditation to bring your thoughts down to Earth. If you’re feeling pessimistic in the coming weeks, use this planetary energy to get clear about the problem. Once you see it (and accept it), you’re ready to transform the problem.

1/11: Thursday
Luna goes void of course at 3pm this afternoon, so get the important tasks done first and shake off early.  Your astrologer told you to. 🙂

1/12: Friday
Nothing too remarkable in the Heavens today. The Moon enters playful Sagittarius this afternoon and you may be feeling up for an adventure.

1/13: Saturday
There is great energy around work today. Be on point with your presentations, and communicate your thoughts clearly as there is good energy for being heard. Listen to your heart this afternoon – you may be ready for a breakthrough in love-consciousness and it might be time to rip the bandaid off. Don’t be afraid though, healing Chiron comes in to give lovely Venus a goodnight kiss around 9pm. It’s going to be ok. Seek to understand your own heart.

1/14: Sunday
Easy like Sunday morning… Luna goes void of course this afternoon; schedule yourself a breather and take a true break from your hectic schedule.

Week 3

1/15: Monday
Look for an opportunity to explore a personal breakthrough today: schedule a therapy session, buy a self-help book, take a webinar that takes you to the next level as a healer. The Sun sextiles Chiron today. Jupiter sextiles Pluto today as well. In your personal life, this could present an opportunity to make peace with issues around power, education, sexuality, lawyers, and travel that have been bothering you for some time. In the news, this has played out as the theme around healing sexual traumas in the public eye that has been evolving over the last few months.

1/16: Tuesday
NEW MOON at 26° Capricorn (8:17pm) today. You’re ready to turn the page, and step into a new leadership role. Write down wishes in the area of long-term commitments, things you want to build over time, financial security, and recognition. There is power in your precise word choice with your wishes now more than ever. This is an excellent day to start a new line of work or give someone a managerial role. Check out the New Moon post under forecasts, or sign up for the AstroMagic Moon calls to receive further insights, guided meditation and wisdom around this powerful Moon.

1/17: Wednesday
Mars takes issue with Uranus this afternoon. Watch out for conflicts of interest, and crazy decisions that you might not agree with. But a little later Venus enters Aquarius and you might find yourself saying yes to something way out of the ordinary. It’s like when you go shopping with a friend, they pull something off the rack for you…. and there’s no way you’d ever wear it. The friend convinces you to try it on, and boom! It’s your new favorite outfit. Venus will linger in Aquarius until February 10th when she moves into dreamy and intuitive Pisces.

1/18: Thursday
Ah. Another healing opportunity in the area of men becomes available today when Mars trines Chiron around noon. Give Dear old Dad a call and tell him you love him.

1/19: Friday
With the Moon void of course all morning before she finally enters Pisces around 2:30pm you might be having a case of the Fridays. Don’t schedule important calls and tasks. Roll with whats in front of you. Evening conversations fall on Neptunian topics such as oil, delusions, escapism, music/arts, sex/drugs/rock and roll. The Sun changes guards and ingresses into electric Aquarius by 9pm. This may find you energized at an odd hour – skip that late coffee if you don’t want to be up all night.

1/20: Saturday
Skies are Clear for work or play with no major aspects in the Heavens.

1/21: Sunday
The Moon void of course this evening – maybe you want to get to bed early for a good night’s sleep before the work week starts.

Week 4

1/22: Monday
No major aspects in the Heavens today. Green lights are on for starting things as the Moon enters Aries, the sign of new beginnings. Stay hydrated, it’s easy to get dehydrated when the Moon is in fire signs. If you’re wanting to learn more about the Moon and how it affects your health, be sure to sign up for our Medical Moon freebie on the home page.

1/23: Tuesday
Moon void of course all night. I’d stay home and call it an early night. But if you go out, be aware that things might be a little foggy around you: traffic, delays, ships passing, etc.

1/24: Wednesday
Say what you need to say. The waters of consciousness are clear and you are ready to transform shallow chatter into something a little more intense when Mercury meets Pluto this afternoon under a Taurus-Moon. Swift thoughts meet deep thoughts: there is a double meaning in what someone is saying.

1/25: Thursday
Good news! Mercury sextiles Jupiter at 5:27am this morning. Check your phone for something to brighten your morning: a text, an email, a voicemail, a social media notification… This is also an ideal to hone your meditation practice. Have you used the insight timer app? It’s one of my favorites.

1/26: Friday
Late start. The Moon is void of course all morning until she enters chatty Gemini at 11:39am. With no major aspects in the Heavens today, you can tap into your inner-Gemini and strike up a group text, bounce around a few social engagements, eat tapas, etc. My writers group is called the Gemini Moon writers, because everyone (except me) has a Moon in Gemini… you could consdier scheduling a book club, go to a new meetup group (toastmasters?), or be involved with an intellectually stimulating group tonight.

1/27: Saturday
Skies are clear for work or play.

1/28: Sunday
Another late start with Luna being void of course until she enters Cancer after lunch. With Mercury squaring Uranus and sextiling Chiron there may be one of those breakdown to breakthrough moments. If someone loses their cool early on, let a little time pass before extending the Olive branch. Peace-seeking vibes return around noon-1p.

Week 5

1/29: Monday
Skies are clear for work or play during the day. If you’re out late, you may run into someone you feel like you knew in a past life when Venus kisses the South Node.

1/30: Tuesday
Another late start today with the Moon void of course until after lunch. Then, the Moon enters firey Leo and you get a little bolt of confidence. If you need to take center stage on a project or leadership role, do it this afternoon when the Leo Moon supports that type of energy. If you have a youtube channel or utilize facebook live, this afternoon is a good time to do those selfie-vids.

1/31: Wednesday
Total Lunar Eclipse, y’all!  This Full Moon happens at 11° Leo (7:26am CST). Shortly afterwards, Mercury enters Aquarius and your whole idea about a certain subject changes quickly. Be ready to think-fast, accept the microphone, and by all means check back for my post on this Moon under our forecasts page. I also invite you to sign up for the AstroMagic Moon calls to receive further insights, guided meditation and wisdom around this powerful Moon.

Tiffany Harelik