How to Read the Akashic Records | With April Leman

How to Read the Akashic Records | With April Leman

Setting the Records Straight

First things first, what are we even talking about here? Thanks to the first law of thermodynamics, we know that the total amount of energy and matter in the Universe remains constant, merely changing from one form to another. That means your energy has always existed since the beginning of time. We all experience the impact of that epically long history without a clear roadmap of how to navigate it all. Enter the Akashic Records! The Akashic Records serve as a metaphysical library that archives all the information you will ever need about your soul’s history. I like to think of them as an external hard drive that lives in another dimension, waiting for you to plug in. 

Can you hear me now? Good!

We can all access our records, but that doesn’t mean our connection will be clear. Before opening the records, you will need to take the following steps in order to clear your channel and ensure you have a clean connection. 

    1. Sober up. Make sure you are free of any substances, such as drugs or alcohol (this does not include prescription medication). Your mind and body need to be clear and crisp. Mind altering drugs or any kind of alcohol will inhibit your ability to connect and hear your messages clearly.
    2. Girl’s gotta eat. Do not enter the records on a completely empty stomach. Be sure to have eaten something grounding, such as seeds, nuts or vegetables, prior to entering the records. Avoid processed food and sugar, which can also interfere with your  ability to receive messages.
    3. Ask permission. You can read for yourself at any time, but you must gain consent before opening another person’s records. This includes animals (your pets). Do not enter the records of a minor, even if they give you permission. Anyone under the age of 18 may open their own records, but it’s not appropriate to read for children.

    4. Meditate. Begin with a grounding meditation. Since you’re literally allowing your spirit to make contact with another dimension, it helps your physical body to begin by doing some form of grounding. This could look like standing barefoot in the grass and breathing deeply for a few seconds, or doing a full guided meditation. This doesn’t have to be very elaborate, but don’t skip this step as it helps you stay connected to this spiritual plane.
    5. Clear the room. You will want to cleanse the energy around you by burning a cleansing substance, such as Palo Santo or Sage. If you have allergies, you can buy cleansing room sprays that are smokeless. 

    6. A proper shut down. It’s tempting to open the records, ask some questions, then simply move on. It is important that you actually close your records every time. A simple gratitude message will suffice, then repeat “The records are now closed, amen” three times. This shuts the door so you don’t keep feeling that energy all day long. 

    7. Get salty. After a very intense session, I will often take an epsom salt bath with essential oils to replenish myself and do a deep cleanse. I have found this incredibly important when reading for other people and I need to cleanse my energy. 

Pro Tips from April

    • I usually create an altar space for myself somewhere outside or in a quiet corner where I can be undisturbed while I’m in the records. Consistency helps me connect with the energy and get in flow. 

    • I will always keep a separate journal that’s just for my messages that come through the Akashic Records so that I can keep track of my progress. 


  • If you just are not hearing anything or seeing anything when you open your records, I recommend opening them while you’re on a walk or on a long scenic drive. Sometimes messages come through clearer when you’re moving your body, and that’s totally okay! Experiment and find what works best. 

Opening the Records

This prayer was channeled by Ashley Wood, one of the world’s leaders in working with the Akashic Records. She teaches her students to open the records with this prayer, and I have always followed her format. 

“We gather together in light, we gather together in love, we gather together in knowing the messages from above. 

Through the Akashic Records, we understand our greatness. Through the Akashic Records we understand our wisdom. Through the Akashic Records, we understand what’s there. This prayer will help deliver us there. 

I wish to know (name) in the light of the Akashic Records. Help me to see (name) through the light of the Akashic Records. Bring me to feel (name) through the light of the Akashic Records. I wish to know (name) in the light of the Akashic Records. Help me to see (name) through the light of the Akashic Records. Bring me to feel (name) through the light of the Akashic Records. 

And now the Akashic Records are open.”

April Leman

April’s psychic abilities appeared when she was very young. She frequently saw angels and spoke ‘words of knowledge’ over friends and family. Raised in an Evangelical culture, April was gifted in the art of hearing God’s voice but was discouraged from pursuing anything perceived as New Age. She eventually left her childhood faith tradition to pursue a spiritual path that felt true and authentic to her and has been practicing Tarot, Akashic Records, and other mystical arts since 2018. 

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