Hitting Rock Bottom – A Guide to Ultimate Lows

Hitting Rock Bottom – A Guide to Ultimate Lows

We had a recent podcast conversation about ultimate lows and hitting rock bottom. The “Hair on Fire moments” when your life is completely pivoting with or without your consent. Listen in our our chat on spotify (or wherever you listen to podcasts, or watch on Youtube here.

Have you ever felt… 

That you’re getting hit by one thing after another? 
Deeply betrayed by a best friend or lover?
Completely out of resources, money, and time?
Broken down from a break up?
That you’ve hit a dead end with your physical health and even a desire to find a solution?
Locked into a drama or addiction cycle and lost all hope (yours or someone you love)?
Severe anxiety, depression, no sense of self-worth, and physical signs of trauma?
That absolutely nothing—not even God/ Spirit/ Universe —can help?
If so, you may be experiencing an “ultimate low”— a place of total surrender and total helplessness. Looking back on these moments of feeling completely gutted, devastated and confused—we can often see where we were in a place of fertile ground and opportunity. Examples of Rock Bottom in the media include “Bad Vegan” (2022), “Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath” (2016), and “Maid” (2022).

Symptoms of a Rock Bottom

You have been living out your ‘not self theme.
You’ve lost track of your worth/deservingness.
You’ve backtracked on boundaries.
Your relationships and finances are in shambles.

Are we there yet? 

There are several low plateaus on the way down to hitting what feels like rock bottom. On the way down, Murphy’s law applies: Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. These signals from the Universe become louder, and louder, and louder until the element of choice and feeling of control gets taken away.  Change is on the way.
Happy quotes are not helpful at Rock Bottom. It’s a seriously dark and low place that requires stamina, hour by hour to (sleep)walk through. We shared some of our personal darkest lows in this conversation

What to do during an Ultimate Low (UL):

  • Feel through feelings before making decisions
  • Try not to make major decisions alone at first. Phone a friend to talk through it and get support. (check out our decisions article/episode)
  • Don’t try to fix, argue, defend, or explain (FADE).
  • HALT and take care of yourself if hungry, angry, loney, tired.
  • Go through your not-self questions checklist – check out our spleen Human Design support call for more understanding of what is the filter you’re going to experience your fears through.
  • Check the astrology transits – what is the filter you’re going to experience an UL through and how can you navigate it on your own?
  • Get into the records to understand about this UL.
  • Study the tarot cards and cycles of your life – journal.
  • Go to aa, al anon, or some kind of recovery group.

The one you really don’t want to hear: You got yourself here. If it’s on my plate I ordered it. And if I’m unhappy, there’s a solution that starts with me. We are powerless over people, places, and things—but we are not powerless over our own behavior. Do you want to pivot?

How The Akashic Records can help

When to use the Akashic Records?
  • Great for asking questions
  • Great for gaining clarity
  • Great for particular stages in your journey: ie a Rock Bottom
  • Members! Access a special guided meditation from April entering the records to get guidance about a Rock Bottom in your
    membership portal.

1. First and foremost, an energetic rock bottom is an ideal time to recalibrate our energy so that we can once again connect with our true, authentic self–our core essence. Just by entering the records, you have taken an important first step. You are now in a safe space where you can come face-to-face with your higher self, and remember who you are and why you are here on this Earth. This is a place of radical self acceptance.

Next, we can start to unpack the layers of how we got here. What choices did we make? What was out of our control? What did we try to manipulate? How were we dishonest with ourselves? This is not about blaming yourself or negative self-talk. This next phase is about radical honesty. It takes two people to continue a cycle, and only one person to change it. 

3. How do you move forward? The Records are an ideal way to get solutions/clarity/inspiration about how to begin to renew your commitment to your worth through action. This is a place of recommitting to radical action. Remember, if you have the choice to disappoint someone else or yourself, always choose to disappoint someone else. 

Three Ways to Work with the Records:

Tarot allows you to access your subconscious

The tarot shows us the natural path from rock bottom to clarity and life. Check out this segment starting with the 12th card (the hanged man) and going through the 20th card (the sun). Do you want to use these as journal prompts? (Free Tarot Class here). Check out our tarot page.
  1. Hanged Man [can’t do anything]
  2. Death [Rock Bottom] 
  3. Temperance [Moderation] 
  4. Devil [obsession] 
  5. Tower [knocking down foundations and bad sequences of events]
  6. Star [Hope] 
  7. Moon [Trusting the Mystery] 
  8. Sun [clarity and vitality].


Three ways to Work with Tarot:

Human Design allows you to access your unique decision making process 

Rock Bottoms could be seen as a sequence of events coming to a screeching halt. In this moment, there is a window to harness and redirect your energy into a new sequence of events. The hardest thing can be handing over the keys of time, and surrendering to a timeline that is different than the one you had in mind. 
Knowing (and loving) yourself, and your design helps you operate from a mechanically correct place—and sets yourself up for success by knowing the unique ways we experience red lights and green lights. Your unique Strategy and Authority helps you navigate ANY weather.
HD Resources:

Three Ways to Work with Human Design:

Astrology helps you make sense of the timing

Transits and forecasts provide a glimpse of the astrological weather we are all influenced by. Since weather ‘hits’ our birth charts differently, it can be helpful to know what type of transit you’re experiencing personally too. Additionally, astrology offers insight to major turning points throughout life. Here are a few to consider: Saturn returns, Uranus oppositions, Chiron returns, Pluto conjunct any planets or changing houses, Saturn transiting the 12th house, etc. 

Three Ways to Work with Astrology:

Heads Up: When you repeat cycles during or after Rock Bottom

Backtracking is normal. Sobriety / Cigs / Food / Relationships. We may have episodes of repeating cycles. This is normal – to find yourself in the same old shit. You’re having an awakening.  Gentle reminder: we don’t all understand when enough is enough – this is unique to our personalities. It’s ok to ask for help. We are here for you. You’re not alone.

Tiffany Harelik